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  1. beyond our ken

    Brexit Negotiations

    The Heath thing? You can back that up? I only ask because noone else has been able to.
  2. beyond our ken

    Foreign Refs (again)

    they should be careful what they wish for, unless they only want refs from the republic of ireland
  3. beyond our ken

    Worst TV show ever...

    BBC 4's Friday night Jukebox was truly abysmal, I see it only got one airing.
  4. beyond our ken

    Welcome Duckens Nazon

    Dicken could be our Mr Big You'll likely have to look it up
  5. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    15 is certainly a vulnerable age, it is certainly not childhood though. What she experienced will have made her the person she is, that's true for how she was raised up to and after the age of 15. We all make decisions that will affect our whole lives at that age. Some of it works out to the good and some of it doesnt. I don't know any of them, but I'm willing to concede that many of the perpretrators of the many attocities carried out in the name of IS are motivated by things that they learned at a much younger age than 15. Can we really justify a period of amnesty for people after they hit a certain age regardless ofthe severity of their actions? What she has experienced has HELPED make her a person with dangerous views and a total lack of empathy or remorse, not a healthy mix and as the wife of a Dutch "soldier", mother of an allegedly dual nationality Dutch son and daughter of a Bengladeshi parent there are options for her to seek to rehabillitate herself. It is what she has learned and what she has believed that make her potentially a danger to herself and others in this country. The fact that she was young when she set out on her adventure is sad but not the only factor here.
  6. beyond our ken

    Labour & Tory MPs resign!

    why is it that i only see my typos when somebody else quotes them. it' like seeing yourself on the telly.
  7. beyond our ken

    Labour & Tory MPs resign!

    It's starting to be big news if Soubry has jumped ship. She has been the most pragmatic and credible of the prominnet tory backbenchers for a while now and possibly even an acceptable face of conservatism in labour and SNP heartlands. I'm sure every one of them has agenda that is current;y not being discussed, but this still has a smattering of being a good thing.
  8. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    It gets funny when a Pinko calls someone else a gammon
  9. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    But there is evidence, much of it from her own mouth, that she joined a banned terrorist organisation? That is a crime, many people have rightly gone to jail for their membership of right-wing terror groups in the UK, so the use of the legislation to deny entry to SB is entriely consistent with the powers of the HS. I like the euphemism "living with Isis", if it was used as the working title of a hollywood spoof comedy. The Syrian people who were conquered and the humanitarian workers who have been captured, forcibly restrained and executed were, unfortunately "living with Isis". It is a disgrace to use that term as a form of explanation or apology for volunteering to join a terrorist organisation.
  10. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    Too heavy, it was loaded with Semtex
  11. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    Well, those who are accused of beig knee-jerk reactionaries who are manipulated by a liberal media are being told on these pages that they are reacting to selected information bites and not recognisisng the grooming that took place, not looking at the situation as a whole. The situation as a whole is that the girl has freely revealed that the things she has seen are OK because of the teachings she was subjected to in the UK, . By her own words, she has implicated somebody close to her as an advocate of Jihad, possibly (maybe even probably) someone who is quite happy to call for holy war without actually getting his or her hands dirty in the process, someone who has hard line views but hits the panic button when one of their own goes off to war. One thing we need to make clear in this country is that there ARE consequences to so-called free speech and that people should understand that the biggest danger of speaking your mind is that you influence someone else to go off and do something outrageous in your name. Any crime she may have committed would be associated with being a member of a banned terrorist organisation as defined under prevention of terror legislation
  12. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    You've maybe forgotten how Canada, Australia and possibly some other countries have forcibly repatriated criminals after their sentence as they were born in the UK, emmigrated as a child, grew up and developed their values in their new home and retained UK citizenship. The UK had no part in fostering their criminal behaviour but we just took them in, housed them and supported them. The legal process that was followed was the one that gave the HS the powers, quite simply, we can't have these cases tied up in courts for years, Now I agree, the HS is a grandstanding, "look at me-i'm tough on Islam" attention seeking, power hungry little piece of crap who only wants to be PM and will sell any and all of us out to get there, but he does have the power and my only complaint is that this was not quietly dealt with over the last few years rather than the rather suspicious situation we find ourselves in where after the inevitable rout of IS we wait for someone that we have probably been tracking anyway to surface and ask to come home. As for any other points you have raised that I haven't covered, Meh!
  13. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    Why would an aetheist read the Quran
  14. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    As Billy Connolly said, It'd be better to meet up with a pair of fire-breathing hoors than 300 virgins.
  15. beyond our ken

    Let Me In...............

    A sixteen year old is standing trial for the crimes he committed on your doorstep now, refusing to have her back is very consistent with how other criminals are treated.