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  1. I thought you said this thread was for grown-ups
  2. we will see I hope that Urminsky starts to push for 1st team selection this season, my feeling was that he had a few things to work on, especially confidence, when he has had a start and with another year of development under his belt he should be getting near the first team, or maybe moving on
  3. Talk about exotic photo shit, sorry photo shoot, locations Here's hoping it doesn't come with a free Cleveland Steamer in the bag
  4. Murray seems to be a much improved manager and will have learned a lot tonight, so I'd give them a chance. Given that Starks Park is 20 minutes on the bus from my house i'd much prefer them to come up and bring something of a travelling support with them
  5. Worth a mention, while we are on the topic of Fraser Spiers I was shocked to see that the true legend that was Eric Cuthbertson had passed away when the roll of fallen buddies was run on Saturday at the game. I checked online and it turned out to be the same guy https://www.thefreelibrary.com/'Eric+really+was+a+one-off...+he+inspired+many'.+Tributes+paid+to...-a0781903756 I knew Eric since 1975 and often helped him and his then roadie, Mick, haul his unfeasibly heavy amp combo up to the lounge at the silver thread when the lift didn't work. We also set up his gear for the recording of Danny Kyle's album at the town hall where he completely stole the show as performer and compere. Graham Lyle told me a few years ago that Billy Connolly was absolutely raging about that, but he never credited Eric for the joke that brought him to fame on Parkinson's show so I doubt Eric cared. I enjoyed his company many times and his singing & playing were sublime. He managed to reduce me to tears one night in his house in Hunterhill, when he told us the story of his childhood & treatment for polio. I never heard him complain once and his condition was carte-blanche for some of the most outrageous jokes and comments i ever heard. His wife Liz had a lot to put up with as she cared for him and raised their son while Eric was full-time at work and near enough a full-time musician for most of his life RIP Eric
  6. Or the time he found his first grey pubic hair-it was between his teeth, he was 8 at the time
  7. I remember hearing Fraser play when he popped up in jam sessions around Paisley & Glasgow around 75-76. Wonderful that he is still going after almost 60 years
  8. Saw him in Dunfermline on Sunday and he was pretty controversial, and less hard on the crowd these days. He got very near the bone at times. Christopher McArthur Boyd was the support and he was excellent, much improved from when I saw him at the Edinburgh festival about 6 years ago. Don't drink too much (of anything) , if you leave the auditorium after the act takes the stage you are refused readmittance
  9. Well, maybe wait and see? The sacking of Montgomery has the potential to create one or two knock-on effects and if Hibs come calling at our door it will, at the very least, be unsettling
  10. Remember he just up and left Motherwell I'd imagine Robbo will do what is best for himself and his family, I reckon he knows this league well enough now to know what he can do with a much bigger budget I'd be surprised if he didn't back himself, but you never know
  11. I think it will be very hard for us on Wednesday if Dundee manage to win tonight
  12. I think they will go for Robinson Radio Scotland was touting Rhys McCabe for a premiership managerial slot and i thought that might be St Johnstone rather than Hibs. If Robinson goes to Easter rd or elsewhere then I can see us moving for either Don Cowie or for McCabe as a longer shot It could all come down to results this week, if Dundee pip us to 5th then I can see Robinson moving on for a gig with more money at his disposal and a better chance of honours. If we secure 5th then I think he is less likely to go, unless a much bigger side come calling on him
  13. If Dundee win tonight then I would not be surprised if Killie are a shadow of themselves on Saturday and we could still finish 6th. finish 6th
  14. After letting the dust settle, my opinion is that this game was a microcosm for our season. We competed well for long spells and totally lost composure in midfield and at the back for periods. The final ball continues to be dreadful 90% of the time and we never hit a good corner. Hopefully the manager gets the centre-back he has targeted as Gogic is still doing two jobs. Hemmings, after improving a bit, has gone backwards on his distribution . Players who showed they are good enough for top 4 next season included Tanser, O'Hara, Bolton, maybe Olusanya, and maybe Boyd-Munce. Jameson & Scott can possibly up their game in order to deserve a shot for next year. McMenamin? I'm afraid I disagree with those who thought he had a good game. He was beaten to balls that he was a clear favourite for on several occasions and rarely got far enough forward to offer an option. To my mind, he simply hasn't come close to justifying the price tag and the presumed salary that goes with a fee that is definitely on the high side for us. Tanser was a much more effective player at Dundee without Kiltie on the pitch and I feel he revelled in that and maybe they have been cancelling each other out, so the idea that we clogged up the left side with McMenamin v killie seemed a mistake, to me.
  15. All suits were hastily returned to Skopes online shop and a refund claimed
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