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  1. I have a nurse in the family, not an A&E one admittedly, and they are hoping that one good thing to come out of this is that the public will take a more responsible attitude to A&E once we start to return to normal. I was lucky enough to get my knee replacement in the last week of February and attend my GP surgery to collect sick notes, it was always very busy with pretty much the same old faces when I went for my follow ups and physio immediately after the op but it's currently closed to the public and everything is being handled remotely. It does make me wonder if a more efficient way of running GP medicine could result from this
  2. If this was Russia we'd be on our third day of sombre music on all stations by now.
  3. While people debate as to whether the lockdown and associated measures are justified, they should consider the effects of the more severe form of the disease on those who survive it. Being intubated from a ventilator is likely to cause some damage to your airways, the cost of supporting someone in an ICU is extremely high and has a massive effect on the staff involved. The damage that the effects of Covid is capable of doing to the lungs is substantial and can potentially affect life expectancy and quality of life in a substantial way. There are more reasons to react to this virus than the immediate mortality rate.
  4. remember the old joke a lady goes on holiday with friends and calls her husband to check on things "..and how is the cat?" Sorry hen, the cat is dead" "you cruel bastard, couldn't you have broken it a bit more gently and kept it going until I got home?" "how could i do that?" "you could have said she was on the roof and won't come down, then said she won't take any food and then told me she died when I got home-that would have softened the blow. "Sorry love, I'll bear that in mind if anything horrible like that happens again" "Ok, So how is my Mum?" "it's a bit weird, she went up on the roof yesterday and won't come down..." Metaphorically speaking, the media are currently telling us that Boris is off his food, has gone up on the roof and won't come down
  5. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/The-evidence-on-Covid-19-is-not-as-clear-as-we-think "It certainly seems reasonable, now, that a degree of social distancing should be maintained for a while, especially for the elderly and the immune-suppressed." The writer seems to be somewhat ambivalent. It is right for any scientist to keep their eyes on all sides of an argument, even when they already have a firm view of what the evidence is telling them
  6. If, for one second, I thought that Andy was taking in a broad range of views and putting forward a balanced opinion then I could buy that. Some of what he says is right, it's the mischief making that spoils it. He even had a go at me for partially agreeing with him
  7. Like you, I have clearly never considered a stand-up career I wasn't specifically targeting you or replying to a particular post, but did consider that you'd be first onto it when I made the post. Thanks for not disappointing.
  8. I don't have any problem with people highlighting the fact that we have a reactionary right-wing government who have gone over the top in terms of the measures that have been introduced. The fact that Boris thinks this way but is still to weak to go all out on the enforcement is also worrying as we might lose him and get someone like Govebels replacing him. What I do have a problem is that certain people are purporting this virus to be of no more importance than seasonal flu. i'll take the word of front line medical staff at the end of their tether when faced with the death and suffering they need to deal with over that of an online goofball messing around stats and selected quotations
  9. The latex should cause a nice rash you should ask to see the risk assessment that identifies how you are exposed to risk and how a single pair of gloves will protect you, how they should be worn, in what circumstances, how they should be stored, etc if they really are latex rather than Nitrile rubber then a skin surveillance programme needs to be in place it is an offence to supply PPE without a risk assessment
  10. I know of one company that has chosen to follow Gov UK guidance across the board even though 90% of its construction is in Scotland and 5% is in Eire the 5% in England actually doesn’t open until August
  11. Each lockdown is specific to the area it affects Wuhan is a massive and congested city compared to London and don’t forget that the areas where Covid 19 propagated from are very dirty wet markets that will be a nightmares to clean every area will have it’s own tale to tell on how effective it’s lockdown has been and over what time period
  12. I's important to give young people an even chance of getting a good estimated grade. Even if course work isn't marked it's there for a teacher to review and for the purposes of appeal for some students. it's also proof of attainment, if needed, in future years. I work in the energy sector and workers on our sites are having to clean their own work spaces as cleaners are deemed non-essential, the local authorities should be thinking of a backstop on hygiene as they are also the enforcers on environmental health It's hard to know what to do for the best and i cant fault anyone who is thinking of how things will be for young people who need to pick up the threads in a year or so.
  13. none of the leaders appear to be too convinced of their own words when it comes to suppression strategy. My gut feeling is that many countries will try for an extended temporary lockdown either side of easter before significant numbers start venturing out by going to work, shops, etc. At that point, I think the resolve will weaken. I think that by May, we wont really have any kind of containment strategy and many people will take a roll of the dice with their own health and that of others
  14. Can you point to an instance where cash is NOT king in scottish football?this is certainly a setback with most clubs happy to have gotten to this point in the season without significant weather disruption. We have survived extended frozen spells and can stand the 2-3 weeks of disruption that we face
  15. If we can win then Killie have a real job on their hands tme to force others to some heavy lifting for us
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