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  1. so she organises the facility management of the official residence? She should be busy running a country. what does someone slitting their wrists in anticipation of a visit from the idiot sperm of the family sound like?
  2. we did well to get this far given the start to the the season. The thing that annoys me about Goodwin is that he seems to think his team have more than one way to win a game in them (We don't). in a way it is good that he thinks that there should be other ways for us but we are not there yet and need to stick to the scrip for now. Martindale knows his team have just one way of winning and sticks to it. He will eventually be undone when the penny drops with the other managers, the only surprise is that it hasn't happened yet.
  3. i recall one post belittling him and accusing him of lying about going to a BLM (i think) event at Kings park. The poster had a go on the basis that Ricky is from Stirling and he was lying about going to Glasgow, without even thinking that he lives a stone's throw from Kings Park in Stirling.
  4. You talked about someone's tendency to catastrophise and then come out with this on the same page-wow! And Ricky is far from the being the only repeat visitor to the sin-bin
  5. i think it is great that we actually get to forsake these points by dint of our own efforts and pay 10K for the privilege rather than have Doncaster save us the bother.
  6. I give money to St Mirren, I have given a LOT over the years. St Mirren is part owned by a Millionaire, a charity with cash reserves and a supporters group with cash reserves. 10 grand won't break any of them There are are a lot of people in more need of our help and I'd urge anyone with spare cash to use it wisely and as they see fit
  7. because he knows our bank is going to be comparable to his bank
  8. depends if he needs to quarantine as some reports have him as being at Schalke for training I think elite athletes are allowed to avoid quarantine if they are abroad for training purposes, not sure if that applies for an extended christmas break though. but maybe he's already done his 10 days since then
  9. It's funny that it seems OK to use the term "tim" in it's entirety but not the other words. Also, if your substitute word entirely consists of asterisks then it is impossible to understand exactly what that word is-it could be anything.
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