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  1. Without implying wrongdoing on anyone's part, I can't see how this situation can be deemed healthy. At the very least, without a competitive selection process you rarely get a good fit for a job. I have experience of working with (not for) charities that leads me to believe that the main purpose for some (not all) seems to be creating opportunity for office bearers and employees while doing the good work. as long as the latter takes precedence over the former then i guess that is often a situation we need to live with (like covid). I raised a FOI request with Kibble the other day after being told over a year and a half ago that Mr Jamieson was handling my request, maybe he just forgot. They are inextricably linked with our club now so I just have to hope that they will do something to make me feel happy about the way they work. Thus far it seems SMFC is a vehicle for the glorification of Kibble and not the other way round, which is a bit sad.
  2. But if I'm not good that might be a bad thing
  3. actually i didn't the COVID report is historic, but here is his linkedin profile David Jamieson General Manager at St Mirren FC Greater Glasgow Area Contact info
  4. Not according to Mr Jamieson and the COVID update https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-jamieson-5a4bb7191/?originalSubdomain=uk I got there in the end
  5. straight in there bud, well done you! As I said, error accepted and duly corrected.
  6. I'd already spotted that, although I don't know her I have known of her for many years longer than she has been a councilor and in the dim and distant memory i had her down as labour. My mistake and duly corrected.
  7. Should be noted that David Jamieson has a profile on linkedin which has him as continuing to be employed at Kibble in a full time role, wonder how he finds the time to steer both ships? The GM is not really a behind the scenes role if he is taking over all of GLS' day-to-day activity at the club.
  8. it's worth noting that one of the trustees is the current provost of renfrew district, one Lorraine Cameron. seems quite a strong overlap between the council and kibble, which now seems to extend to SMFC now.
  9. You mean this guy? https://paisleyindependent.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/labour-leader-reported-for-conflict-of-interests/ Seems his communications skills momentarily deserted him when it came to declaring interests
  10. despite having only 3 permanent stands, the configuration of what they have is just so much better than our stadium. The majority of fans wanted 4 stands at Greenhill rd, but i guess the lack of depth is an issue for us-it certainly affects the spectator experience
  11. how could anyone who has witnessed his behaviour on this forum be surprised? The only surprise is that he managed to keep the bile and hatred in for a few minutes.
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