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  1. beyond our ken

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    I'd strongly disagree about Jardine, the proof of the pudding there was the experiment where he was played in midfield for Rangers and simply lacked the strength, dig, pace and stamina to hack it there. IM was never troubled in any position that he played in. Jardine got the right back berth and one of the best half-dozen in the world in that position (Mcgrain) was put on the left to accommodate him. Jardine got into Scotland squads when he was well past his best and the case for Munro was at it's strongest. The fact that I had actually forgotten about those others is an indication of how I'd rate them. There are a number of left wingers who got in ahead of Munro who should never have gotten close to a Scotland cap. Just my opinion. He was probably the classiest player of that era for Saints.
  2. beyond our ken

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Iain Munro was the best Scottish left sided player in ANY position he played in for pretty much all of his career. It was a travesty that successive Scotland managers chose to play an old-firm right back at left back rather than pick Iain
  3. beyond our ken

    Go 'way, Jose

    United sack the special one mourinho sacked
  4. beyond our ken

    Brexit Negotiations

    Scotland's fishing industry is actually 5 very rich families including, Sir Ian Wood, who own around 80% of the fishing rights. there was a recent report that criticised the obscene wealth of a few people in control of Scotland's fishing industry
  5. beyond our ken

    Brexit Negotiations

    you should take a wee look in the freezer aisle where you will find lots of imported Lobster, salmon and cod, which is cheaper than the higher quality produce we sell to other countries. I am only talking off the top of my head, there may well be more examples of non-uk equivalents to native species in our shelves
  6. the big vauxhall might be a 64-onwards model and there is a darker car further up on the right that might be more recent that that. There were many 1950 models on the streets of paisley in my 60s boyhood so it's hard to date this picture just on the cars, my guess is 64-ish or maybe 65
  7. That's one of the Linns, so long since i've been there I don't know which one. Not been used for drinking water for many decades and i think it was really set up as a supply for the textiles factories in Glenfield road. I'm surprised responsibility for it has ceded to Scottish Water as it had byelaws notices from Paisley Council on it back int the day. they must have punted it on when Strathclyde came into being and it then became part of the West of Scotland Water and subsequently the scottish water estate.
  8. beyond our ken

    Motivation Required

    I will only add that tagging someone with a disparaging name, whether referring to them directly or indirectly, is not exactly a sign of love and admiration. if you don't like his point, fair enough-but like many posters you go for the man in equal measure.
  9. beyond our ken

    Another Waster

    the lifestyle might be a symptom, rather than a cause of his problems widely reported that it is a mental health issue, it's a bit selective to only go on what is in one report this thread is a great example of why people find it so difficult to talk about their problems
  10. beyond our ken

    Motivation Required

    Haters gotta hate! I once worked for a public body who signd up the year before's Personnel Maager of the Year as HR director. Amongst his many personal sins was to call in one of his staff for a "chat" to "discuss" an expense claim (his PA actually used the inverted commas in the invite!). Waiting in the room was another senior manager from HR and an accountant. Fortunately we were able to prepare the guy concerned and as well as having his national union officer in the car he took along the sign-in books of over 200 installations across scotland that he had visited in the previous 12 months which clearly showed he had done over 50000 business miles in 9 months and had only claimed about 90% of what he was due. many ofthe trips started at 4am and many others only saw him get home at 11pm and later. This was because the director had deliberately dragged his heels onreplacing 3 leavers and clearly instructing the guy to do all of the work that had been logged on his own. The tone of the " chat" quickly changed and the director said he convened the discussion as he was concerend for the safety of someone doing so many miles and working such long hours-he couldn't explain why he needed an accountant to relay such a message and denied that he was going to question the legality of the expenses. This all goes to show that a highly recognised professional was also a total c*nt who chose to ignore his own award-winning proecedures when it suited him if he wanted to bump someone he didnt like as for your footnote, you actually concurred with the main point of Ricky's post But haters gotta hate, eh?
  11. beyond our ken

    Town Crazies

    I heard from guys at the engineering training centre that his was indeed an illness. There is a condition called syringomyellia which causes increased pressure of the fluid in the spianl cord and it affests dogs as well as humans. it makes the sufferer feel that they have something compressing the neck and the base of the brain and is horrific in the later stages.
  12. beyond our ken

    The Oran Kearney Interviews Thread

    the one where we secured our highest ever SPFL placing? You are right, I hated that level of success
  13. beyond our ken


    His bottle went when he no longer had his buddy to back him up but they’ll be watching and will probably be back now they have had a mention
  14. beyond our ken

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    he's an extremely talented footballer who after almost 2 months of being a first pick is still not fit. I do wonder if he is capable of being match fit at this level at this stage of his career. My feeling is that he will secure a good deal elsewhere without really being able to fulfil his potential. It happens, football is like any other manual work-it catches up with you sooner or later. i'd love him to stay, but would only expect him to be our modern day Andy Ritchie, he will get us the goals on an irregular basis but you wont see him delivering the diagonal runs that split and stretch defences that he showed up until last year. Not a bad thing to be in my mind but maybe not the best template for a modern footballer.
  15. beyond our ken

    SMiSA Chairman

    It's the quality of the ingredients that are the problem. As big Ian says, you need industry contacts and experience to get better produce at good prices. What we are getting is standard (or worse) canteen fodder for near premium prices. The overall experience has gone downhill as well though, they need to look at this