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  1. So the rest of us are sheep but you are not?🥺
  2. I'm hearing that today's announcement will cover hospitality and include a ban on alcohol sales after 6pm
  3. I wouldn't focus solely on the passing of McGennis, the main point of that post is the kind of player coming in compared to how the opposition are performing in that department. So largely, his points are correct and well aimed.
  4. so how the hell else is he supposed to get on in any career?
  5. Sadder still that we cant replace them with equal to or better Maybe these two signings are just squad fillers (never a good plan). I don't think the club would have consciously signed an injured player on loan, maybe more mismanagement by Coventry than by us. If we really took a punt on someone in the hope that they would be available for maybe a month before they could be recalled then I would be concerned. More concerning for me is the fact that if anyone already in the squad shows a bit of form and is under 24 then they can be expected to be sold on for a low fee to a competitor who will look to make a lot more by selling them on. The way we are selling on seems to leave us in a downward spiral as it doesn't matter who moves on, we always replace with lower quality. Up until now, the conventional wisdom has been that you invest in an academy and reap the rewards when your home-grown talent delivers either success or a hefty fee. Now it seems better sense to let other clubs develop the talent and you sign them up for a low fee and a promise of a cut of future profits. Hibs seem to have a better grasp of the transfer market than us when they can raise cash for players when laying other staff off.
  6. No way is that endorsing the anti-vac lobby, no medicine is without risk and the ultra-common "flu-like symptoms" that arise from most vaccines can make someone sick-ish for a day. No need to makr loe- tisk hrslty people ill when they are unlikely to be bafly affected by the virus
  7. Not a minister still, truth, good story, etc
  8. On the video you posted that I saw, the police were largely allowing their faces to be seen, wearing enhanced PPE such as caps (albeit protective ones) rather than helmets and without the shields, shin protectors and other stuff that they actually wear in a riot situation but to address your comment, given the provocation and obvious concern on the faces of the police officers that things were threatening to get nasty, then they would probably have been justified to get the full kit on. So since when is wearing protective equipment classed as a provocation? (i'm guessing that is what you alluded to when you questioned the use of what you term riot gear") Apologies for the typo, i'm guessing you are whiter than white
  9. riot gear is helmets, shields, visors, cut proof trousers and more. to call this riot gear is just making shit up to prove your own point Vaccinations-they serve the greater good but if you dont like them dont take one and don't try and deny the rest of society the opportunity to protect themselves. seem more like a convenient excuse for a rammy, to me. there were some well-pished prouble makers in this footage
  10. For everyone snd I can name you who clamoured for badloss to be our Manage hell mend ye!
  11. Yes I was just thinking that we could do with yet more managerial changes, just what a club needs in these most uncertain of times. Get a grip FFS. Sorry but if you’re manager is out of his depth then you do everyone a favour and move him on fairest shout for all concerned
  12. He's either shull or someone acting like shull. Both are good enough reasons to put him on ignore. A moron troll copying a moron troll? you must be right, what else can it aspire to?
  13. 3 or so weeks its now known that care home cases are rising and the lesson from other countries is that an increase of cases will lead to more hospitalisation
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