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  1. beyond our ken

    Worst Result In Our History

    told you already, it was a draw. The match duration is 90 minutes of play and the result is recorded as the total goals scored by either team. if these are level then extra time is played (where specified in knockout competition's rules) and the result recorded is the total tally of goals at the end of 90 minutes or the end of extra time. The penalty shoot-out is used to determine who moves to the next stage (or in the case of the Fred Flinstone cup, who gets the extra point). How long have you all been reading match reports, reading wee red books or other records of the game? They always list the final score with the result of the penalty shout out in brackets. https://www.fifa.com/mm/document/affederation/generic/81/42/36/lawsofthegame_2010_11_e.pdf
  2. beyond our ken

    Worst Result In Our History

    Nope, we didnt come out on top. All we got was an extra point. if it was a win then it would have been a total of three
  3. beyond our ken

    Worst Result In Our History

    Wrong The result was a draw and the record shows that. A bonus point was awarded for winning the penalty shoot out.
  4. beyond our ken

    Dominic Raab - New Brexit Secretary

    The labour 4 might be voting to order with the purpose of keeping May on the hook but not quite landed for a few more days. That way, her agonies continue and the tories look worse and worse in the eyes of the electorate. Or maybe they're no' that bright and don't understand how to vote on an amendment.
  5. No Way!!! Really??? Is using punctuation 3 times a new rule ??? Just asking...
  6. Stokes would be an "exciting" signing in the same way as being chased naked down the street by Jeffrey Dahmer would be "exciting"
  7. beyond our ken

    Dominic Raab - New Brexit Secretary

    labour don't want an election this year. Scenario A- they lose an autumn election and it's curtains for Corbyn as we face the prospect of 12 years of tory rule. Scenario B-they win and Corbyn is left to clean up a mess that he helped to create by his stance on Europe. He fails after just a few months and it's curtains for Corbyn Scenario C No election in the near future, the tories literally run the country into the ground and Labour wins the 2022 election as a protest vote. Things are so bad they can't help but look like a success (for a while)
  8. beyond our ken

    Jordon Brown

    Cove player was treated for 30 minutes at the ground before being taken to hospital with a head injury, caused during a clash with Andrew Considine. Hopefully he will be Ok. Significant head injuries seem to be more common in the sport these days, or maybe that's just my perception. Thoughts and prayers are with the kid.
  9. beyond our ken

    Speculation Thread

    Hopefully the fans get to gauge his talent he sounds like a model professional welcome to Chemin de fer-guslie
  10. beyond our ken

    Alex Ferguson

    It was in Scotland, so no crown court existed. Then or now. The body was an industrial tribunal for employment appeals the comment on his managerial skills referred to his administrative blunders, which st mirren dismissed him for. I am still on the fence as to whether or not it was a good decision for saints to sack him.
  11. beyond our ken

    Stating The Obvious Thread

    The obvious question (for me, anyway) is How, if at all, has his arse been getting wiped Clatty
  12. beyond our ken

    First Team Squad

    Getting weary now Fulton came from the juniors and played in our reserve team with and against a mix of young and experienced players-he had some experience Peter weir was literally a one-ff having spent time out of football as a young man before catching light at the buddies. both got better as they became more experienced. experience is a desireable qulaity in just about any footballer.
  13. beyond our ken

    First Team Squad

    Fulton and Weir were good players, Dempster was not and Andy Dunlop was still a young player at that time. Dunlop had been reasonable but not outstanding up to that point.
  14. beyond our ken

    First Team Squad

    On the basis that nobody is hoping we sign poor players, your comments are just michievous. In this league, most players don't become "good" until they have some experience. We need experience amongst the players of presumed good quality that we already have.
  15. beyond our ken

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    The former is based on hope and the latter is based on experience, as is the case for many of us. So you should be able to work it out.