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  1. It’s up to us to demand forfeit st Johnstone did every one else a disservice by not doing so its up to Celtic to control the players as the government made clear that the league could only resume if the teams understood the huge dispensation that they were benefiting from
  2. I liked Danny and was annoyed that he fell out of favour so badly that he wasn't given enough game time to at least compete for Morias position. I'm just glad he has found a good club and secured a two year deal, hopefully he will progress from there.
  3. I'm afraid the future for bars and restaurants is somewhat bleak, we'd only be inviting a different type of decay and neglect
  4. According to radio shortbread livi are attacking the west end seems the pitch has pivoted 90 degrees
  5. it would suit me better to say that he conflated 2 unrelated issues in order to try and score a petty point or two rather than to condemn him as an outright liar. However it also suits me to believe, applying the filters that years of reading Andy's posts have developed, that he he will have see the inside of a coffin before he ever sees the inside of a gym. He should use the money he has saved on his imaginary gym payments to buy some imaginary weights & skipping rope.
  6. Cycling has been my salvation from PF, which is a hellish condition like walking on broken glass done properly, you can simultaneously stretch and strengthen the back of the whole leg when pedalling which takes the strain off the sole of the foot everyone is different though
  7. Absolutely, this would be a measure to discourage unnecessary travel and not one intended to disadvantage visiting teams.
  8. But we don't just leave people to die, we treat the sick and the lockdown was primarily introduced as a means of reducing hospital admissions rather than a way of direct prevention of deaths.
  9. "Hate" is about as strong a word as you can use in any context. You "hate" the fact that participants in a sport where racial abuse has been widespread are trying to set an example and use their position to educate. I think, most of all, you seem to "hate" the idea that you will get a persistent reminder that the behaviours that led to the movement are not to be tolerated. Hope you enjoy explaining that to Trinidadians of African descent.
  10. That's in general but the outbreak will need more testing to determine who can / can't train. Facilities will need to be deep cleaned and then there is isolation facilities, it's all going to add up and eat into budgets. Not that badly, existing cleaning staff will be doing a sweep of all hard surfaces and common items. I've had +ve tests for employees in a number of workplaces and the cleaning takes hours rather than days.
  11. Thomson blotted his copybook when he speared McGinnis with a flag causing a career threatening injury that left him on sick pay he did what he needed to do just as you or I would in his shoes
  12. Scobie in September and The Scobie Man
  13. He’s very toaty therefor hard to spot
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