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  1. consider the league cup group stages where winning on penalties has no effect on the goals for/against column. Goal difference doesn't matter over any stage of the play-off sequence either-only results. If the result is a draw, it is recorded as such and the game is over, the penalties happen outside the context of the game to provide an outcome. The original question was, who has avoided relegation on goal difference based on a statement that goal difference could keep us in the league this season You really are one of those numpties who think you are never wrong
  2. No we didn’t the official score was a draw and penalties only decided the nature of the result rather than the scale of it
  3. I quite like some of oaky's contributions and I like that when he's shown up to be wrong he tends to hold his hands up and admit it. On this occasion he has given an opinion so I can't show him up as wrong but in my opinion we are not all self obsessed. Speak for yourself.
  4. and most of the players had their shirts tucked in!
  5. Paul McGinn might get 20 mins if we are comfy also good if Erhahon gets on for a spell pity the manager hasn’t seen fit to give Mullen or Cooke a start as they could benefit from some game time I’d like to see Mullen get a run out on the wing
  6. I do wish people would wait to see how good the new players are before heaping praise on the management we have some recent signings Who are poor and a waste of a wage some decent ones as well who are still not as good as recent departees celebrating these signings could be seen as celebrating activity just because it happens and not for what it actually brings i have over 50 years as a saints fan and that tells me that The difference between a false dawn and a good day can only be gauged at nightfall profound stuff for a Friday
  7. that'd make them half brothers, biologically speaking If the rumours are true I hadn't heard that one-do tell!
  8. If his mum's Di and his dad's Hewitt, how does that make him a Battenburg ? If you read the post I was replying to it shulould be clear we were talking about my reference to Harry’s alleged brother and not the Ginger geek himself Anyhoo! if their Royal highnesses are striking out on their own and intend to make their own living then I’m buying a big box of popcorn and settling down for an entertaining ride much like Major Hewitt
  9. Talking about Diana’s first born as being a slice off the Battenburg cake the second is from the Ginger loaf range
  10. I think it's a safe-ish bet that he is a Battenburg. That succession fotie though! the gene pool is getting so shallow you would struggle to get your feet wet in it.
  11. one theory by a "royal watcher" is that he was upset at the recent photo of the people in line to the throne and felt it is a public message that he is no longer part of the clique More likely, he looked at that photie and said to himself "I look nothing like these people, what the hell is going on?"
  12. I think this is part of the problem "your not my dad! I dont need to listen to you and he's not my real brother anyway so you can all get stuffed" I think that about covers it.
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