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  1. Does the club have the resources to get a good striking coach in for 3 months? Maybe SMISA could share the bill? It's the only way that we will possibly get anuthing out of the current crop of strikers.
  2. Has he not gone yet? Not necessary over the comments but he should go because of poor organisation, poor customer service and no obvious action to address these. TF should step down as well, we need a competent and resourceful chief exec to get some order into the club
  3. Probably using the "enlarge" function-not a lot wrong with that. Maybe they are streaming whilst doing a streamie Personally, I hadn't noticed anyone peeing in Morrisons.
  4. I geev you 2 camels for your camil
  5. So If existing measures are apparently bearing fruit as we open up additional sectors, they shouldn't be applied to places already open but currently not covered? What would the reason for that be? Is there evidence that there is no transmission in pubs? Facts, please.
  6. anyone notice that the highlights on Sportscene had Kane still involved in play after they showed his dismissal?
  7. Great tune, I literally wore out my vinyl copy. This one is up there with it, at their most Cars-ish
  8. Artie & Paul's pristine version of the great Gallagher & Lyle song
  9. The wheel of time trailer promises an epic-here's hoping it delivers
  10. I'm neither saddened nor joyful at this news.
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