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  1. I was amazed last week to see English politicians and voters roll up in front of cameras and declare that last week's vote was for change. Not one person seemed to get the irony that the Tories have been in power for 11 years now. What kind of positive change do they expect? BJ' s greatest success seems to be convincing voters that he is the ultimate protest vote. It doesn't matter what the difficulty is, BJ can fix it. Hard to see how they get themselves out of the fix they are in
  2. I'm in total agreement, maybe i don't read the game very well but I saw EE covering a lot of ground on both sides of the park and making good interventions to break up play. He didn't get support from midfield colleagues and the back 3 that isn't really a back 3 left us exposed behind his area and he constantly had to backfill. I dont want to be critical of JDH, I would say that he hasn't impressed me that much in the few games I've watched in their entirety since Christmas but maybe I've missed the good stuff does.
  3. cant see how you can criticise Ethan, he put a lot in today, he needed more support from others in midfield.
  4. Very strong bench, but keeping things square or in our favour into the last 30 mins will be crucial to getting the benefit of the bench and possibly the difference between win and lose Or we might be coasting by 3 with 30 to go😃
  5. That game today will be serious encouragement to both saints united all looked like they were trying to pull caravans yet they almost came back into contention in the last 30 Hibs look spent and for the second cup tie in a row faded towards the end Whoever wins tomorrow needs to target the petulance of McGinn and Porteous, 2 players who habitually sail close to the wind if we win tomorrow then our name is on it
  6. worth looking at the series "from the vault" on sky. arts voiced buy Guy Garvey. The programme on 1975 was excellent and they are doing a late 80s show tomorrow I missed the previous but will look them up on the sky hub when i get a chance
  7. La cage au folles? That seems to fit.
  8. I've never been unhappy, not recently anyway. Even so, I'm fair cheered up now that we have sorted all that out. Call it what you want.
  9. Is that last comment a sexual euphemism? Indeed, your opener there seems open to interpretation But I’ll decline the offer made at the start of sentence 2, thanks very much. And just so we are clear, if you have a man cave then I have no interest in entering it or squirting lube around your entrance
  10. Wow, that really set you off. Given your referrence to hinge-oiling the above comment doesn't really fit the notion of a newly-erected structure. Maybe my mistake was reading your posts in their entirety and coming to the wrong conclusion, or maybe you meant something entirely different when you talked about oiling the hinges. We'll probably never know, eh?
  11. What's up? Still smarting over previous exchanges? Poor lamb. it's always great to see the initiator of the personal insult complain like this when they get a new one ripped.. Up until the point that Slash felt the need to refer to his wife's genitalia, he seemed a savable case, now it seems he is just another wee sheep looking for the approval of the self-appointed school bully. Going down, as they say.
  12. What's up, can't you afford the crayons? You get SO defensive when issuing the insults. You made your point well enough and then showed your true self with the bitchy wee comment. Worse still, you disrespected your wife in a later comment. You might have made some money in the 21st century but your oppressive views show you are firmly anchored in a previous one. I'm happy to disagree with you and let lie without making childish comments, maybe you should develop the intellect to help you get to the happy point in your life when you can argue a point without being a dick.
  13. I was on the Brent Bravo re-build in 93-95, a few years after the leg disaster-3 deaths I think Scariest things in my time were the Dutch "bird" who ran the welfare and "big stornoway" who used to sleep like a corpse on the welder's scaffolds-even when he was off shift
  14. Looking forward to two potential biggies later this year Dramatisation of the wheel of time book series and the Scottish production of The rig- original drama on Prime
  15. A highly winnable tie against a team who we seem to stall against, they never seem to offer much more than us but still grind out dull victories against us. They are not so intimidating and we should be looking to open them up and also meet the physical challenge, it took us a while to get into the physical side against Killie and once we did it was more of a game, but if we get in amongst them without going over the top then complacency could well become panic for Saintees.
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