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  1. up until the late 70s, in fact
  2. Kilpatrick's offices were round the back, the other side of the white wall you can see on the far right. I don't recall them being in the building mentioned, though they may have been at some point. The training centre and workshop fronted on to Bridge st and the offices were in the old building you refer to
  3. He's wrong, they served the mini supper and took the money at the door
  4. interesting that Boris is calling them "crusties". Given his company over recent years, he might have had to encounter the odd crust himself
  5. Potter's wife still works at the same legal practice in Dunfermline as she has for at least 15 years, so I'd imagine JP has been a wee bit cagey about committing to a new career in the English game.
  6. In this case, just over 26 miles
  7. I bow to your superior knowledge of Alloa athletic 2018/19 based on your ever present attendance at their games i think that is what you are saying?
  8. if you didn't know who managed the club and just looked at the performances , the set up and tactics then you might well wonder if Gus McPherson had come back as manager. This is his philosophy and strategy, it's clear he is the man in charge.
  9. Viewed in the context of the opposition's quality, it looks better than it is. No attempted tackles, no runners going with him and no urgency from defenders if he can do that under pressure from more competent opponents then I'll get excited
  10. The backstop is there at the UK's request, Theresa May realised her other red lines would nullify much of the benefit of the good friday agreement, so she added a further red line to try and limit the damage her initial red lines had caused. Having agreed it, the EU is rightly saying that they can only remove it if there is a credible alternative or a decision to stay in the single market and customs union- the alternative is to 3rd-country the UK in order to protect the EUs envelope.
  11. Honestly, if you did that to me, i'd struggle to maintain the sense of humour and would perform some crude amateur dentistry on you with the butt of the gun.
  12. I think there have been recent interventions after bookings
  13. He'll need to be quick or die in a ditch!
  14. even if they played for Hamilton? Maybe Doug Imrie would be a good candidate
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