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  1. I don't see why, St. George came from the area that is now Syria. adopted as the emblem of the crusader-need I say more?
  2. the St George cross will get up the nose of fans of middle-eastern origin
  3. Russia certainly backs Iran, I beieve China does too The USA is not the only nation exercising a proxy here
  4. it was a mad idea, tens of millions required to realise it too Something of a pipe dream.
  5. Better off with a tunnel. too much unexploded ordnance on that sea bed
  6. it would be a bridge that explored the outer parameters of what is conceivably possible and way beyond the parameters that any existing bridge has been built to But nice to see you are in the same camp as the science-denying DUP.
  7. along with a large bib to deal with your constant dribbling
  8. We already have a stated majority for independence at Holyrood between green and snp members-we should also consider the possibility of other parties harbouring members with a leaning that way who are currently shtum on the subject. Ruthie is playing games here, her comments are full of twists and turns and she is yet again playing to her gallery of people who need someone to fear more than they fear her.
  9. 2 players that I wouldn't touch with a bargepole
  10. My approach was to highlight someone using an example selectively, spuriously and out of context to support their point then you went and did the same with my point-which was VERY light hearted.
  11. different collar, different sleeves, different size stripes, no horizontal band, different badge, different makers logo-yeh the similarities to this year's effort are startling. I have only really seen people expressing a view or having a wee joke so I don't understand the mocking or mentions of meltdown. Seems we've yet again arrived at a position where any opinion that is not unwaveringly positive and supportive regarding EVERYTHING to do with St Mirren is to be derided
  12. looks more like a rent boy version in the home kit
  13. Maybe it was very dark in the dungeon you visited?
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