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  1. You are shit. Not St Mirren, you, personally. What a rubbish post
  2. LOL one bite and I wasn't even looking for one!!! My sentiment stands. You must be relieved at that buffer cos of Hearts. No gloating. You WERE pish. See my detailed thoughts on the match thread. Very experimental and new Morton side and very pleased with the performance against an established SPL side. See you all later, FTOF
  3. You have to bear in mind that this is a Morton side who've practically only just met each other. New keeper, New forward, New right winger (thanks for him, he was MOTM) 3 new back 4, left back who struggled against Teale is actually a centre half who was put there for an experiment. New midfield apart from wee Fred. THAT is worrying for The Skunks, I'd say. We've lost Michael Tidser and Peter mcDonald, our top scorers last year. Not gloating at all, promise! You looked very poor. Harkins is a player I greatly admire and a local lad, but he wasn't in it, looked unfit. Gowser is pure class and will always be fondly remembered by Morton fans Teale can still cut it but as said was up against a Slovakian centre back who can't speak English Interesting times for both sides.
  4. ....because you are SH1TE!!! That's the worst St Mirren side I've seen in a long time. Past it has beens and young never beens. Was a poor show from the Skunks. We gifted you two goals by fannying about, but apart from that pleased with the rebuilt Greenock Morton after losing a lot of stars. I thought Dougie Imrie was really good. Good luck for this season - you're gonna need it!
  5. Well so what, you've revealed my true identity? There's fcking hunners of crime in Greenock you know! Polis need all the help they can get. Christ, that banana was a bit jippy. Especially in an all in one costume.
  6. What's the really bad pub near G Street Station, is it the Fiesta or something like that? Was in there once. Horrendous.
  7. Hey, I think you gave me a friend request today mate?Tell me lads, why's St MIrren and Morton not in it? I mind Morton were in Fifa about 7 years ago...bizarre!
  8. DongaTon Bring it on at Pro Evo you skunk fex! Was talking to a Saints fan last week on Pro Evo, smfc Paul or something like that? anyone here? ASked to be my friend. aww.
  9. Oh right. Indeedy. God has smiled upon me.
  10. Reidy do you wanna kick his c**t in or shall I?
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