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  1. Yes I thought he always steadied that defence. I guess though that moving back to England may be the pull for him and good to get a fee.
  2. If your not ready to fulfil fixtures at the start of the season you shouldn't be allowed to compete. f**k them back to league 2.
  3. I actually agree with you here. I think they start to bring on fresh legs in a must win game. Players that started the last two games likely to make more impact in last half hour as Hungary tire. Morgan looked sharp when on pitch and Shankland needed at least 70 minutes. Why not start the top scorer in the squad. I get hacked off with this view of a strikers hold up play, a striker scores goals midfielders hold the ball up.
  4. That's the right call in my opinion. Rooney a good signing and as good as Strain is if he's on the treatment table with a squad our size then it's no good. I wouldn't be surprised if he's flopped a few other medicals on England.
  5. I think he could do with a loan spell with a team like Dumbarton to get game time.
  6. That's good. Reading that Lincoln expect to get a record fee for Ethan this summer. Their previous record was 640 k. They are in no rush to sell so needs to be the right deal. You would think he could fetch somewhere around 1.4 million? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/cw0vllxlz25o
  7. exiledfan


    Yes I think that the fact that we are securing the service of players quicker and on longer deals has given us so much more stability. Robo also likes to get his deals done early which helps. Gone are the days when you see late deals and a high turnover at the end of each season. This helps the positive start we made this season.
  8. As with Saints 90% of me thinks we should do it on Saturday, however 10% of me thinks big crowd expecting at home will we do it when these games we have traditionally messed it up. I'm going for a very late 1-0 win for saints with the goal coming in last 10 minutes. Incidentally, I don't see Hearts beating Dundee as a given. Dundee have pulled off some good results to get in the top 6 as well and hearts really have nothing much to play for.
  9. What a performance! Crowd was immense today never seen an atmosphere like that!
  10. I think Urminsky needs a loan spell in a lower league. Big credit to Langford for the work he's done in this department.
  11. Enjoying a cold pint before heading to the stadium. Good to see Strain and McMenimen starting together. Not going to be easy all pressure on Rangers though. Looking forward to the meatball marinara pie and a Bovril.
  12. I can't see Carson playing for Dundee again.
  13. Surely in 2024 we should be able to have a centralised SPFL app for away games that fans can purchase away tickets. I get fed up remembering all my log ins for different clubs or relying on a shit postal service.
  14. Lol I got that too. Last time I got posted was the Hibs game and they arrived 2 weeks after the game! Had to get them off the FLO. They are in your st Mirren app if you have one just with no seat so no sure if that would work.
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