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  1. That won't be enough to win the league, sort yer numbers oot. 4th will be fine.
  2. I used to raid the chocolate cupboard and drink the liquid from the chocolate liquors. I'm classy me.
  3. I much preferred 1987 to 2013 (and especially 2010). Maybe it was just an age thing - young, free and single ... and could still tap ma maw for extra beer money. I was only 9 and never really got to football then.
  4. Last season we won 10 drew 14 and lost 14 and ended on 44 points. Turn this into win 14 draw 12 lose 12 it's 52 points. Given that we only scored 33 goals last season I'm confident that the approach and changes by SR cam deliver this.
  5. Agreed. County were slow burners last year but patience paid off.
  6. Balls into the box ✅ Talking up the youths ✅ Fitness ✅ Organisation ✅ I like what I hear now.
  7. I think he can go and f**k himself. I actually look forward to the league cup more than the Scottish cup think it's sentimental as I have seen 2 cup finals live and not been to a Scottish cup final live.
  8. That's going to be a very tough team to defend against if we get corners / free kicks right.
  9. Brophy is in last year if his contract next season. He needs a good season to either get a new deal, or more likely showcase himself for a bigger money move.
  10. Indeed our home goals return was poor at best. I did like the partnership of grieve and main and the use of two up front. Let's hope that with the additional pace added to the team we will be more decisive pushing forward. Last season I thought we took to long on the ball and continually passed back or side ways.
  11. Pet shop boys outstanding. Should have been on pyramid headlining.
  12. I'm hoping Years and Years sign off with Pet shop boys in a joint version of it's a sin.
  13. Nice to see a player who played well for us return. I can't help but think though that we have done better transfer strategy than fakes. I think they are going to be in trouble.
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