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  1. That's my thoughts! Though I would like the highlights to be a bit more "balanced". I sometimes think it's me watching a different match when I watch them. Sky had it being a mistake by "St Mirrens" Carson for the opening goal and no highlights showing any of the Dundee fouls on Wednesday!
  2. The big difference I see is the way that people drink. https://www.thecaterer.com/news/number-uk-pubs-drops-below-100000-two-decades There is a move away from pubs to home drinking and the social element has been lost. In particular I feel for the retired generation where a few hours in the local was time out.
  3. Soon there will be very few original movies that aren't franchises. Creativity seems to getting stiffled.
  4. Agreed, all it does is add to those who have a problem by adding cost onto high unit low cost drinks that is notable whilst not having any impact on premium cost high ABV as the manufacturer is already above the minimum unit cost. This doesn't stop drinking and the sceptic in me thinks this is another way of recovering from the disaster of the deposit return scheme and tax deficit.
  5. Another stupid decision that will in my opinion only make issues worse! If it's descent then it's yellow followed by red, in fact it should be a ban if serious. "grey areas" are what makes it harder to referees. Better rules would be improved communication on the pitch, referees only dealing with captains and more importantly clarity and simplification of rules with referees getting better training and assessment on games.
  6. These rules are so awkward and there is always going to be controversy. What for example if Hart came out to clear the ball with a puch and wiped out the striker accidentally by connecting to his head is that a red card? I don't think that there's any malice and to the letter of the law it's a red , however I think a yellow consistently applied should be the punishment unless it is malicious.
  7. We seriously need reinforced in midfield. There's a player in Boyd - Munce however every time he starts he's blowing out his arse after 65 minutes. Flynn's lost his legs too unfortunately leaving us with no plan B in midfield.
  8. Given it's not a bank holiday in England I can't see the benefit of sky putting this on at 5 pm. Still I will be there expecting to see a competitive saints performance against a complacent Celtic. Thinking a draw today that will put a lot of pressure on Rodgers ahead of the winter break.
  9. Wow just wow. Reminder we are a good team who went through a sticky patch rather than a poor team that went through a lucky stint. Bring on Celtic.
  10. Sounds about right wait till the last minute then make a decision based on the pitch rather than safety of fans. I'm pretty sure the club would want this postponed.
  11. They need to get a wiggle on if they do folk will be travelling soon.
  12. I think after watching the Motherwell game in shocking weather there are a few of us hoping it's postponed! Looking like it's on so it's time for the thermals the big coat and get to the pub!!
  13. Awful game, our long ball game was never going to work in those conditions where it needed short sharp direct passes that we were incapable of playing. There's something not right with O'Hara not only is he playing poor there is also no leadership from the skipper that we saw last season. His passing was rotten and couldn't even play a decent throw in. Robo 9/10 times has been getting subs right but this time I'm afraid not. Weather definitely impacted the performance and result l, however we need a plan B when we can see plan A isn't working. Kelly is an absolute bellend. Why the referee never booked his time wasting is beyond me. Big game on Saturday now in Edinburgh where strangely I think we will get a credible draw.
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