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  1. Let's leave this thread as a positive one. ,!!
  2. Still what an amazing year it's been to be a saints fan. Player in world cup , one loss at home this season and feel good about the club.
  3. Baccus getting credit from BBC before the Australian keeper has a head rush.
  4. I agree really professional, I do think they will sub him at 60 minutes though and fall apart.
  5. Really proud of his performance so far. Well done son.
  6. Considering he's against the best in the world Keanu can be proud and take no issue in that goal.
  7. Need to sell these in the club shop on Christmas Eve 🙂
  8. Baccus isn't giving Messi any respect. Get in son. He's out there thinking f**k it we can beat Celtic and be annoyed at a draw with that other shit show from Govan then Messi can do one .
  9. St Mirren will be mentioned on the world stage in passing great exposure for the club. Indirectly this might help with sponsorship and signing players.
  10. Don't think he could stay fit enough to get to the bookies.
  11. Who cares what he makes us I'm just pleased he is playing!
  12. Great to see him come on in each game. The Aussie gaffer must rate him highly. Let's see him get a goal in the last 16.
  13. Yes we are. Danny Murphy is dull.
  14. Amazing for the lad. Can he convince that Goodwin lad who scored to join us I think he would do well for us.
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