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  1. Got a draw written all over. I can't see us scoring more than 1 goal in any game and Livingston are great at keeping it tight and frustrating teams. I see a dull 1-1 with us scoring early failing to kill livi off and then scoring late to leave us all devastated.
  2. Agree we have missed Ethan. Hopefully he can put in a good shift against Dundee Utd and Livingston to help our top 6 bid.
  3. Relatively risk free appointment for them . They are f**ked right now and Jim has a point to prove get it right and scrape through staying up it's a good move. They go down but with a big improvement he may get fans on board and behind him for a promotion tilt. Get it wrong and no improvement it's goodbye thanks for your efforts. Bigger risk for Jim. He needs this to rebuild his reputation.
  4. You won't see many goals at the pictures 😜
  5. It's what we are missing at the moment. A Dorman or Ronan would have popped one in from outside the box yesterday.
  6. They definitely need work as does our general final delivery. For such a tall team with players like main we don't seem to bully defences enough to make space.
  7. It's been an enjoyable season. Would be nice though if that goals for was about 3 better and I might have a few less grey hairs !
  8. I thought it was just cramp ? Fingers crossed 🤞
  9. We need a strong start today like the line up. Sticking with my 3- 1 saints win.
  10. Time for the fringe players to shine and put a claim in for a first team start. I'm going Saints 3 County 1. Get the SMISA jumping and believing again !
  11. I'm a big supporter of trans rights and the gender recognition bill. Stories like this make it harder for trans rights and I think common sense needs to prevail. She should be sentenced as the sex she was when the crime was committed and be in isolation in a male prison.
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