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  1. Hopefully wee Danny will be back where he belongs in the saints dugout getting one over on his old team.
  2. I can just see isis chiefs kicking themselves for missing the opportunity to send a suicide bomber to a match live on BBC alba in Paisley. Heads will roll in isis HQ for missing out on such a high profile event.
  3. Here may be the problem. Poor results and lackluster performances yet the number 2 takes the training when what's needed is a rocket up the arse and strong direction from the top.
  4. So I'm assuming that we have now paid compensation to spalding and will appoint another number two who may well also get punted if Ian Murray doesn't hack it after making changes to his back room staff. Either that or the board are appointing the next St mirren manager by appointing an assistant that will make Ian Murrays stay untenable. Strange business again by the BOD.
  5. You know what I meant! I would also take fergie with Danny as his assistant but that's no going to happen.
  6. Only 1 man for next manager, the man that won us our first ever league cup, secured our highest ever league position and really cared about our club. Sure he made mistakes and had some wobbles but please accept an apology from Mr Gilmour and our fans and come home Danny Lennon.
  7. Come on people we are 4 league games into the season. Yes disappointing start and not good we are out the cup. But in last few weeks we have addressed the keeping issue with Langfield, boosted the defence and attack. This is a team that gelling and hence why we are struggling. Let's see how we get on in a few weeks time.
  8. Yes it is a long season and still plenty to play for. Rangers will scoosh it this year (as much as I hate to think that) as they have invested wisely in a top class manager that could have been plying his trade in the English championship and has a track record of promotions. A good season for us will be a play off place and that's the best I expect to get. We have lost 2 games, it's not good, but it's still only August! We do need a big commanding center half, but I do think we will have enough to finish top 4 we need a bit of time and a few wins will bring a but if swagger to this young squad. Have a bit of patience for the first 10 games it will take a bit of time.
  9. Indeed that's football for you. Best a team our size can do is enjoy watching players whilst we can then look for the next one. We won't ever win the SPL with 11 kids who cane from our youth ranks but we will get occasional promotions and trophy with a mix of older pros and youngsters.
  10. We need more than one leader on the pitch and it's about more than the arm band. I hope that this season not having the same pressure of going down and we will see some real leaders develop
  11. I think we will have a decent season. I don't think we will have a league winning season as rangers will be head and shoulders above everyone given resources to them and not having mcoist, McDowal and mccall in charge. 3rd place and play off finals will show we are men not boys.
  12. Can see us getting second and pushing England close
  13. All clubs to turn part time by christmas Newcuntco F.C to go into administration in October Season tickets wont be valid Planes will fly over St Mirren Park Coffee will keep going up in price Shull will start 15,00000000000000000000 threads by March Smokie will have replied to the 15,0000000000000000000000000 times
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