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  1. Statistically big fat Sam is the best manager in the history of the English national team. Similar for whatever nugget managed morton on Saturday. And to prove the unreliability of such things, statistically most people have and above average amount of limbs.........
  2. I was under the impression that Oran Kearney was "statistically the worst manager in St. Mirren's history". Oddly enough, haven't heard any retractions from those that posited said quote......
  3. Campbell Money made a fantastic save right at the end from a Derek Whyte header. Paul Kinnaird got sent off so Saints actually won with ten men. Why Celtic ended up with eleven still on the pitch despite Burns getting a red card is probably due to the fact the referee was clueless.
  4. Saints Fans "patient"? Good yin! And it's the fans he should be looking for assurances from, not the board....
  5. Yep. And how did it end up with those three? With "fans" telling them to f**k off.... Probably with a hangman's noose. As per f**king usual......
  6. Been trying to tell that to the badly webmaster for quite a long time now.....
  7. Apologies, I misread your name and thought you were The Piss Artist Formerly Known As Jersey Saint.
  8. Didn't see you there, would've caught up if I'd known. Great turn out and excellent eulogy. Very funny at times and a good celebration of a fine fellow. Kenny is now gone but he will be remembered and remembered fondly.
  9. A long drive to Portman Road from Dens Park, which was a done deal a year ago. Oh, hang on......
  10. That was bought for me by my then good lady. I think I flung it out when we split up.
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