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  1. That could only have been a fitness issue with Dennis. No possible other reason for subbing him.
  2. Is the Morning Star online these days aye? 😁
  3. Forfar were a really decent side in the 80s. I remember them battering a top quality Premier League team 5-1 in the League Cup.
  4. I managed to change my meal to tonight instead, so I’ll get to see it now. By 6.45 I’ll probably be wishing I’d gone out to dinner after all. 😄
  5. I’ve never ever put anyone on ignore. Does that make me a great guy?
  6. Could it be to avoid a clash with the televised Forfar v DU match??
  7. Or to put it another way, let’s agree you can’t read plain English.
  8. My mud throwing is only in relation to his impact on my enjoyment of this particular match. So I’m happy my post is in the right place. 👍 I have not and will not contribute to the other thread.
  9. Pure ragin’! 😡 I’m out for dinner on Friday night. My plans f**ked up just because some racist benefits cheat snuffed it.
  10. And I said that my view on the dropping of JDH was never solely because he refused to sign a contract. It was to do with both that and the fact that he’s not much kop. So why would you link that to Fraser being dropped when he has been excellent. I have never suggested cutting off our nose to spite our face. By dropping JDH we’d be giving someone who is committed to the club an opportunity. If I thought JDH was as important to the team as Fraser, I wouldn’t be suggesting dropping him. So to answer your question, the comparison between JDH and Fraser has EVERYTHING to do with the point in question.
  11. Ok. Simple question. Do think JDH has been as good/consistent/influential as Fraser this season? In my opinion it isn’t even remotely close. If you disagree that’s fine, but your post was still silly.
  12. Is that the Sexmeister on the right in the one with Dougie S?
  13. No. Why would we drop Fraser? IMO he’s been great for us pretty much all season. My point about dropping JDH is not just because he hasn’t signed a contract. It’s a combination of that and being of the opinion that he’s not much kop, or certainly no better than any other midfielder. You probably knew that, but I wouldn’t want to spoil your opportunity to make a silly, pointless jibe.
  14. Ah. Didn’t realise he’d made more than 100 appearances. Thought it was less than that. Maybe goals to minutes on the park ratio then 😄
  15. Must have one of the best goals to games ratios in our history I’d have thought?
  16. Agreed. Despite being one of Erwin’s biggest critics I’d concede that there were aspects of his game that were a bit better on Saturday. Some of his hold up/link up play was better, but as an actual striker he remains completely inept. He simply needs to be dropped now as he is nowhere near good enough.
  17. Yes but we’re not discussing Ethan are we. I agree he was dreadful yesterday.
  18. Thought he was bang average again yesterday. Still firmly of the opinion he will be no great loss.
  19. So, played pretty well in parts today and absolutely did not deserve to lose. However, as usual, powder puff in the final third and I tell you what, we are absolutely f**king abysmal from dead ball situations.
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