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  1. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Without gettin all melancholy and teary eyed, I'd love to get temporarily transported back to one of those 1977 games. Wouldn't mind if it was a late First Div game or an early Premier Div game, but I'd love to experience it as an adult, just to see if it was any different to the perception of a 10/11 year old.
  2. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Reckon you must've been stood next tae me,
  3. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Isn't that quite cunningly a picture of the 3 goal scorers that day. Big Boaby celebrating and being congratulated by Derek Hyslop, with McGarvey peeping over Derek's shoulder, I reckon I'm also in that picture. I am definitely one of the kids at the wall.
  4. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    John McGinn

    Didnae play
  5. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Golf and Golfing

    I consider myself very fortunate when it comes to golf courses I've played. In 1997, me and a group of friends started an annual trip (from Jersey) with the idea being that each year we would go away for a long weekend and play one of the courses that had hosted the Open as well as some of the better qualifier courses in the area.. We opened a bank account and all stuck £50 a month into it to cover most of the cost. Often these ideas start off with great intentions and peter out after maybe a few years. To our credit we saw it through and 13 years later we completed the set at Portrush (I know there's 14 courses, but the year we played Troon, we played Prestwick as well). I played my best golf at Birkdale (shot 5 under net), but despite playing like an absolute see you next Tuesday, Carnoustie (the very first one we played) remains my absolute favorite. What a brilliant course. And Poz, in 1997 it was only 50 quid! Some fantastic qualifier courses too like, Western Gailes, Glasgow Gailes, North Berwick, Gullane, Hillside, West Lancs, Southport & Ainsdale etc. In the Paisley area my favourite courses are Kilmacolm, Paisley (great views), Elderslie and I've got a soft spot for Lochwinnoch as I used to play there when I was a kid. Used to hump my clubs from Foxbar down to Paisley Cross and get the bus down to Lochwinnoch to play there. Used to do a few memorable treks for a wee kid. Clubs over shoulder, bus from Foxbar down to the toon centre. Train to Glasgow central, walk up to Bath Street, bus out to Hogganfield Loch to play Lethamhill. Similar one but from GC took the low level train out to Dalmuir. Happy days indeed.
  6. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Genoa Bridge Disaster

    Holy shit! Horrible horrible thing and by coincidence a little bit close to "home" for me this week. Don't get me wrong, I normally cannae stand the outpouring of "Oh my god, About 3 years ago, I was in a pub in (insert city name) about half a mile from that pub that got attacked last night etc etc. However, I'm in Liguria at the moment and drove across that very bridge two days ago. Wee bit of a sobering thought. Poor people though. Cannae even imagine the terror of that. Even about 100k down the coast in Imperia, there's been sirens going all day. Not sure if related as I know reports are saying that hospitals are being used far and wide.
  7. I agree with pretty much all of your post, but let's not lose sight of the fact that we only competed because they were down to 10 men. Prior to that I had the fear big time and thought it looked liked it could have become a cricket score. We will never know though. All we can judge the performance on is based on the way the game panned out and in that respect, you are correct to say we competed.
  8. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    It's not still straight to penalties is it? I assumed that was only for the group stages.
  9. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    W7 Appreciation Post

    Ha ha. Back in the days of the old Saints Online guestbook and the early days of this board I was just plain old Jersey 2. However I made complete arse of my access and no longer had the email address that I originally registered through, so I had to create a new registration. Hence the TPAFKA was added.
  10. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    W7 Appreciation Post

    Absolutely spot on HSS.
  11. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    W7 Appreciation Post

    Exactly WeeBud, it’s not only nonsense, it’s actually a disgusting thing to suggest. And thanks for confirming re the incident. I hadn’t seen any evidence and there were suggestions on other forums that the furore was to do with a medical incident.
  12. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    W7 Appreciation Post

    Let's be clear.........if indeed someone was hit with a bottle (I've still seen zero evidence of that by the way), are you implying that by displaying that banner, the St. Mirren fans brought it on themselves? If you are saying that, IMO you should be ashamed of yourself and if you're not saying that, then your post is literally meaningless.
  13. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    W7 Appreciation Post

    FFS I've heard it all now. St. Mirren fans at fault for small child being hit by a bottle. Whate an absolutely, unbelievably shite post.
  14. Is it the Roy Orbison version you've got.