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  1. We’ve also got a trend….. Good, shite, good, shite, good, shite. Let’s hope that trend continues for one more game 👍
  2. Yup and I still think a draw in the Edinburgh derby was a perfect result for for us. How absolutely enormous are the lolz at Aberdeen? 🤣🤣🤣 Great night all round 👍
  3. Agree about Olusanya. Re Baccus, if he comes back in it can only be for CBM because there’s no way I’d drop Kwon. I think CBM played well enough against Livi and St. Johnstone to be forgiven an off night last night. Not in favour of dropping players for one bad game. I’d at least give him the first half of the Aberdeen game. If his form from last night continues on Saturday then he’s fair game for Baccus at half time. It seems mental that we’re not even factoring in the return of Mark O’Hara. I guess we all remember the form he was in before his injury.
  4. Just watched those highlights there and two things I never noticed at the match about Scott’s chance at the end. 1) I didn’t realise how well Olusanya did to set the chance up. 2) Just how abysmal Scott’s effort was. From our angle I didn’t realise he’d missed the target by so much.
  5. I am very surprised it was that much to be honest.
  6. An earlier post got me thinking about something so I just checked. In the 5 away games we have played against Livi, County and St. Johnstone, we have accumulated 2 points from 15. That’s a shocker. Think where we’d be if we’d even collected 9 from 15.
  7. Shut it you. Just coz ye can dae the fast bit fae down in the tube station at midnight doesnae make ye aw that.
  8. That is the sad reality. The joys of being a St. Mirren fan. I suppose it shouldn’t stop us striving for success. What would be the point otherwise.
  9. Agree 100%. Also don’t want to be overly critical, but I think we are all potentially guilty of getting a wee bit misty eyed over Strain. He started the season (by that I mean literally the first handful of games) on top form taking up where he left off last season. However, let’s not forget that he did go off the boil to quite a large extent prior to his injury, including potentially costing us the game against Rangers by getting an incredibly amateurish sending off. No question he’s a smashing player and if we’re guaranteed to get Ryan from last season, then get him straight back in, but like you say, Elvis is performing well enough, so I’ll trust Robbo to watch Strain in training and reintroduce him at the right time.
  10. Think Robbo said in his interview that O'Hara and McMenamin should be back in the squad for tomorrow night, but Strain is still another couple of weeks away.
  11. I’m in danger of starting to come across like someone who’s got it in for Jamieson (which I absolutely haven’t), but I’m still just not seeing it. Even on Saturday I didn’t think he was up to much. I think he flatters to deceive as he appears quite lively and has the odd nice wee touch here and there, but when it matters I think his decision making is awful. He gives the ball away quite often in the final third, usually through taking too long to make his mind up what he wants to do. Often he also makes the wrong decision i.e. shoots when he should pass or vice versa. Hopefully it’s just a bit of rawness that he will be able to work through in time, but for the moment I think he’s a passenger.
  12. You no changed your mind about comin yet? 😄
  13. Aye but his original post didnae say we’d overtake Dundee. Just that we’d have played a game more than Dundee….. Ach…..who cares. 🤣🤣
  14. Check out Shull’s post on the previous page! So aye, you were being a bit dense. 🤣🤣
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