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  1. Funny how the quotation marks are around the “quite realistic about the situation” and not around the “short of a million” Nothing to see here.
  2. Just called it quits buying a Blackpool Kit for my kids Birthday start of August instead of St Mirren one. I’m pure raging for you Ronnie. I’m no even sure how your child is going to cope with this. We could be talking permanent damage. You ok? Do you think you’ll be able to deal with the hardship??? Honest tae f**king f**k!!
  3. Ok I’m going to resign from this thread as I can’t imagine there’s much more to discuss now about the Stenny game. Can this now become the Baz v BiEK arguing thread and us normal weirdos can just avoid it. 👍
  4. Agreed. I’ve made my point so that’s me out. …..and I won. 😃
  5. By definition they have to read it to find out that it’s your squabbling pish in the first place. I for one, don’t want to put you or BiEK on ignore. I want to read your relevant, on topic posts. I just don’t want your pish cluttering up threads. It’s completely immaterial whether there would have been any other posts or not. Only a complete narcissist would think anyone else would find your argumentative bollocks a refreshing read on an otherwise quiet thread and only a complete arsehole would refuse to take it elsewhere.
  6. Ok in that case, because you like the argument side of BAWA, when you and BiEK start an argument that is nothing to do with the thread topic, could you take it to PM or start another thread in General Nonsense entitled Baz v BiEK Squabbles, so the rest of us can avoid it and not have it ruin threads? Is that too much to ask?
  7. Thank you Shull for posting something relevant to this thread. You are forever the voice of reason in a world devoid of such.
  8. I do want to keep the thread alive. It’s a match thread about a specific game. My attempt was to get the thread back on track by banging your two heids together 😃
  9. Or one of you, or preferably both of you, could for once in your lives be poised to type, sit back, take a deep breath and think “Do you know what, it just really isn’t worth the time and effort”.
  10. Oh no. Completely agree at this time. I was more talking about the potential/latent support for a relatively successful team. Even that though, would absolutely have its limits
  11. What you say is of course true, but there’s a slight wrinkle to it. There have been a handful of games (the homes games against Livingston and Morton in the last Championship winning season immediately come to mind) where we “potentially” could have had capacity crowds if either the away ends had been filled (like DUFC did) or the make up of the stadium allowed for the away end to be carved up. Not saying they would definitely have been capacity. Just saying there have probably been a few games where there has been a capacity crowd in the 3 stands available to the home support.
  12. Another thread descends into another Baz v BuddieEK borefest. Sigh……
  13. Does it make any difference to the draw for the last 16 whether you win the group or not? Presumably the 5 teams playing in Europe will be the first 5 seeds and then is it the next 3 teams with the best performances in the group stages or is it something else? Dundee Utd already have 12 points with a +2 better goal difference than us. Dundee and Hearts are the only other two clubs that can and are very likely to get to 12 points and they both have a better goal difference than us by +3 and +1 respectively. So we’d need to beat Partick by more than 2 goals to guarantee being the one of the best 3 group winners. Otherwise we’ll just need to beat Rangers or Aberdeen again 😃 Let’s start off by beating Partick first!!
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