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  1. Eh? I'm well up on who Gary is (especially given he's a mate of mine). I was educating young FoxbarBud.
  2. If you want to know who Gary Peebles is then look at the footage of the open top bus parade or the town hall balcony celebrations in 87. Oor Gary is right there.
  3. I got to page 3 of this thread and felt compelled to fast forward to the last page to simply say........what a mind numbingly boring pile of complete and utter horseshit. That is all. Ayethengyou!
  4. Ooooft!! Tough start to the season. Away to Hibs Home to Aberdeen Home to Sevco
  5. I’m going to break what has become a fairly long held stance and engage with you on this one. Some context, for all the utter guff you spout on here, I have never once and still don’t doubt that you are a genuine St. Mirren fan and one that has loved the club like me for a longer time than we probably both care to think about. Let’s also assume you are right about the board royally f**king up last season. Don’t you have enough faith to renew your ST in the hope that they have learned their lessons, instead of voting with your feet before a baw is kicked? If similar commercial crimes are committed, then no third chance. i also never ever disagree with your general stance against the old firm. However I do disagree that we are supporting their bigotry by giving them both sides of the ground. I think we’re supporting them by letting them in at all. With that in mind, we are hardly alone in that respect, so if you think we’re encouraging it, then you have to accept that so is the whole of Scottish football, including all these stoic wee part time teams you revere so much. Not least the ones that were happy to bend over and take the *** dollar when they were flapping around in the lower leagues. Give up on St. Mirren for those reasons, then you give up on the whole of Scottish football, its governing bodies and arguably the Scottish parliament.
  6. Aye but I’m no suggesting we’re bigshots either. Just that they have no right to be slagging any team off and are clearly suffering from very short memories.
  7. I read that and I think......what a bunch of uneducated, patronising, English cunts made worse by the fact it’s coming from some pissant, no mark team who are currently “riding high” by narrowly avoiding relegation from the EPL.
  8. Diamonds in the Mud, Sometimes and of course, Hope Over Fear, all cracking songs.
  9. What about the one the boys were singing outside the Bankhouse? Does that have equally toe curling lyrics?
  10. I'm lost but it doesnae matter. As for Lewis, if we're going to be brutally honest, it would appear that he was just a really good Scottish Championship player who has failed to replicate that ability at a higher level. He failed to break through at Celtic (although that's not necessarily a disgrace) and apart from one of two flashes here and there, he's largely been gash at Sunderland too. I thought that was going to be a great move for him and a good level at which to showcase his talent, but he's been a bit of a damp squib. I wanted both Ross and Lewis to do well, but it has to be said they've both failed this season. I never subscribed to the theory that anything short of winning the league would constitute failure for Jack, but failing to get promoted definitely does.
  11. Why was that wrong. That was the squad for the South American Tour a while back. Morgan was playing for us when the squad was announced. Otherwise Christie and McBurnie would have been wrong too.
  12. It's amazing how often that happens. You hear a song getting sung at a game and think "that sounds brilliant but I cannae make out the words". Then when you hear the words you think Hmmm. I'd definitely put this one in that category. One might even say that upon hearing the words to this one, the fantasy became the reality. Think I might just hum and clap to this one in future
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