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  1. Ah. Didn’t realise he’d made more than 100 appearances. Thought it was less than that. Maybe goals to minutes on the park ratio then 😄
  2. Must have one of the best goals to games ratios in our history I’d have thought?
  3. Agreed. Despite being one of Erwin’s biggest critics I’d concede that there were aspects of his game that were a bit better on Saturday. Some of his hold up/link up play was better, but as an actual striker he remains completely inept. He simply needs to be dropped now as he is nowhere near good enough.
  4. Yes but we’re not discussing Ethan are we. I agree he was dreadful yesterday.
  5. Thought he was bang average again yesterday. Still firmly of the opinion he will be no great loss.
  6. So, played pretty well in parts today and absolutely did not deserve to lose. However, as usual, powder puff in the final third and I tell you what, we are absolutely f**king abysmal from dead ball situations.
  7. It really can be quite painful at times supporting us.
  8. First half possession was 59/41 in our favour. Dylan having a stormer. Jamie having a stinker.
  9. I almost said last week, don’t keepers watch McGrath’s penalties? He has put every single one bar the second at Tannadice in exactly the same place and they all look very saveable. Kelly obviously did.
  10. Agree Goodie will be the best placed to decide but I wouldn’t play him just because we’re paying his wages. We’ll be paying the wages of lots of players who won’t feature for the rest of the season.
  11. I agree on the no harm no foul, but I would drop him now for the rest of the season. We need to move on without him. Only 5 games (plus cup) to go so no big requirement to play him. He’s not that good that we’d be cutting our nose off to spite our face.
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