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  1. Absolutely no question whatsoever that it is the majority of their fans that sing the songs. However I do believe that it is a minority who are actual bigots. The rest are the oft used term of “90 minute bigots”. Take my wee niece’s boyfriend. A nicer boy your unlikely to find. Well brought up in a nice part of Renfrewshire. Swear to god if you went for a beer with the wee fella you’d think the sun shone out of his arse. He’s a home and away Rangers fan and openly admits to singing all the “tunes”. Justifies on the basis of just gettin carried away and joining in with the atmosphere. Now I know this lad and I’m telling you now he’s no bigot. So what is he then? You might say he’s stupid or thick. But again, he’s far from that. On the contrary he’s a clever lad. The problem is that as long as these 90 minute bigots do what they do, the real bigots will never be outed.
  2. TPAFKA Jersey 2


    I missed that joke too, not because of a lack of sense of humour, just too old and thick ... Let me clarify. The intent of my post was to be a humorous response to the question. Perhaps that wasn’t clear, because I’m old and thick too! That said, I strongly suspect that in the fullness of time, the boy will indeed be found to be pish. But that wasn’t the main thrust of my post. He hasn’t had a proper opportunity yet to fully prove his pishness.
  3. TPAFKA Jersey 2


    Note to self... Be sure to use emojis in future so that people with no sense of humour know that you’re only joking.
  4. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Hearts v St Mirren 23 Feb 2019

    My prediction is that by 5pm on Saturday you will still be a boring khunt.
  5. TPAFKA Jersey 2


    Aye. He’s pish.
  6. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    GAME OFF........... :(

    Now that is worth moaning about!
  7. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    GAME OFF........... :(

    It was feckin Airdrie no Aberdeen!
  8. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Bad Blood

    Naw ye didnae
  9. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Bad Blood

    Surprised no one has picked up on the glaring inaccuracy that the first league game of the following season was us against them at Tannadice. That was the second game of the season. Our first game was at home to Clydebank.
  10. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    St Mirren v the West Lothian criminals

    Haw!! Ma recent record is outstanding, I don’t think Ive seen us lose in my last 6 matches, Naw that a lie. Livvy away last season but that’s it.
  11. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Hearts v St Mirren 23 Feb 2019

    We’ve bought tickets but I suppose that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be pay at the gate.
  12. TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    Good summary. Most pleasing thing was the improvement in defence. Shame Jackson wasn’t able to take that chance at 2-1, but hey ho. A point none of us expected.