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  1. My favourite win at Ibrox was a 2-1 victory back when the Broomloan Road stand was being rebuilt and we were housed in the enclosure below the main stand. We were 1-0 up at half time thanks to a cracking goal by Frank McDougall. Then in the second half the inevitable happened. That little diving prick John McDonald threw himself to the floor in the box as he did on a regular basis and the mason in the black duly obliged. Sandy Jardine scored the penalty and the usual sinking feeling set in. Big Dougie Somner had other ideas though and came up with a scrappy late winner in the mud to send us all daft. Anyone else at that game?
  2. Agreed. If the crowd was genuinely 26000 (which it wasn’t) there must’ve been at least 15000 buds there that day.
  3. My first ever away game. What a day. Etched in the memory and absolutely frightening that it was 43 years ago.
  4. Aye and we beat a non league team 3-0 in the third round. The stars are aligning. 😁
  5. Aye tae be fair it’s no great. At home is a plus, but would sooner have had Clyde or BSC Glasgow.
  6. Part of me thinks Danny is actually better as an impact sub, but I do think he’s a great wee player. Anyway, yesterday’s game. Me and Jimmy H were sitting on £182 from a bet win a few weeks ago and decided it would be our first kitty when we head up to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks for the Hibs game. Yesterday we decided to whack the lot on St. Mirren -2 goals as we thought it was free money. Imagine how our frustration turned to joy in the last few minutes. 😁
  7. Not with you there Top Cat. Barrhead’s post was pretty balanced and if anything erred on the positive side rather than the negative. I agree completely with it. Suggest you read it again.
  8. This is absolutely woeful. Somebody needs to tell Magennis to stop shooting from distance coz he’s f**kin terrible at it.
  9. Would you also like the crowd to turn up wearing flat caps, brandishing rattles, smoking fags and tanning hawf boatils? Fortunately football programmes (although like Antrin I'm fecked if I know why anyone still gives a toss about them) have modernised, just like football stadia, football fans and football itself. I'm a nostalgic auld fart in many respects, but that programme above would be a joke now. Really don't see the appeal. Each to their own.
  10. Ha Ha. Yup. I can confirm your assertion. I've met Wilbur an DougJamie and unless Wilbur is Benjamin Button, then they're definitely not the same person.
  11. Far be it from me to deviate from the topic on a thread that has held true to its title, but...... seeing as there’s a Red Dwarf theme on this thread, here’s something I only noticed today. Whilst flying from Jersey to Gatwick this very afternoon I was listening to Loving the Alien by David Bowie. It struck me for the first time ever that the drum intro to the chorus is exactly the same as the intro to the Red Dwarf them tune. Is this a well kent thing? Was it deliberately copied? Am I talking shite?
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