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  1. Cannae believe we’re all shitin it from Livi. A team we’ve beaten twice already this season are being made out to be Real Madrid. Is this what it’s come to? Bring them f**kin on I say.
  2. https://twitter.com/ScotlandSky/status/1351816738627874817?s=20
  3. Is this a whoosh or a sneaky attempt at a double whoosh.
  4. I agree with this post, but it’s important to remember that (albeit after significant provocation) Ricky very much “joined them” rather than beat them. He started sniping at every post by certain contributors and started referencing them in threads when they weren’t even involved. One side had to give up eventually and I agree in the end Ricky probably felt outnumbered.
  5. Out of curiosity, do all teams have similarly busy schedules. Just wondering if the authorities are trying to ensure the league gets to the magic 26 games as soon as possible?
  6. Using hyperbole in that context was nothing short of pure hyperbole. 😉
  7. It’s like he’s trying to create a siege mentality, but unfortunately no one is with him. If he is Davy Crockett, all his pals in the Alamo have f**ked off outside to join the Mexicans.
  8. The boy has lost the feckin plot. Time to go son before you humiliate yourself any more https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/19019642.celtic-boss-neil-lennon-takes-aim-scottish-national-team-bizarre-conga-claim/
  9. Pretty much. Don’t recall us carving out a chance of any note at all.
  10. If Shinty pitches counted, Kyles Athletic would need to be right up there. It’s virtually in the watter.
  11. Interesting wee fact that it’s the highest football stadium in the Scottish League. I’d never have guessed that.
  12. I thought it was that one. Why were Spartans playing there. I’m asssuming the opposition wasn’t Airdrie.
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