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  1. My stream has switched to Craigan and Stewart 🤷‍♂️
  2. Don’t want to be greedy but we’re squandering some great openings here.
  3. Honkin game so far. Zero football getting played by either side.
  4. It’s that feckin commentator that just prattles on and on about shite instead of actually commentating on the game.
  5. Can one of the Northbank boys ask the cameraman to give his lens a wipe wi a damp cloth.
  6. Yup was thinking the same. Wondered if it was just my stream.
  7. All 6 Premiership games at 3pm on a Saturday. That can’t happen very often. ETA Just realised they aren’t 🤣 I’ll change it to both Celtic and Rangers playing at 3pm in a Saturday. That can’t happen very often.
  8. Have to say, as honking as we were in the first half, we were brilliant in the second. Jeezo though, that game was nae good for my high blood pressure.
  9. Trust Scotland to turn in their worst performance in years when it really matters. Absolutely honking. I stand guilty of wanting Patterson to play but he has stunk the place out. His minceness has stood out in a sea of minceness. Has to get hooked at HT. Very, very disappointing all round.
  10. Yes. That’s a more grown up version of what I said. 😄 Point being, this will not get better with generations like racism and homophobia. It is consistently bred down the chain to ensure that new generations of bigots continue to be spawned. Arrests/Removal of season tickets/points deductions. These are the only things that will change it, and none of them are going to happen.
  11. Nah. No chance. Grown up bigoted scum or junior, soon to be indoctrinated scum. Same same.
  12. A vote could of course be taken, but I think you might be surprised by the outcome. I reckon there will be more members than you think that will back decisions that put financial benefit to the club above other matters. For what it’s worth, I’m with you though. I don’t think the financial benefit of an extra stand is sufficient to outweigh the importance of other implications of these decisions.
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