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  1. You Main Standers are a boring lot apparently. Have a word wi yersels. 🤣
  2. I’m not saying Main didn’t dive, but I’ve yet to see any categoric evidence that he did.
  3. We had a first choice defender available on Saturday. We didnae pick him though. 😩
  4. Hmmmm. I think starting Greive is a mistake. I would have started Watt and told him to knock his pan in for 60 minutes, then used Greive as an impact sub.
  5. He may or may not have been, but regardless of that, going by the offside rule at that time, Gallacher was also offside anyway.
  6. This weekend’s fixtures. Hoping for…. Draw Draw Not arsed Not arsed Home win Home win
  7. No contest. McGinlay. Scottish Cup semi vs Rangers.
  8. Ha Ha. Even I’m no daft enough to still be hanging about at that time after a midday kick off! I’ll save my next performance for after the Killie game in April 👍
  9. Pleased to say I'll be attending again on Sunday, but whilst I don't want to completely write off any possibility of lightening striking twice, I think we all know that it's a tall order. With that in mind, my focus this weekend will be as much on Saturday as it is Sunday. I'm hoping for a wounded United to beat Aberdeen and for Hibs and Livi to share the points. If that happens we can go into Sunday's game knowing that even a defeat won't see us lose much ground in terms of our position in the league.
  10. You clearly don't understand the (relatively new) rules mate. It was a red all day long and St. Johnstone obviously know there is no chance of it being overturned.
  11. One that doesn't get a St Mirren season ticket holder to purchase them one. Do you think there are STHs that do that? If so, shame on them.
  12. I understand what they are trying to do of course, but we were up for the Ross County game last week. What Celtic fan flies from Jersey to Glasgow and goes to a St. Mirren v Ross County game, just so he can get a ticket for the St. Mirren v Celtic game??
  13. I have but I haven’t bought 2 this season. When we come up either I buy them, my mate buys them or my sister/brother-in-law buys them. None of us have bought 2 this season.
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