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  1. Kinell!! And they say there’s a gulf in class in the Scottish Premiership. https://twitter.com/OptaJohan/status/1320037625693163526?s=20
  2. You care enough to come on to a St. Mirren forum to tell everyone how much you don’t care 😉 Presumably you won’t be posting on here again then. Maybe see you next season. Enjoy your break.
  3. I’m no convinced McVie played on that fateful day did he, but he was undoubtedly a Cnut of the highest order in other games.
  4. Yes. Either or. But definitely not derisory. 👍
  5. Anyone else think Tony meant derogatory?
  6. Is that to do with the fact no fans are allowed in? Certainly SMTV isnt normally allowed to broadcast on a Champions League night.
  7. No doubt this will be another game we won’t get to see as it’ll probably be rearranged for a Champions League night.
  8. The message said postponed not cancelled
  9. Hardly the end of the world. Isn’t he just cover for Tait?
  10. Ach I’ll be back to my rosy cheeked optimist self Balfy when we gub Motherwell 6-0 at the weekend.
  11. I might be getting carried away, but I don’t think it’s beyond us to win all 3 games next month.
  12. Aye but if we had it wouldnae have mattered because they’re not a team of any note 😉
  13. Ha ha. So on that basis they’ve only beaten one team of any note too. 😘
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