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  1. Do I detect a modicum of sarcasm here? 🤣 That’s fair enough. I thought it might have been for the NHS.
  2. Regardless of what you think of the plans in general, the massive fly in the ointment/elephant in the room is the mention of colt teams. Quite frankly, f**k that!!!
  3. Yup that’s it. Good to get the additional info. 👍
  4. Sorry Chalky, I’ve posted as much as I know. I’ll try to find out. The whole thing (other than the North and South League 1s) sounds f**king bonkers.
  5. I have a friend who is involved with a member club.
  6. Sorry CS. Yes I meant 26 games. That was typo.
  7. I am hearing on the grapevine that the plans for next season involve the following. 14 team Premiership. A championship and separate North and South League 1s. The Premiership split after 24 games into a top 8 (SPL1) and a bottom 6 with the bottom 6 being joined by the top 2 in the Championship to form SPL2. Trophy for the winners of SPL2.. Home and away matches post split.
  8. As if I wasn’t devastated enough not to make GMan’s good guy/wank list, now I don’t even figure Oaky’s Chums, Plums and Bums list. I’m beginning to feel all insignificant and unloved/unhated on here. As Oscar Wilde once said, there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about. Far be it from me to speak for Hiram, but on the subject of “no evidence to suggest the lockdown is working” or “no evidence to suggest that the lockdown isn’t working”, isn’t he just saying that in the absence of any real evidence either way, shouldn’t we have just gone for the option that didn’t completely f**k up the entire country/world? Just playing Devil’s Advocate here.
  9. Had a quick listen earlier but have already forgotten what he said. If he said the cup win wasn’t the “proudest moment” in his career in favour of his debut for Celtic, then as a Celtic supporter I think that’s fair enough. However, if he said his debut for Celtic was the “greatest achievement” of his career, then the horrible wee ned is talking bollocks.
  10. Hmmmm. Not a very scientific way of measuring. I reckon a better way would be to add every finishing league position (1-42) in a club’s history together and divide by the number of seasons participated to give an average league position, would be a better measurement. And on that basis, I reckon we’d be well below 9th.
  11. I sang that at karaoke a few weeks ago. I sang it once a couple of years ago. It was actually easier than I thought it would be.
  12. Please follow the advice. We are a couple of weeks maybe 3 behind other European countries like Spain and Italy. We should have taken action 2 weeks ago, we really need to do it now. The numbers we are seeing right now are a result of behaviours 4 weeks ago. I am doing. I’m just not convinced that it’s necessary in its entirety. But I’m employing the better safe than sorry/don’t be a khunt for the sake of it logic.
  13. I think I’m sitting somewhere in between the “knickerwetters” And the “irresponsible twats”. Im pretty much observing all the things we’re being told to do, but I am not scared in the slightest (and I’m normally a bit of a woos when it comes to health anxiety). I’m not sure why that is but I’m not fretting at all. Maybe I should be fretting more. I don’t know, but I guess you can’t make yourself worry about something. If I’m worried about anything, it’s more the impact all of this will have on our lives, rather than suffering from or worse dying from the virus. Similarly, whilst I completely understand and agree with the rationale and ultimate goal of the actions that everyone is being asked to take, I do have some sympathy for the argument that the measures are maybe a little excessive and the ultimate damage that will be done to everyone’s lives as a consequence may not be commensurate with the risk at hand. Who knows? Answer = Nobody. I guess we’ll just all need to ride it out and at the end of it all, make our own minds up as to whether the ends justified the means.
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