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  1. Anyone know what time the game is today?
  2. Aye, Nisbet in particular (although a bit of a punt) sounds like a good bit of business. Would’ve taken him in a heartbeat.
  3. Sorry, just noticed there was a thread already running in the main discussion forum.
  4. If we are due to be starting the real stuff on 1st August, has there been no chat about pre season friendlies or bounce games?
  5. His wiki page suggests he’s played 7 games in the last 2 years. Whatever the reason, that can’t be a good sign surely?
  6. On the bench today so maybe not that far out of the picture.
  7. Aye that was the one. The atmosphere at Hampden that night was unbelievable. Best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced at the “new” Hampden. Faddy missed an absolute sitter by his standards to put us 2-1 up. Hutton was incredible that night. As was Barry Fergushun.
  8. I notice that Sean McLoughlin hasn’t featured in any Hull squads since the restart. If he’s not injured, any chance of getting him back?
  9. All I’ll say on this topic is that I’m off to change my forum name to Big Boaby.
  10. Let’s just pretend it is short form for Asset Manager. 😃
  11. Hmmmm. You see the thing is my dear Bazil, he doesn’t post stuff like that in an attempt to get you to stop posting, he’s doing it to get you to post things like......erm.......”It won’t work”. ........ which you did........which means.....it did work.........if you know what I mean. The only way it won’t work, is if you stop responding to it......which you won’t. Leatherface 1751 Bazil 0.
  12. Aye but in fairness it probably works better with hoops than it does stripes. In terms of the names that is. They can have white names on a green hoop. I still agree the plain back is shite though.
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