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  1. Looking at the match stats it looks like the colts got a lesson in taking your chances. More possession, more chances, more shots on goal............but crucially still gubbed 4-1.
  2. Match stats suggest the Colts have made a decent start.
  3. Did you ever know that you're my hero....and everything I would like to be?
  4. Of course he did, It didn't suit his argument. He also talked about Fergie leaving behind a great team. Aye, which he then set about hovering up to Aberdeen.
  5. Only a couple of wins off Fitzy’s 4th spot. 🤣
  6. He was an inprovement on Morais You’re damning him with faint praise there mate.
  7. I don’t actually think there’s a lack of intent to attack, just a lack of any basic ability.
  8. We are so bad in the final third it’s unbelievable.
  9. SMTV is worse than a pished up Div on periscope.
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