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  1. Ah just saw no Gauld. Disappointing but glad that Gilmour, Turnbull and Patterson have all been included. I’d have had Gauld ahead of Fleck but never mind. Otherwise happy with the squad.
  2. Agree on McBurnie, but whilst I won’t be wringing my hands in anguish at McLean’s exclusion, I think he’s always been a really handy option for us and has never let us down. That said, if his absence leads to the inclusion of Gilmour or Gauld, I’ll be quite happy.
  3. As delightful as that would be, I fear it may be a fanciful thought. I’d settle for both Gilmour and Gauld making the squad. Sadly I think that is almost as unlikely.
  4. I’m watching this play off game. How desperate am I? Tough choice. The soap dodgers or the North Lanarkshire HunLite BritNats. Soapies all the way I think.
  5. Oh. Forgive me for failing to spot that. 🙄
  6. You’ve lost me. Clearly I’m being whooshed. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Aw FFS Balfy, you know better than to engage this cretin.
  8. So, can we move onto this now? What are we all thinking? Are we all waiting with bated breath like wee rosy cheeked optimists? Or are we collectively shiting our pants about the potential impending abject humiliation? Think I’m currently somewhere in the middle.
  9. That reminds me of the big fight at the biscuit factory the other night. Two bandits hit a penguin over the head with a club and then made a breakaway in a taxi.
  10. Me and Jimmy H heading to downtown St. Helier to smash it up and have a tear up with some Jersey Bulls fans.
  11. McGrath had some absolutely magical touches today. Will be gutted if (when) he goes. Ethan had a stinker today, as did Cammy when he came on.
  12. Sad to say this has 0-0 written all over it. Think we’re going to need a County winner to get 7th.
  13. Disappointed to see Brophy subbed. Thought he was playing well.
  14. Have to confess big Erwin playing quite well today. One notable incident was when he took a ball brilliantly out of the air on his chest and then leathered a great cross field pass to Connolly on the right wing.
  15. Didn’t realise that it was Foley that scored for Motherwell.
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