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  1. Small consolation but good to see St. Johnstone’s GD taking a tanking today. 6-0 Celtic
  2. Yes need Slarti’s scenario now of Livi getting 2 more goals.
  3. Nope. Need Motherwell to equalise or win
  4. Need a Hearts winner, a Motherwell equaliser and Aberdeen to keep drawing with RossCo
  5. Other results not going our way. 😫 ETA…. Well, I suppose the St. Johnstone and Dundee results are.
  6. It’s ok Stephen…..erm…..I mean Charlie. We’ll give you a bit more time.
  7. There is one scenario that will guarantee us beating Rangers on Sunday and that is the results not having gone our way on Saturday. Classic us to do it when it doesn't matter. As someone else said though, if the results do miraculously go our way on Saturday, there will be absolutely no excuse for not going full hell for leather against Rangers. Anything less will be completely unacceptable. Talk about having nothing to lose.
  8. John of course. Where the feck did I get James from? Yes that was the game. You may also remember that Chic Charnley got hilarious pelters from the Saints fans. He had equalised with a free kick and was giving it big licks to our support. At the end he had to walk to the tunnel which is where all the Saints fans were gathered. Talk about heid doon. 🤣
  9. My first sight of Yards was in a 3-1 midweek away win against Airdrie at Broadwood. He scored 2 goals that night. Other scorer was wee Bubbles god rest his soul. That was a successful week back in the homeland for me as I followed that up with a trip to Dens the following Saturday, to see us beat Dundee 2-1 thanks to an absolute stoater from Jamie Fullarton and a late winner from James McMillan after he charged down the Dundee keeper’s clearance.
  10. I think BoK, if you suggest you used the word pensioner in anything other than a pejorative sense, then you’re being disingenuous.
  11. Some of them aye……..but no mine. Mine are class.
  12. Just checked back. Prior to Robinson taking over we had lost one game in 11 which was away to Rangers. That included a draw against Celtic and wins over Aberdeen, Hibs, Dundee Utd and St. Johnstone. Yet Robinson’s version of that was that we were only playing the like of Ayr and Kelty. c**t! Yet under him we’ve been gubbed off everyone bar a very late winner against the bottom team. The guy has such a brass neck it’s unbelievable.
  13. Ffs mate, I’ll give you the Celtic game but are we writing off our chances now against teams like Hearts, Dundee Utd (who we beat at Tannadice a few weeks before) and an “in form” Ross County. I’ll think you’re wide of the mark mate, if you think he didn’t deliberately play down our good spell in order to take the focus off himself. Totally inexcusable in my opinion. If I was one of the players I’d be thinking, who the f**k do you think you are you snide little shit. I’ve been really put off him by this episode. Don’t like him at all and going by their performances under him, neither do the players.
  14. What really irritated me was the way he harked back to our bad run under Goodwin and then glossed over the more recent really good run JUST BEFORE HE JOINED. What a horrible Teflon wee snake.
  15. Oh my lord. What a horrible little snake c**t. He can get to f**k as far as I’m concerned after hearing this…
  16. Slightly worrying that even big Joe, who in my opinion has been our one constantly solid player this season, was utter keech today. That’s the kind of thing that gives me concerns that this is about the manager. Time will tell.
  17. You can hardly say he hasn’t had a chance mate.
  18. Ha ha. Ffs BinEK, please tell me you’re not trying to liken Ethan Erhahon to Billy Stark………….or Kenny McLean for that matter??
  19. Unless he played like Messi in the first 25 minutes that I didn’t see, then I can’t even begin to agree with that mate. I thought he was absolutely honking. Consistently gave the ball away and then didn’t look arsed about trying to win it back.
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