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  1. Scotland players were paying tribute to the BLM terrorists tonight again.
  2. Well done to the young dudes who were partying in the streets of Lockdown Liverpool last night. Feck The Globalists & Fascists !!!!
  3. So, in the last month, quite a few footballers and students have been diagnosed with the Covid or was it mild influenza. Although, probably all false positives. How many are now deceased ?
  4. https://wosfl.co.uk/update:-13th-october-2020/
  5. Bless you Christina
  6. Meet you in a Boozer in the Central Belt in the next couple of weeks ?
  7. Very easy to get capped when playing for the Blue Vermin FC ( now deceased and decomposing). Kennedy having a Samson type display.
  8. Great video. Love Cappielow. Noticed a great Saints girl in the film, keeping an eye on things.
  9. Better late than never. Used to get the Interviews a couple of hours after match.
  10. Paisley Blitz https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/authors/paisley-daily-express/memories-paisleys-blitz-including-street-22830382
  11. More people are waking up.
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