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  1. I am assuming nobody from Scotland translated the vile songs and chants from the English to the Spanish language for the benefit of the Seville police. Here, in Scotland the police ignore the scummy singing, apart from those who join in.
  2. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/monkeypox-cases-confirmed-in-england-latest-updates
  3. Will it be a thing ? Just binned my mask last week.
  4. Dunfermline to be a City.
  5. Vile and hateful singing and chanting from tens of thousands blue sectarian bigots from Sunday till most got home yesterday. This will continue tomorrow before during and after the Final at Hampden Park. Certainly not good and decent football supporters. All condoned by Football Authorities everywhere. 0/10 for Sevco scum everywhere they go.
  6. Only one match for the wee yin this weekend. An Under 14 away fixture v Drumchapel United at the Donald Dewar Centre.
  7. The final ever episode most certainly didnt disappoint. Outstanding, and the glorious Colm did make a hilarious appearance. I am sure another episode even a new series could be written.
  8. Last ever episode of Derry Girls at 9 tonight. On for over an hour. Cannae wait. Hope Uncle Colm makes an appearance. One of the best. It's been an excellent comedy over the last 3 series.
  9. Getting 2 out of the 4 above games correct and I will be absolutely delighted. FECKEM You know who.
  10. Guesses for a few days Eintracht Frankfurt 3 Sectarian Cnuts 0
  11. 6/7 tonight. 7th and final episode tomorrow night. Cannae wait. Love it.
  12. Thread title........ WHO ????
  13. Great 8-0 victory for the girls tonight. Makes up for the defeats at the weekend.
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