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  1. Marshall, what a dude, what a hero Called the Radio Scotland phone in , regarding the Climate Crisis lunacy and told one of the mental activists that he was going on a World Tour next year which includes taking 13 aeroplanes. Fecking classic, wish I had seen the activist's face. Brilliant
  2. Jordan in the Middle East is extremely far away. How the feck are Coldplay getting there and how the feck are they travelling home ?
  3. Scotland, a no man team.
  4. Live on S4C tonight. Winner Takes All Wales v Hungary COME ON THE WELSH.
  5. You're needing a right good hunger strike, ye fat cnut.
  6. And he is coma inducing. BAZZZZZZY
  7. Not very long. Stewart dived in his last game over a week ago and has been cheating for most of this Season. Jack Ross will always be a cnut for disrespecting our Club and fans who paid into that Challenge Cup match. Thanks for your input, Bazzzzzzy. I stayed awake long enough to reply to you.
  8. Ross Stewart Forfuxsake. Our Club is bad enough without him still being employed by us. One of the major cheating diving bassas in Scottish Football. He, along with other cheats, Morelos and Cosgrove from Aberdeen should be banned from football for many months.
  9. The Tops should be changed now, back to 2013 type ones. And whoever sanctioned the horrific tops should publicly apologise to all of us fans and promise never to have a say in the future regarding our famous kit.
  10. This Season's Top is our worst ever in my lifetime. There has been quite a few more that have been horrendous over the years. Why do the Custodians of our Club resort to this shite and shaming us with the pishy strips.
  11. 2013 is still my favourite top.
  12. shull

    Free Speech

    I don't think he should have been sacked.
  13. And also more stripes on the front. Thanks for being relevant, unlike the two dudes above. One who, like Oaky , has never been to a St Mirren match ever.
  14. And proper and traditional ones. Our Top at the moment is horrific as have been a few over the last few years. Whoever chose the monstrosities are fecking idiots. Treasure the one below.
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