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  1. It's happened many times while paying for goods in Petrol Stations. Earlier today, I approached Counter, put down 2 items and said to Cashier, " just these two" They then said, " any fuel " ? Feck.
  2. Please Sarajevo and Galatasaray... Blitz the feck out of the sectarian cnuts tonight. No mercy.
  3. I really hope Celtic & Sevco get absolutely fecking leathered tomorrow night.
  4. shull

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    United win 5-4 on penalties
  5. shull

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    Newport County 1 Newcastle United 1 Penalties presently
  6. Aussie singer dead at 78 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-54350248
  7. Shame for Scott Allan. He is a class player.
  8. The original Cup Final programme just sold on eBay the other day for more than cover price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164393716509
  9. I am delighted we are still producing a Match Programme, so well done to those involved. All Clubs should try do a Programme for all matches , just as a matter of record and history. Anyway, and unfortunately our Cover is still very poor. Boring and bland 1/10
  10. shull


    Ricky should be free. He maybe doesn't realise yet.
  11. Three Killie players have tested positive. Probably false positives.
  12. Come on Smokie and Oaky. Give us your favourite all time players.
  13. Had to edit. Cleland for Beckett. Great dude was Sandy Cleland. Although, not a better player than Beckett.
  14. Not necessarily the best football players you have seen but players you liked and admired in the black and white. They may have been below par skill wise but fought hard for the cause. Mine...... Manager - Danny Lennon 1. Danny Stevenson 2. Sandy Cleland 3. John Mowat 4. Tony Fitzpatrick 5. Gordon McQueen 6. Willie Fulton 7. Bobby McKean 8. Billy Stark 9. Dougie Somner 10. Lex Richardson. 11. Jackie McGillivray Beat that.
  15. This Game, I see no problem. St.Mirren 4 Partick Thistle 0 Will boost confidence.
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