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  1. Brand new Radio Station for Paisley and Renfrewshire which startit yesterday. I remember the early days of Q96. One good show every week. Every Friday night at 6.30. The St Mirren Show with legendary guest, Tony Fitzpatrick. Fecking fabulous.
  2. Got a bad gut feeling about this match. St Johnstone 3 St Mirren 1 Crowd 2487
  3. Known as the boring and fecking tedious Section. Full of abusive snooze masters
  4. shull

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    England winning 4-0 They are looking shit hot Great players Great Team
  5. Sin Bin for all involved with Scotland Football Club.
  6. Oh fecking jings. If I was there, I would probably stop being teetotal. Anyway, plenty time to score three.
  7. shull

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    Dundee Unitit 1 Ross County 0
  8. shull

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    Berwick 2 Peterhead 0
  9. shull

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    Clyde 1 Elgin City 0
  10. Who are these people ? They want to see wasting water become socially unacceptable as blowing smoke in the face of a baby. If nothing is done to save water, England would reach the jaws of death. I am away for my bath.
  12. Ye beauty. It's fecking raining again.
  13. They just ain't got it. At least he isn't his usual drunken mess and spouting abuse at folk with decent honest opinions.
  14. Proof indeed. If not abusing they are so fecking boring. Zero entertainment.
  15. Good fecking grief. Scaremongering shite. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47620228
  16. The Internet gave us Sweep, Munoz, SPS, Tantrum, and many more bores and all on here. Zzzzzzz
  17. He is another bore who should be a regular in the One Upmanshippers Thread. Ridiculing buddies who he thinks are not as intellectual as him.
  18. Just finished watching Episode 3 of Tutti Frutti. Even better than what I remember from years ago. Fantastic. Cant wait for Eposode 4 on Saturday
  19. Kemp is the Tartan Terror Hates tthe English and the British. probably is a Brit himself. Overdosed on Braveheart. Loves to dish out the abuse then hides when it's given back.
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