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  1. You should have listened to yourself first time around. No argument with myself or anybody else. All is calm.
  2. Waste of time and money. Will tear his tights in the league cup and be out for most of the Season. Should have freed McKenzie.
  3. All the others would be determined to keep us in the Premiership. Why you ask ?
  4. Peter Houston would be determined to keep us in the Preemiership.
  5. And Thommo can feck up. Him blaming the Club. Fecking Sevco fan and dead Club fan before 2012. Never a Saints supporter. Stephen Thompson.
  6. We aren't in a mess now. We just got rid of it.
  7. Going to see Rocketman. It's all about the Houston Halfwit. Cost a fecking fortune, all my aliases want to go and see that wee rocket. They can purchase their own fecking popcorn.
  8. You'll never stop me or my 8 aliases. It would have been 9 but Stubbsy2018 just couldn't behave.
  9. Normal Service Resumed To Judas Smarmy Kearney BooooooooooooHissFeckingBoooooooooooooo
  10. We are fuming. Seems to me that Judas Kearney has tried to stitch us up and actually did get away with an undeserved small pay off. Smarmy Kearney is trying to suck up but he can feck off and never return to Greenhill Road. Fecking wido.
  11. You can't ignore me. You aint immune. You're absolutely fecking rattled. You just couldn't leave it alone. You're creepy obsession has screwed you up. Ha ha ha ha ha
  12. That's all I need to know. Thanks. Kearney ye Judas. BooooooooooooHissFeckingBoooooooooooooo
  13. Boris seems good fun. Love listening to his interviews. Imagine him and Donald doing a joint Press Conference. Quality entertainment.
  14. He doesn't seem to be immune, after all. Ha ha ha ha ha
  15. England v Norway tomorrow night. Looking forward to it. Hope England win the World Cup.
  16. I am guessing, in the future, that Scotland will be part of the EU on it's own. Not as an Independent Country, just a Region of Europe. Scotland will have just about similar powers as it has now but generally it will be ruled by nobodies in Europe and do what it is fecking telt. FREEDOM !!!!
  17. My two seats in W1 are available. Just tell the lassie I am away to the Cinema every week from August onwards.
  18. Pay him up to the Play Off games and tell him to feck off.
  19. I thought anybody could buy any seat he wanted now as long as it was not a season ticket seat from last season.
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