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  1. also a season ticket holder and still behind the manager
  2. there is an agenda against lennon even before the cup final, gotta agree with oaksoft, to many keyboard experts on this forum and others who dont go to games yet think they have the right to slaughter a team which they dont see play unless its on sky or if they decide to go to a cup final. were fast becoming like the old firm fans, absolutely ridiculous calling for lennon 2 go, seems to me even if we did get ourselves out this mess that there would be no praise for lennon, he's not every ones cup of tea, personally speaking i think hes a good manager, sadly being f**ked by his board, ive says this many times on various forums that stewart gilmour should resign from the board along with the other faceless bastards! our budget was decided with 2 things in mind. hearts starting with a 15 point deduction and being all but down. and a partick side newly promoted who gilmour assumed we woud take 12 points off of. my only criticism of lennon is his reluctance to drop macausland, the guy can do no wrong in lennons eyes, a thought he was coming onto a game just after the aberdeen cup tie, had a decent festive period and was ok in the cup final. he's out his depth in the spl, its painful to watch at times, him and captain fantastic are not capable of shutting out even the most basic of strikers in the spl. we need first and foremost a striker or 2 to help thompson and to also bring reilly into the mix n give him confidence. we have lee mair, mcgregor, jason naismith and if push came 2 shove barron who can play cb. ideally we get 2 new cb in, whatever happens come saturday we need the fans 2 get on board and help the team through this, a decent crowd and plenty noise from kick off might just be what the players need, the killie game was f**kin soulless and u could hear after we went 1-0 down the danny out brigade starting there usual f**kin nonsense guarantee we will be ok!
  3. Personally think talk of lennon being sacked is ridiculous, 4 mths ago we had 15k fans in the streets of paisley and took an incredible support to hampden. I believe if any has to go its greedy gilmour, this man is absolutely ripping the c**t out us fans with his budget slashing methods on the team. our budget was no doubt slashed IMO when the outcome of hearts 15 point deduction was sealed. no doubt gilmour has looked at this and newly promoted partick and thought ok were good enough enough to finish 10th this season so why give funds to the manager when we only have to look over our shoulders at 2 clubs mentioned, anything higher in the league is a total bonus. sadly for danny, partick have been from what ive seen a pretty well organised team capable of holding there own "all be it early days" and hearts r playing with young guys who have no fears in going to grounds and getting results. The most upsetting part of all of this is looking back at paisley on that march night and not being able to move in pubs up n down the town, knowing deep down that as majestic as this is, seeing the town celebrate with the saints, when the hangover sets in we will go back to crowds of 3 n half thousand for home games. as much as gilmour is to blame for this to an extent and as much as danny is to blame to an extent i think the real people to look at is the fans, i understand a lot of the ppl out celebrating that night where probably friends of a saint mirren fan etc and got caught up in the atmosphere "i know this as a few of my friends where out that night and support rangers" if we could get these fans through the gates and push to get 6000 a week down at saint mirren park what a difference that would make to morale and the clubs finances. personally i think we shoudl drastically slash the price of adult tickets from £23/£21 for adults down to £12. teenagers £8 and kids £3 what a difference this would make. it would be a big gesture from the board who in recent years have had no grasp on the harsh realities of the working man in these times of hardship. cant see it happening but it would be a fantastic getsure and i do believe with those set prices we would be getting massive crowds, instead of a third full stadium. Back to more pressing matters on the field, lennon has signed more hits than misses, my only criticism of the guy is he's to nice for his own good, a dont think he has the ruthless streak in him needed for dealing with poor player performances, we will be ok this season if the defence is sorted and i mean 2 new centre backs and a goal scorer is signed. macausland is not a premier league defender and this is not only a view shared by me but by many saints fans i know, hes honest enough and fully commited but is way out his depth at the top level of scottish football. goodwin is my hoice at the back with mcgregor the way it is at the moment, but goodwin is also guilty of going missing during matches. all in all 3 games into the season and talk of lennon out is a joke, playing some great football in recent years and yeh its not always payed off, but id rather going out and giving teams a go and losing, rather than what we where subjected to under gus for all those years. as for the majority of potential replacements for the managers job none of them would do a better job than lennon under these circumstances. untill gilmour offers more cash, danny has to deal with the deck he has. hope the danny out brigade take a step back and realise a good thing when they have it
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