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  1. What you on about? He said it perfectly correctly. Regardless of the words he used. Your just too stupid to understand what he meant of course.
  2. I replied before I'd read the whole thread. Was hoping nobody noticed and put me in a group with that clown. I'll be the 5th group then thanks 😂
  3. There's a 4th group that I fall into that don't give a single f**k about your graphs
  4. The industry I work in has been decimated. Jobs already lost all over the place. My work has cut 450k from the forecast until the end of April and were already seeing the lowest paid members of staff on the weakest contracts get cut or binned completely. 99 per cent of the people in the industry would survive this virus, but places are closing to protect that generation and others who are not so well placed to deal with a new virus. But I'm glad you think it's good of them to do what the f**k they want. Plenty of small businesses will never open after this, some big ones too. But your right. Let the old f**kers go to the butcher while people are losing jobs because of recommendations not to go to pubs, restaurants etc.
  5. You don't mean the sfa do whatever they can to help them surely. It's not like they had a game rescheduled 24 hours later or anything 😂
  6. With any luck hell try and find some on the motorway
  7. Ricky.... f**k off. He's only trying to make friends 😂
  8. Absolutely stellar as usual ricky..... Eh I mean shite. Absolutely shite
  9. Now your twisting and saying 1100 is less than 120% of the plan. What you originally said was it was 120% AHEAD of the plan Which would be 2200. As I said, you meant 20% ahead. Your post that I quoted was factually wrong however you twist it. Again. That is a fact.
  10. No its not. Its 20% over the original plan of 1000 members at 12 per month(possibly} , not 120%. The membership numbers as you originally stated are however not 20% over the original plan, never mind 120%. Either way your post that I've quoted is factually wrong. That, my friend. Is complete fact.
  11. Funnily enough I was just thinking that. Probably my first memory of being at a game. Jacket soaked right through
  12. Whatever way anybody voted the outcome being so clear is probably a good thing. By rough calculations the yes votes make just over 66% of total membership which was what a few were arguing to be the required amount.
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