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  1. slapsalmon

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    The only times we've looked like creating anything have been with the ball at feet running at them. McAllister for Jackson's shot and nazon just there. It's like were trying to play on the counter but when we break were stopping before the half way line instead of just driving at them.
  2. slapsalmon

    Umbrella Companies

    With those extra dozens of pounds you've swindled in employers N.I contributions
  3. slapsalmon

    Umbrella Companies

    I've done work as a contractor through agencies which used umbrella companies. Far from being tax avoidance, some agencies use them as the only way to get paid for the contracting and most of the umbrella companies used make you go paye through them in order to comply with IR35. Then they take a fee for processing and pay the employers N.I contribution from the money the contractor earned. Its a sure fire way of not making as much as you should from a job with a decent rate. A lot of deductions to consider. The higher quote will probably be from an umbrella company processing on a self employed or Ltd basis and will require A UTR number. That method means you need to fill in a tax self assessment and if Ltd, the tax return for the company.
  4. slapsalmon

    January Exits

    Haha, I'm fairly sure he does know and even more sure he's not going to tell us just because I asked.
  5. slapsalmon

    January Exits

    Do tell
  6. slapsalmon

    January Exits

    Pricky in cutting edge exclusive shocker
  7. slapsalmon

    The Forum

    Cos I don't dislike them unlike you. Now you have entertained me enough tonight. Night night diddums. Seen the sin bin for plenty less. Sounds like I'll do what I like because I don't like you.
  8. slapsalmon

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    The trialists have been training against players that have been called shite all over this thread. Maybe they looked good in training against shite.
  9. slapsalmon

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Is it on st mirren tv?
  10. slapsalmon

    The Boss

    I'm sure there a Stubbs thread somewhere
  11. slapsalmon

    Welcome Back Jakey

    Stone cold sober currently, unfortunately.
  12. slapsalmon


    You Not got a hire?
  13. slapsalmon

    Welcome Back Jakey

    I never said he was offensive. I said he was as tedious as f**k. Most of the forum agreed. Even the people who didn't agree with sectioning him
  14. slapsalmon


    I was in a perfect state last night. Started work at 6am this morning bright and breezy as well.
  15. slapsalmon

    Welcome Back Jakey

    The guy knows his stuff then. Can't be the jakey you describe him as.