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  1. You should be able to change your phone text size in the settings, or if you just want it changed for websites do it in the browser settings. Should be 3 wee dots top right. Press that, settings, accessibility, text scaling. 👍
  2. It's GPS trackers. They all wear them. You'll see a wee bump between the shoulders. Tracks heart rates etc as well I'm sure
  3. That's last night's news. I think they are still waiting on PCR results to come back today, which may change it. It says updated at 14.37 today and mentions this morning's tests
  4. It's not though. Hair colour isn't a protected characteristic
  5. Mate wind your neck in. Your a f**king laughing stock and turn every thread into absolute dogshit that nobody wants to read. Your worse than basil these days as I've said before. I'd take a long hard look at yourself before you start talking about irony and telling people to look in the mirror. Absolute clown of a man.
  6. What shite are you talking? Every f**king thread you turn into an absolute shitfest, then without irony you say someone would pick a fight in an empty house. Then you start talking whatever shite you've just posted above 😂 your an absolute parody these days 😂
  7. You've got to be having a laugh 😂😂
  8. It's f**king tragic to read. The ammount of quoting he's getting as well, some of the nonsense I've read 😂
  9. Pretty sure he was retaining some in the initial deal with smisa but then sold them to kibble.
  10. Right because he was quoted I've just seen a load of shite about change of operational strategy. Its a change of supplier (all the suppliers it would seem)ffs not a change of strategy. A supplier we're paying for and surely have vetted to see if they can provide the service we're paying for. I should know better but I digress.
  11. It was definitely talked about a lot at the time. Something no one has picked up on is that kibble want 400k for their shares if they sell. How many shares did smisa buy and what did they cost, how does that compare to the kibbles shares for 400k I said at the beginning I thought GLS was only bringing kibble in (and to an extent getting involved in fan ownership in the first place)because he'd be left with worthless shares (I'm sure it was 8% that wasn't included in the proposal) after a fan buy out so it was a way to guarantee value for them. It certainly didn't appear a benevolent act to me.
  12. To be fair the veto was always in the initial proposal. Don't think it was ever hidden
  13. To be honest though it's got to the stage where your as bad as him unfortunately. Just ignore the guy and eventually he'll f**k off
  14. I'm pretty sure it's either emailed or faxed and that first part has to be in before midnight.
  15. Cheers. I was looking in the match and tickets section, which strangely doesn't have anything about buying tickets other than season tickets
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