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  1. I think hit by a bus was just a flippant example that any cause of death within 28 days of a positive test is registered as covid I believe. So if someone is dying of cancer and it happens to be within 28 days the death certificate would say covid rather than cancer. I don't think. Anyone is implying everyone is dying from accidents. Nobody, including you, know exactly how many deaths are solely down to covid 19 due to the way it is recorded and reported. I also believe this conversation was had by someone with you months ago.
  2. As for the 2 bits above. Where has 1 in 20 come from? There is legislation, but it doesn't stop places asking for experienced people, paying them 17/8k a year and working them into the ground 65 hours a week with unpaid overtime. The more desperate people become the more these conditions will be accepted. The sad reality is the legislation and NMW mean next to f**k all in hospitality where this has been the norm for years. You might not agree that's the case but take my word for it as someone who actually knows. The gains and moves away from these practises will be all but gone when places are eventually allowed to open up. There's a big backlash at the moment from operators who have bent over backwards in changing practises and capacities to make restaurants and (most) bars safe and clean some of them at a considerable cost. I certainly would rather be in a restaurant than a supermarket if I wanted to avoid covid.
  3. They're training against our defense so they probably look half decent 😂
  4. I was watching it on my phone on that oink. Backed out to do something and won't let me back in. Probably for the best 😂. But anybody who is on that link don't leave the page or you might not get back in
  5. OK ill bite. So far there have already been 3.5 million people left with no income or support due to covid and job losses. It may be a political decision, and maybe it shouldn't be that way but the reality is, that's what's happening. "some pain" in hospitality. I'm guessing you don't work in hospitality. There's currently more than some pain in the industry and it's getting worse by the day. Any gains the industry has made in working conditions over the past years will be absolutely gone when any normality comes back as people will be absolutely desperate for work and will work for peanuts just to pay a gas bill. People are being shafted already and the peak of unemployment and businesses closing hasn't hit yet. The set back will take years to fix in a best case scenario
  6. Is it possible that he was happy to finish the season but said he was planning to join hibs at the end of the season. St mirren decide to paint a half truth that he wanted to leave after they spat the dummy and sold him. Seems possible to me.
  7. Got you, I knew it had reduced what the eventual shareholding would be, just got mixed up with what it was going to be before the deal.
  8. Did the new deal not mean smisa had less than the 51%?
  9. Wasnt so hard now was it. Can't see anyone paying anywhere near 1mil when he's injured and can sign a pre contract in January, regardless of what his value is perceived as.
  10. That's not an answer to the question he asked.
  11. He just made an arse of quoting me. That was a post I wrote to someone else that he's copied rather than quoted
  12. Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery
  13. The NHS isn't doing this I've quoted most of the conversation, highlighted the link to the gov website which details the stopping of treatment, I've also highlighted several times you agreed that treatments have stolped while saying he is wrong. No one has said emergency treatments have stopped, but it cannot be argued that there has been no disruption to the NHS and people needing routine operations or non life threatening treatment. Gp appointments where possible are also carried out over the phone. My GP won't allow anyone in unless it cannot be done on the phone (and the stock answer is to write a prescription without knowing if its needed) , and my partners work which is a GP surgery is the same. You can say your not wrong as long as you want, but as highlighted above you have actually agreed with the point several times while ever so slightly moving the goalposts to say your not wrong. Anyway I've had enough, your like bazil mk2
  14. The relevant point is in the link I posted earlier in the thread that there was massive disruption, all non life threatening surgeries were stopped and for a period of time which is easing now the majority of general Dr appt were done over the phone. The original point stands, the majority of people needing medical treatment didn't receive it for a period of months.
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