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  1. Not in one post when he can do it in 2
  2. Nah ricky should get to f**k. The rest I'd agree with
  3. There's a guy on here who can help you with that!
  4. Is the big anything to do with someone's weight when they showed up for pre season training?
  5. When bazil stops replying to you, it's time to chuck it. Do us all a favour.
  6. Have you not been here long enough to see that it was flareybob? Should know better than to bite
  7. It's tragic. Twice on the same thread as well
  8. 14 and your buyin more? Ffs you using it to wipe your mouth with all the shite you talk as well? 😂 I've never tried yo wipe my arse with printer paper but I can't imagine it's very soft on the old sphincter
  9. I already said, I'm mildly annoyed by the use of overlay instead of overly. Not quite pissed off. Away and count your toilet roll stash.
  10. If you want me to be pedantic I'd say that you spelled overlay correctly. You should've used overly. Both of those are correct spellings.
  11. Reading not your strong point 😂
  12. I have neither. I've got a mild annoyance with your child like grasp of the English language while telling people they just didn't understand what you meant. Anything else I can help you with?
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