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  1. To be honest that's the way he takes all his penalties. Sees the keeper move and goes the other way. Never particularly hard or right into the corner. He just bought the keepers dummy this time
  2. The thing is with some of the crazy amounts flying about for players in England stranger things have happened. Not saying it will or won't, but transfer numbers down there are f**kin absurd.
  3. Anybody able to get this shite to play in 1080? Worst f**king 12 quid I've ever spent, picture is absolute dogshit
  4. Are you watching it on the official St Johnstone tv?
  5. Can't remember where it is but there's a bit in the accounts about a 15k advance to St mirren charitable foundation or something. Could be that.
  6. Knowing that I've already checked. And lived in Spain for 18 years. Name a top league team that have a plastic pitch. Top league only. Still waiting Spanish and German You're the only person who mentioned Spain. You asked for one top league team from France, Belgium or Germany and you got it. I do agree plastic pitches are shite though
  7. 4th official was put checking for frozen patches there. Wonder if there's still question on the pitch. Anwick looked like he was pointing to spots on the way off.
  8. Who he is doesn't make me think its any less pish, it may not be the worst that's been on, but that doesn't automatically make it good. It was described earlier in the thread as incessant screeching. I'd say that's about right. Sounds like they've turned him down in the last 10 minutes which is a plus.
  9. I came on here to see who it was absolute torture. Authentic experience though. Its like having a pain in the arse sitting behind you in the ground.
  10. That is to log in to the gui to set up the nwtowrk (and set the admin password) . To connect to the network outwith that initial setup there is always a password or pin I'm afraid. And the number I've set up is in the tens of thousands, from single domestic units to large organisations with mulitple subnets within the network. Look on the bottom or back of any router you can find to hand and there will be a sticker with mac address, ssid, and either wps pin or wpa/wpa2 password And ps any 3rd party router you buy will provide extra functionality over switches like dhcp servers, port forwarding etc so they're not l3 switches. Good effort though.
  11. I'd be interested if it was correct. The job of a router is to seperate your LAN from the wan as a security measure then handle all routing within the network. Which is why they come with passwords/pins
  12. Depends what make of router it is. The ISP provided router/modems do, but 3rd party ones, not so much. 3rd party ones do come with passwords, you'll be hard pressed to find any that dont
  13. Bollocks, they come with a password by default
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