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  1. So his uncle? 😂😂
  2. Doesn't mean he's wrong.............
  3. That's fine that you don't, but I know the question that was asked and what the rest of the email said. Would be poor form to post it all without permission though. And it doesn't matter if you think it's likely. Someone with full access to our accounts and no clear reason to lie said it. Which has been your stance the whole time. Works both ways my friend. As I said Check Mate
  4. You very much doubt it, but a person with full access to the accounts and no clear reason to lie said it. Check Mate
  5. That is a screenshot from an email which confirms what I said.
  6. It's also been confirmed that the 6 figure sum paid for hladky and popescu. I don't believe those 2 for 6 months cost 10% of the wage budget for a season.
  7. I said I've walked on the f**king moon. I have in depth knowledge of my history of walking on the moon. Doesn't make it true. The same as him saying 10% bla bla makes it true because he's seen the accounts
  8. I believe the debt is more than 14m and they lose around that figure every year. Tick tock indeed. Hopefully nobody at Hampden bends over this time. Long live dave King 😂
  9. Most decent suppliers are back up. Just had to roll back and rebuild panels.
  10. If 10% of what the accounts say the wage budget is,turns out to be more than the sum that could be made from the ammount of seats available sold at full price then it'll show that the arrangement couldn't have given a 10% increase. If 10% is 250k for example then it can't all have been made up by giving away the stand.
  11. No its not. He'd say, part time, f**kem, too expensive,
  12. A lot of people with a lot to say about shull while he can't see or respond. This thread and others. You know where he is ffs. And for the record, don't know him never met him, just find it a bit odd
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