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  1. I'm assuming he's talking about kibble etc
  2. More to do wit the clown wearing it surely
  3. Nobody answered you the first 4 times, what makes you expect one this time? On a st mirren forum asking if fans are going for the football. Am I being wooshed here? 😂
  4. Ffs another thread. Bring back Ricky 😂
  5. He's an absolute clown. Best thing I did was the ignore. Just skim past when anybody quotes him which is getting fewer and fewer apart from bek. I can imagine his absolute seethe knowing if he responds I'm right, and if he doesn't he doesn't get any words in. Either way he can't win. Will be painful for the f**king desperado he is.
  6. Doubt it 😂. He'll respond to this even though he knows I canny see it. Never a surer bet
  7. And after seeing his quote, he's f**king deluded to think I'm obsessed. The forums an absolute joy now
  8. Stop it mate. Your just trying to noise me up with the quote under the guise of telling him to piss off 😂 well played
  9. I've never even thought of ignoring someone before but honestly you should all try it. Apart from quotes all I see of the forum headache is below. It's absolutely f**king glorious
  10. Ya horrible bastard. I don't want to read his shite 😂. Should be an option to ignore inside quotes as well.
  11. 😂 Naw. That was a phone autocorrect. And to paraphrase a certain bellend. Of course you should've known I meant you're cause it was inside my head, it's not my fault you didn't know what I meant and not what I said yadda f**kin ya ad infinitum until the end of time.
  12. Not particularly. You can be if you want to be though. Your not getting on the ignore list though! That's exclusive 😂
  13. It's not the past when you do it on every f**king thread you go near. It's very much the present. Your absolutely f**king soul destroying and will now be my first and only ignore. The problem can't be every other poster on here. There's plenty of them who I think are bellends, but none of them get anywhere close to your tedious shite.
  14. I never know what's going on till flareybob gives us the inside scoop. Best part of the forum for us not in the know IMO
  15. To be fair I did say in my first response to him I should've known better than to mention his name.
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