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  1. slapsalmon

    The Boss

    I'm sure there a Stubbs thread somewhere
  2. slapsalmon

    Welcome Back Jakey

    Stone cold sober currently, unfortunately.
  3. slapsalmon


    You Not got a hire?
  4. slapsalmon

    Welcome Back Jakey

    I never said he was offensive. I said he was as tedious as f**k. Most of the forum agreed. Even the people who didn't agree with sectioning him
  5. slapsalmon


    I was in a perfect state last night. Started work at 6am this morning bright and breezy as well.
  6. slapsalmon

    Welcome Back Jakey

    The guy knows his stuff then. Can't be the jakey you describe him as.
  7. slapsalmon


    Not sorry in the slightest. Makes my eyes bleed.
  8. slapsalmon

    Should st Ricky be in the sin bin

    If your an alias to wind people up its successful. Your chat is utter shite.
  9. slapsalmon

    Should st Ricky be in the sin bin

    Whoever the f**k you are should be papped in a f**king locked cell.
  10. As above. Should he be in the sin bin. My suggstion would be his own sin bin where no one else can post. Leave him to his own devices. Absolutely f**king tedious.
  11. slapsalmon

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Has st mirren radio chucked it?
  12. slapsalmon

    Director Election Candidacy - Kenny Morrison

    Not a dig but interesting to note the change of opinion there. I remember plenty of arguments previously where you stated the "st mirren community" were the community to be benefited rather than the wider community. I'm sure it was in an argument with Dickson.
  13. slapsalmon

    2017 Annual Accounts

    Not disagreeing, was thinking more along the lines of the accounts being theirs so the work carried out within their tenure. So thought the line about profit despite extensive repairs was a bit of a stretch given the figures further on in the accounts.
  14. slapsalmon

    2017 Annual Accounts

    Surely that makes the comment even more of a red herring with regards to these accounts? They also mention how the directors havnt been in place for a full accunting year but feel these are their own.
  15. slapsalmon

    2017 Annual Accounts

    The spiel when the takeover happened was that the place was in ruins and needed extensive work. The opening part of the accounts say they made a substantial(I'm sure t said substantial but I could be wrong) profit despite having made extensive repairs. Later in the accounts it shows the profit is less than last year and the spend on repairs is less than last year. So imho that's a bit of a red herring.