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  1. Most decent suppliers are back up. Just had to roll back and rebuild panels.
  2. If 10% of what the accounts say the wage budget is,turns out to be more than the sum that could be made from the ammount of seats available sold at full price then it'll show that the arrangement couldn't have given a 10% increase. If 10% is 250k for example then it can't all have been made up by giving away the stand.
  3. No its not. He'd say, part time, f**kem, too expensive,
  4. A lot of people with a lot to say about shull while he can't see or respond. This thread and others. You know where he is ffs. And for the record, don't know him never met him, just find it a bit odd
  5. Did he not also make his debut against morton after an injury and came of at half time?
  6. Honestly someone just get basil to f**k
  7. There are plenty of new people voicing their opinion. The constant in the whole thread is you!
  8. Trust me, a lot of other fans don't agree with you. Usual line. Look at SMiSA. Most members don't bother their arse voting, doesn't mean they agree.
  9. It's absolute comedy. I've never seen anyone unite a forum in the way our basil has. The only person who ever agrees with him is Ricky and that tells you all you need to know.
  10. It didn't. If you read back kombi suggested it to basil as all St mirren fans would fit in the main and south stand. He wasn't having it for a nonsense reason.
  11. But your not happy with the idea of the North and West being given to them when currently it will not affect one St mirren supporter. Kombi has you sewn up like a kipper
  12. And there we have it, the closest thing to an expert on here(probably) reckons it's on the expensive side. Now even if div has no interest in creating or maintaining something for this, he's the ideal guy to ask the question of "do you think this is decent value for money" If there is also a spend limit on what can be approved then the question should've been asked to the membership. If its been thought out and is without doubt the best option then it would probably be approved, but it's about the process. If that's what the process is(and I'm taking LPMs word for it) then the question should've been asked. That's not negative, it's not moaning about the spend, it's about following any processes that have been agreed. Giving the information and letting people decide.
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