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  1. I emailed them ten days ago and haven’t heard back. Called several times no answer. Trying to sort out child tickets for two very keen boys. I understand it’s all up in the air but pricelist and dates is a starter .
  2. I haven’t been that impressed with the season ticket launch. In you we trust? How about listing the prices clearly then letting us know when we can buy them ? Eg 1st July 9am and maybe let parents know how we can add our children on. It’s all a bit messy and unclear.
  3. Hopefully we bin joma at the end of this contract
  4. So if we enter level 0 before the season starts as it is hoped then it’ll be 2000 fans allowed. The club need to do everything possible to make sure they can get as many fans in as possible as soon as possible. It can’t be that we just pick 500 fans when we can actually have three times the amount. 500 in am 8000 seater does not seem like enough. Once everyone has been vaccinated then it must be close to letting all fans back . From what I read I think fans in England expect to return in big numbers this season
  5. Please don’t sell to Aberdeen. Jamie is twice the player Mallan is - Mallan is a decent player but he isn’t in the same league here. If we get a good offer from England fair enough but selling him to Aberdeen for 300k is a joke and it better not happen - if it does I’ll be amazed
  6. We missed two sitters and if they go in it’s us who’s be going to the final. You simply can’t miss these chances . The midfield never got a grip and for me I just don’t see the fuss about Ethan. He seldom scores goals and today I felt he just ran about a bit and let Bryson control the game. He occasionally breaks up an attack but the hype surrounding him baffles me. The strikers well What can you say. Utterly dreadful- national semi three yards out twice at 0-0 and they couldn’t score. Durmus was very good and he will be missed if he is indeed leaving.
  7. Play the game not the occasion. Keep our focus and I believe we have a good chance to progress . COYS
  8. How often do we launch a promising attack yet fail to make the killer pass. Far too often and this cost is the top six. Last night was much better
  9. Surely we would at least try to keep Quaner. If we bang on about quality and improving the team then he instantly does this if last night is anything to go by. He is physically very strong but also look at his decision making ? Outstanding on both occasions and well ahead of the vast majority in our team in terms of using his head
  10. I think it’s a safe bet that both will end up at Hibs
  11. We’ve done well at times and deserve to be well clear of the bottom but I am not convinced we will be 7th at the end . I think we might scrape 8th but if not it’ll not be the dramatic improvement we thought it could be . Losing that late goal cost 200k and the opportunity to sign up some of our better players in new deals
  12. We will be lucky to finish 7th now. The late collapse against Celtic has come back to haunt us here. The big picture is we have improved and the defence are behind that. The forward play is utterly abysmal and we don’t score anywhere near enough goals. I’m also not a fan of the constant tinkering and I’m sick of Jim being overly cautious at times. Today 1 up and probably looking the better side yet we take off a striker and eventually we have nothing up front . What a chance to make a wee bit of history with our best ever finish and to try and chase down Livingston. Europe for either them or st j possibly. Livingston top 6 back to back and st j now have ten top six finishes. We can only dream of that. Throw in county and thistle as top six clubs of the past And for us never to have made it really is a sickener. As for him today to blame the ref lacks class. We have had some v soft pens this year too and without McGrath’s goals we have scored 19 and even he has six pens in his tally. it was lost today in the last minute but the inability to gather more points from all our home games has killed us. We beat Celtic and after that it all went a bit flat sadly
  13. I despair at some folk . Honestly people wanting our right back replaced . Unbelievable
  14. I’d imagine the boys might get a good rest and between now and Hamilton I’d expect very little strenuous work in training and for the lads to be kept ticking over with the aim of replenished energy stores for that game. Ibrox is a game the boys should enjoy
  15. I can’t believe some of the comments on here. I mean folk saying they’d take county’s right back over ours and we’re not sixth on merit. Look we were not great and haven’t been for past three weeks but we’d have lost these games in the last. The mentality is changing and the back line are driving it - well done to them and Marcus Fraser should be offered a new improved deal ASAP. Outstanding of late particularly at Aberdeen . I wouldn’t want Watson, Naismith or Andreu back - we’ve got better and we are A better Team than them . Well done saints today a close nervy game but you dug in there and got a vital win . COYS
  16. Is this a joke ?? Fraser has been absolutely outstanding. No harm to Jason but he’s not in the same league I’m afraid .
  17. Sadly without Jamie and jake who dictates play our middle of the park is not strong. I’m hoping Flynn plays there on Saturday
  18. Erahon at times looks good at others he passes it poorly. Yes he’s young and pairing him with cammy isn’t going to be the answer. Cammy was one I had high hopes for but I have to say he hasn’t taken his chance when selected to start this year. He’s far too rash in the tackle and gives the call away too. Jim said he needed to improve defensively and when you see the free kicks he conceded you know why. I do realise we are playing a lot of games but these guys are professional footballers and the training will be very little at present t so the tiredness chat needs to be binned. Are we serious about this top six position? If so then the next three games will need to provide a decent points haul otherwise we will be left playing catch up.
  19. The top six remains within reach but we need to avoid losing momentum now. Injuries are worrying and we will need the squad now to step up and deliver. Let’s not forget that a top six position has been regaularly achieved by St Johnstone , Kilmarnock and Motherwell. Add in Ross county , Livingston and Particl Thistle as those who have achieved it and you see that a club of our stature should be aiming for this position every season. This team is good enough and whilst last night was poor it is important the manager finds a winning formula again soon.
  20. I agree McGrath outstanding but I think the role Doyle Hayes does is sometimes easy to overlook. Look we need to see if we can extend all these contracts . Your point is Very valid though
  21. Great turnaround in our season by the lads now let’s deal these lads in and make sure they aren’t picked off for a nominal fee from Hibs and the like. Let’s hope the board are already well down the line with the lads out of contract this year. Obika, Durmus, Connolly and for me if it takes three players wages get Jake Doyle Hayes signed up if we can. When he’s on it we’re on it. Lads different class.
  22. Magnificent St Mirren after Hampden the response has been sensational
  23. Jim should have believed that he had players to cause them problems - so why he played as if he was scared of them is beyond me. Cup football is there to be won
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