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  1. proudtobeabuddy

    Brexit Negotiations

    In other words NAW!!
  2. proudtobeabuddy

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    That's the appeal there's no emotional attachment that you have with St Mirren so it's a good day out and hopefully a good game of football. The only other team i'd say i support apart from St Mirren is the national team.
  3. proudtobeabuddy

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I was down in Newcastle in October and i visited St James Park, i would have visited the Stadium of Light if i'd had time. I don't support either team in fact my favourite English team is Man City. I'll maybe try and take in of their games this season when St Mirren aren't playing. The point of me sharing this is because i see nothing wrong with going to watch other teams and enjoy it without feeling like you're being somehow unfaithful to your own team. I'd probably take in a Sunderland game if the opportunity arose because I like the North of England and i want to see Jack Ross do well. He rescued our team from possibly a decade of the lower leagues, if we'd went down to the third tier it would have been a disaster financially and the recovery would probably have been painfully slow.
  4. proudtobeabuddy

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    He will.
  5. proudtobeabuddy

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Yep Jack is a great guy and the 2nd best manager we've had in my lifetime. I think he'll take Sunderland back to the premiership next season, he's that good.
  6. proudtobeabuddy

    The starting a thread ....eh ...thread

    And that's a bad thing you think?
  7. proudtobeabuddy

    January Arrivals

    So far it's looking like this is going to be a good transfer window. OK has achieved the mini clear out he was looking for and brought in 3 so that's good business so far although the test will obviously be when we start playing again with all these new players.
  8. proudtobeabuddy

    The starting a thread ....eh ...thread

    Having read a few other topics in the Sin Bin i have come to the conclusion that this is still the best thread.
  9. proudtobeabuddy

    January Exits

    I said it a few days ago the BOD are doing really well so far on the offloading front. I fully expect some incomings this week. This is what we all wanted, the BOD, coaching staff and supporters so i'm quite happy to wait and see what happens. Cammy Smith was good last season but if he's not playing and unhappy there's only one sensible solution. If he goes now to Utd we should get a fee, if he signs a PCA that doesn't really suit anyone, player included.
  10. proudtobeabuddy

    January Exits

    I agree with everything that's materialised so far but as i said the best business is obviously going to need to be the incomings.
  11. proudtobeabuddy

    January Exits

    We've done the easy bit so far, getting rid of players. The hard bit is finding 4/5 players who are good enough to go straight into the team.
  12. proudtobeabuddy

    January Exits

    Can't see us having any chance of getting Adam in, hope i'm wrong. Hammill was always going to leave, it would be nice to see some players incoming soon.
  13. proudtobeabuddy


    Happy New year fellow buddies!!
  14. proudtobeabuddy

    Cut-price Tommy Turner

    You know what on reflection I’d gladly see practically the whole team replaced. Ferdinand is past his best and that’s fact. All good if he wants to stay.. if not [emoji112][emoji112][emoji112]
  15. proudtobeabuddy

    Cut-price Tommy Turner

    He’s actually not the answer. Does he want to stay or go? I’d prefer a 28/29 year old who has the legs not to be constantly outpaced