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  1. Ah! Dominic Cummings....😛
  2. But surely they can buy the game pay per view. Just as if there were going to the game. Half the SPL have already said that season ticket winter have to pay. If boxing can do it then i don't see why not. The whole thing is going to feel weird but at least we'll get something.
  3. I don't come on the forum very much when there's no football on. The forum has always been busier when we're shite and in trouble. People have a life outside of a football forum and sometimes they're very busy, sometimes they're not. Sometimes i enjoy what's being posted on the forum...other times it's repetitive and annoying. These are all reasons why forums lose the flow of traffic. If someone takes it on then things will get busier again eventually, it would be a shame if it didn't.
  4. That would be the common sense thing to do and it would only be for half a season hopefully.
  5. My reading of it is that we'll get it for free but that doesn't help the fans who don't usually buy a season ticket.
  6. It's definitely Boris and Dominic that have been coming on... wonder what their usernames are ?😄
  7. Ok i nominate Faraway Saint...firm but fair.. ooh matron.
  8. Aye that is too far fetched...
  9. Still think the government should have consulted this thread when dealing with Covid!
  10. I nominate Faraway Saint and Shull to moderate...
  11. Definitely send this thread to the government....no really...
  12. The pubs are shut ...what to do? I know i'll run across an empty pitch...oh the fun i had!🙄
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