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  1. Not reading the whole thread because my view has been consistent for years. Give them one stand, don't care about one/possibly two extra players if i'm being honest, not at the expense of our family stand. Yes i'd rather pay extra to allow them only 1 stand, you'd need to be blind to not notice the recent trend of our attendance in the main and west stand suffering in recent seasons as a result of this policy.
  2. Scott Brown has no experience and is a big risk, no thanks.
  3. From the various names mentioned, it has to be Jack Ross for me. He's a good manager and he's available.
  4. A striker is a must, I'm afraid the only one I rate is Brophy and he's injured.
  5. And… the rail strike is off! Result[emoji481][emoji481]
  6. We should have won that game in the end. Their keeper won a point for them.
  7. We’ve been dire in the 2nd half getting exactly what we deserve.
  8. Been ok but goalie hasn’t had a save to make so far
  9. Does going to the games since 1979 count as supporting your team? I support neither of the OF teams bigotry but I expect a bit of professionalism from our chairman. Having said that if John manages to stay as chairman he’ll have my support. Hopefully he’ll learn a lesson from this and be a bit more savvy in future.
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