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  1. A striker is a must, I'm afraid the only one I rate is Brophy and he's injured.
  2. And… the rail strike is off! Result[emoji481][emoji481]
  3. We should have won that game in the end. Their keeper won a point for them.
  4. We’ve been dire in the 2nd half getting exactly what we deserve.
  5. Been ok but goalie hasn’t had a save to make so far
  6. Does going to the games since 1979 count as supporting your team? I support neither of the OF teams bigotry but I expect a bit of professionalism from our chairman. Having said that if John manages to stay as chairman he’ll have my support. Hopefully he’ll learn a lesson from this and be a bit more savvy in future.
  7. Surely we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to the OF fans when talking about this situation. If it was a joke then it has to be funny, I'm no snowflake but using the H** word isn't funny IMO. The Bridge "joke" again isn't particularly funny. If they'd said that about our fans there would be an uproar from our fans, so whatever will be will be at the end of the day.
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