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  1. It's getting embarrassing how long the club are taking to sort this out without any decent communication with the supporters. I'm not interested in what's gone on and who's done what now i just want us to get this sorted. Get some players bought and starting getting the hard work done for the new season with a manager in place!
  2. All joking aside if that happens I’ll not be the only one who isn’t happy🧐
  3. And nothing we didn’t already know... he’s leaving and the players know nowt or at least that’s what they’re saying... also no comment from the club... PR continues to be piss poor, why can’t the club learn from their previous mistakes?
  4. I'm kinda already over the who did what and who's fault this whole debacle is. What we need to do is get a new manager in pronto so that the pre season and signing of new players isn't disrupted anymore than it needs to be, the obvious choice being Jim Goodwin...if he wants it!
  5. I know Billy it all seems like a shambles but the club has been too quiet so i'm trying to give all concerned the benefit of the doubt until we get facts.
  6. I'm sorry but STV reporters must be having a quiet day... this is the same story we heard yesterday, it's got be official to be taken seriously. Not saying there's nothing in it but it's not a big exclusive like STV are claiming.
  7. Truth is no-one has a scooby what's happening...i think i'll wait and see before reacting either way.
  8. I'll say it again , we're consistently told that we're the best supporters in the world, 12th man and all that... a credit till the club. Until we're play Rangers or Celtic then ye can get tae! all for a few extra quid...
  9. Oh well there's going to be a lot of repetition and moaning on this issue next season... I generally don't have an issue with anything else going on at the club, just this. Even the crap ticketing website doesn't really bother me.
  10. RIP Fiona, my thoughts are with your family.
  11. So if we don't we continue to be surrounded by them thus handing them an extra advantage... Remember, the BOD and our manager have repeatedly indicated the importance of the fans this season....apart from the OF games it seems...
  12. I'd question the intelligence of anyone who didn't see the financial gain, my point is and always has been, put our own fans first before profit.... those same fans that the BOD seem to praise consistently but draw the line when asked to give the family stand back for the OF games.
  13. This topic i never going away as soon as we play one of them it will be brought up again because it's not right and no amount of denial from anyone is going is change that. We're taking our family stand from our own fans and giving it to the 2 most bigoted team in Scotland, right away that should be enough of a reason not to give them it. seemingly we prefer their money to our fans coming first...this is fact.
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