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  1. We have Ayunga coming back into the team soon, when he gets fit he'll be like a new signing. The players need to win against Livingston to get the Dundee defeat out of their systems,
  2. I'm waiting for my real ticket... i'm sure it'll come before the 12th August 🙄
  3. This forum is much more popular when we are shite... so hopefully it'll be deid a lot longer 😄
  4. It’s a pity Billy’s past it now we’re needing goalscorers 🙂
  5. RIP Frank you gave me some of my best memories as a St Mirren Fan.😢
  6. Exactly. I have always maintained that we lose more home fans when we give them two stands. Not only that but it was a much more enjoyable experience for our fans and a less toxic atmosphere. We cannot put money before our own fans again...although as you point out there was no loss in terms of numbers attending.
  7. Much better atmosphere with our family stand given back to the home fans, keep it that way! Our team benefitted from the support from 3 sides of the ground.
  8. Poor defending for all their goals, all could have been avoided.
  9. Not reading the whole thread because my view has been consistent for years. Give them one stand, don't care about one/possibly two extra players if i'm being honest, not at the expense of our family stand. Yes i'd rather pay extra to allow them only 1 stand, you'd need to be blind to not notice the recent trend of our attendance in the main and west stand suffering in recent seasons as a result of this policy.
  10. Scott Brown has no experience and is a big risk, no thanks.
  11. From the various names mentioned, it has to be Jack Ross for me. He's a good manager and he's available.
  12. A striker is a must, I'm afraid the only one I rate is Brophy and he's injured.
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