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  1. Definitely send this thread to the government....no really...
  2. The pubs are shut ...what to do? I know i'll run across an empty pitch...oh the fun i had!๐Ÿ™„
  3. Maybe someone should contact the government so they can read this thread...
  4. Anyhow.... instead of all arguing amongst yourselves get clapping for the NHS at 8pm!
  5. We beat Motherwell at their own patch twice, let's hope that's the kind of performance we get.
  6. No i think he's playing his best available team most of the time. Oh by the way...did i tell you i'll be going to the Kilmarnock game?
  7. I go to a lot of away games ... ice tears especially will love this. I refuse to go to Parkhead. The stewards are absolute jobsworth tossers towards everyone that is not a Celtic fan. This isnโ€™t the case at most other away games and add the fact that they charge ridiculous price there is no chance of me going there anytime soon.
  8. Not sure how he'll set up he didn't play Durmus today (not sure if he eventually came on) i'm sure he'll start and i hope he'll start with Chabbi and Obika.
  9. What i will say is that the only way to beat the OF is by having ago IMO, sit back and you're asking for a thumping. However, did i expect anything from the match? Nope....so we move on.
  10. Me too i'm going out soon. The big stuff is coming soon...
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