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  1. To be fair to Mcallister he's injured and i know this a recurring thing but on the other hand he's a great player and when he's back hopefully we'll see the best of him.
  2. In an ideal world cheaper, but £15 would bring more punters in and the club definitely wouldn't go any lower. I'd make it a whole league thing where very team had to agree to charge £15.
  3. Realistically i think £15 quid would be a good price to pay and i think the increase in numbers attending would cover the loss made initially...it was good enough for the German league.
  4. I would pay £22 but i don't need to because i have a season ticket...still cheaper than Tynecastle.
  5. The thing is Goodwin hasn't became a shit manager over night, he did a good job at Alloa and he's had one short transfer window (not his fault, just circumstances). I don't always agree with every decision made by GS but this isn't his fault! We are a team in transition and supporters need to be patient. I believe we have a great coaching staff and backroom team at the club and this will bear fruit as long as we don't press the panic button and instead try and get some stability at the club for the first time in years.
  6. Not sure who you were responding to but the fishing trips about the nationalists are equally as tedious...and what i said is true, i can't be arse digging out old pictures to contrast how the Union Jack brigade conduct themselves.
  7. That would be to assume that the rest of Europe are thick, I don't think Scotland is as disliked in Europe as much as England is. The only ones who looked hate filled last Saturday at the independence rally were the wee corner of union jack wearing mob...
  8. He's played at a higher level and big Kirk is a similar age, if Jim rates him that'll do me.
  9. Goodwin will come good, we need stability and a few transfer windows for Jim to get the right blend of players.
  10. I waited till to day to comment on the game. Our defending was awful yesterday and we deserved what we got but i'm not going to get carried away. we have shown we can defend in previous games and yesterday we actually scored twice so i'll wait to see if that was an off day for the defence. We should not press the panic button just yet and the home games coming could put us in a healthier position. I think that Jim will bring in a player or 2 in January, a striker and maybe an attacking midfielder because it's obvious that our lack of goals is a problem.
  11. I don't disagree with what you are saying but this is our chance to change this in this General election. I'd like to see the day when our politicians in Scotland actually argue about what really matters... health, education, public services etc... We will make our decision next year (or whenever the next Independence referendum happens) for sure. Then we must live with that decision and move on but it will happen because we were lied to in 2014 over the EU and whether you're for remain or leave that's undemocratic and we deserve the right to choose what happens to our country. If independence was to happen then we would have Scottish politicians making decisions about Scotland and i'm sure we would have strong opposition to the SNP in the form of Scottish labour or Lib Dems...hell even Scottish tories who really are only concerned about Scotland. I'm not happy about the current repeated deflections but i make no apologies for wanting the Westminster's influence in Scotland gone forever and let us make our own progress, probably a few mistakes along the way too, but at least the blame culture would be gone forever.
  12. But they're the party in government and they don't care about Scotland, especially Bojo. Also I don't think the SNP are the only party that have a go at the tories to be fair.
  13. Whereas in Scotland the SNP will romp it and that's all that matters really....
  14. I'm not seeing right through them, they have more seats Than the Lib Dems and Scotland, for now, is part of the UK therefore they should be involved in any debate.
  15. I was talking about London. They now know, for a change, what it’s like.
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