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  1. He's already messed up by taking Scotland out of the EU. It's obvious that Scotland as a whole want change and they definitely don't want a Tory government. I'm not convinced that Johnson is as desperate as he makes out to retain the union either, i don't believe a word the man says.
  2. In a " democracy" they can't legally stop it. That will take longer to get permission obviously but they can keep it up it's playing into the hands of the Independence movement.
  3. I agree.... so give us another referendum and if not, why not? If we're such a drain on the UK economy and couldn't make it on our own then why are they so desperate to keep us? The tories like to keep their house in order so why would they want Scotland holding them back?
  4. It's not my preferred way of showing the Westminster government what we think, i'll agree on that.... but one thing it does is gets noticed, whether that's good or bad is debatable. I just hope the tories keep saying no to a referendum...see where that gets them.
  5. Why? what do they care about Scotland? Nicola Grew up with the Thatcher government... they couldn't care less about Scotland...
  6. Was the holocaust denier still leading them? Yes, he's comedy gold to be fair....
  7. Missed yersel Billy! huge turnout, great atmosphere despite the rain.
  8. There were some tories there they had their union jacks😛 all 40 of them...
  9. If it makes the tories take notice then it's worth getting soaked.
  10. Ha! I've already been out running in it Billy, big jacket then a few jars after 👍
  11. No-ones going to rain on the parade today. Getting ready to march!
  12. This forum is like people who watch Eastenders.... don't watch/visit it for a while and it's still the same plot...😝
  13. I don't think he's the answer to our problems to be honest i'd rather look elsewhere.
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