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  1. Oh cmon a wee bit of hot water and a wee drop of milk... don't be stingy!
  2. They'll pay the price for it not being on through the gates, the travelling support will be significantly lower because it's a midweek game.
  3. What a bloody joke there is literally no snow on the roads or pavements
  4. I’m in Perth it’s not even lying on the roads and pavements no way should this be called off
  5. Feck sake currently on train to Perth
  6. I don't see another fakes thread unless you mean the sin bin?
  7. Snow lying here a bit better not be lying up there!
  8. Will be heading up for this one, we need to go with the intention of winning this game, we deserved a draw last night but it wasn't to be .... we move on.
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