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  1. Unless we bring in at least 1 wide player before the deadline then it's going to be hard few months. We lack width and pace and as a result we're creating very few goal scoring chances. Defensively we were reasonable but that's not going to win us games.
  2. I hope the season doesn't continue in the way it has so far on and off the park. We've been pretty shambolic with pretty much everything off the park and to not even have your season ticket going into September is embarrassing. On the park... not particularly impressed with what I've seen albeit via St Mirren TV due to that super fair ballot system 🙄 We really need a few last minute additions, hopefully 2 wide midfielders with pace. We are clearly lacking in those positions since Durmus and Connolly left.
  3. Lying down like the good old days. Oh dear this is embarrassing.
  4. We have been absolutely rank. What was Power thinking about with that challenge so early in the game? I’ve not actually been to see us for 18 months do I want to go back for my first game next week? I think I’ll need a few [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481] before it if this is what we’ve got to offer this season.
  5. 150? Did you just pluck that number randomly? The family stand hosts more than 150 saints fans and this is not a normal business. Being loyal to your own fan base makes more economic sense long term if you want to keep them as fans.
  6. Haven't set foot there for over 10 years. Don't agree with our BOD and their stance in regards to our Family stand being handed to the OF and that's an argument that will never go away,
  7. Exactly. I'm sorry but they are quick to take our ST money each year ( which I happily pay for) Yet we get this utter shambles thrown at us without a proper explanation, just some vague blame the council line trotted out. If it is the council then why do they hate us so much? doesn't seem to be the case at most other Scottish clubs.
  8. I feel for the ones in the firing line because they're always the ones who get anger directed at them when in fact it's those at the top who deserve all the stick they're getting. As I've stated previously my 2 brothers and nephew were successful...why the club couldn't allow family bubbles is beyond me. Are we that unpopular at Renfrewshire council? 1039 is a complete and utter joke especially when you see the numbers allowed at Falkirk and the fact that just a few days later days later the OF are allowed full capacity. Even this weekend Celtic are allowed 25,000 at their game which is roughly 40% capacity so why are we allowed roughly 12%? Something stinks!
  9. I’ve read numerous points of view on the whole capacity thing over the last few days. All things considered I’m still of them view the club’s handling of the situation has been completely amateurish and shambolic. That’s despite me having a few days to calm down from my initial reaction. As others have said it’s a complete kick in the stones to loyal fans who go home and away as much as possible to support the team. Their reasoning from the club for the situation is vague at best and communication is a shambles also. I don’t tend to favour the word customer when it comes to supporting your team but any other business bends over backwards not upset their customers or at least resolve issues to keep them happy. Well it appears there are a sh**load of unhappy loyal fans/ customers out there!
  10. I don’t suppose anyone at the club can explain why Falkirk ( a League One side) are allowed 3 times the amount that St Mirren are allowed?
  11. We have less than three thousand season ticket holders... Everyone who wanted to should have had at least one chance at going to a game. Also as buddieinek has said what's wrong with having family bubbles sitting together? we've seen the images from other SPL grounds. JOKE!
  12. It's the club that are due criticism for this farce not the fans who were successful. They've made an arse of it but I don't expect them to admit it any time soon.
  13. There isn't and I'm not going to listen to anyone trying to defend it...it's pretty amateur to be honest.
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