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  1. just recieved an ipod as a gift

    my pc runs windows 98 - - non compatible with i pod software

    but it has a firewire card!!

    my work lap top has windows xp professional - i pod software compatible.... but no space for fitting a firewire card

    technican has informed me that i can buy a i pod usb 2 capable to facilitate music transfer from lap top to the i pod

    will this affect the transfer speed - or music quality?

    has anyone else had the same problems?

    any ideas or suggestions welcomed



    Sell it :)

  2. I saw NSS meandering along Gauze St and into the pub named after him...........

    It has a silent W.........................

    I met him while dropping off at the Boolin Club.He's got a big day tomorrow with the annual presentation,the highlight of a Presidents term of office :unsure:

    He's offered to make my(our)Wedding Cake but I think it'll end in tiers :rolleyes:

    (Grabs slice of cake and fecks off to the bar) :byebye

  3. Cheers Bill, being the black sheep of the family, I don´t fit in on the jaybees bus. It must be great to be in the jaybees gang, you must have some war stories from legendary away games when someone puked all over the place on the bus back to paisley.

    I would love to pull up a sandbag and listen to them sometime in Jaybees when I have a spare nanosecond. :)

    Are you not away yet :unsure:

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