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  1. take it to the local auctioneers for a valuation
  2. Stevie, I have been at every game except the Irish pre-season games, for obvious reasons. I just noticed your post, but howz you and the wee man? I hope his team are winning, as Saints are struggling. The turnout for the bus is poor at the moment with about 10 to 15 going. Depending on numbers, we share with Gary's, and I can understand folk for not going.

  3. How can you say that they are not SPL standard! For a start, McQuade had his first game at senior level on Saturday, albeit for 70mins. I saw him in pre-season games and he looked good, and on Saturday he looked good as the game went on, except for the one mistake which led to the second goal. Wardlaw had to go over to the wings to get the ball, similar to Mehmet, because there is no midfield to distribute, or wing backs are too slow to get up the park. You criticised Potter and yet he is the best defender,IMO, we've got. Fine, he made a mistake on Saturday, one at the fake Saints game and he is torn to shreds by some on here. Travner, IMO, is a left mid rather than fullback, as his speed getting lets him down, but is good going forward. So let's get behind the players, regardless of what you think of them as they are now Saints players
  4. They changed it just recently and everybody had to re-register
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