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  1. I worked using an umbrella company not good experience wouldn't do it again.. Normally you do get paid more under them however you have no entitlement to holiday pay as you are in a roundabout way self employed and not an "employee". I only work as a LTD company now much less hassle and your more covered. I suppose it all depends on what you are doing and how much paperwork you want to do.
  2. Aye Villa fans are creamin themselves a lot of them are saying it’s the best debut they have seen from a Villa player.. They are also laughing at the fact he was only £2.7mil..
  3. No he has agreed terms with Sunderland ..
  4. Well done young Lewis and all the best for your future,Thanks for everything past couple of seasons! Now with your significant wage rise you can pay the tenner to get someone to iron yer shirts wi no tramlines ...
  5. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/948422/Brighton-transfer-news-Stephane-Bahoken Wow have they never seen him play !!
  6. Shame the Utd game was abandoned had 0-0 written all over it..
  7. Most of the sheep worshippers i have spoke to at work have said they will be glad when he was gone. He was good when he arrived and doesn't look interested or good enough anymore. So really he should come back to us for some refresher training and gentlemans agreement..
  8. Supposedly Hibs(poisonous little man,their manager) think he is worth £7million now! 33% of that wid be braw!
  9. Phew that's good news could do with the extra option upfront...
  10. When are Gow and Quinn going to be match fit?
  11. They don't get anything from player sales!!! They just get from SMISA funds the agreed sale price earlier than anticipated which is a good thing going towards fan ownership!
  12. Septic playing in a green home top and a slightly different two tone green away top???
  13. Funny that he's signed a two year deal with the fakes!
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