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  1. One change from Saturday. Jordan Stewart for McAllister
  2. Barry Lavety's pal from U17's Scotland days
  3. Cooper could use his left leg with devastation, but had a lot weaker right. Alex Becket nearly always tackled him on his left , a player, IMO, who was underrated
  4. 19' - Greg Hurst equalises from the penalty spot. Wilks went the right way but couldn't reach. 1-1.
  5. St Mirren Official ‏@saintmirrenfc · 5m5 minutes ago 9' - Cameron Howieson with the lovely through ball for Cuddihy who raced into the box and fired past the goalkeeper. 1-0 to St Mirren
  6. I often say that that is what is wrong about Governments, whether Edinburgh or London. The minions involved are so far removed from the items being dealt with, that they make decisions based on where they live
  7. I wonder who the 7 clubs are that are considered as 'no risk' supporters:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35544730
  8. St Mirren Official ‏@saintmirrenfc 13m13 minutes ago David Longwell, Head of Youth Development, set to leave St Mirren as he heads to the USA. http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=52108
  9. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy 6m6 minutes ago Saints u-20s goals today were scored by Alan Gow (pen) and Conor O'Keefe.
  10. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy · 38m38 minutes ago Full Time in Renfrew and the young buds hold on to win yet again. St.Mirren u-20s 2 Dundee Utd u-20s 1. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy · 36m36 minutes ago The young Saints were already 3rd in the table & are now just 6 points off the top. Have won 4 and drawn 1 of their last 5 league games.
  11. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy · 4m4 minutes ago Yet another win for David Longwells men as they win 2-1 away to Motherwell
  12. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy · 13m13 minutes ago Mark Morrison makes it 2-1 to the baby buds.
  13. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy · 3m3 minutes ago Motherwell with a second goal but it's disallowed.
  14. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy · 6m6 minutes ago Equaliser for Motherwell. 1-1
  15. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy · 28s28 seconds ago Half time and despite horrific broadband issues I am pleased to say we are still leading 1-0 through that Alan Gow goal.
  16. Black & White Army ‏@bawarmy · 21m21 minutes ago Motherwell u-20s 0 St.Mirren u-20s 1 Scorers; Alan Gow (11)
  17. St Mirren Official ‏@saintmirrenfc · 2m2 minutes ago St Mirren are not expecting any more new moves tonight after the 4 new arrivals during the January transfer window.
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35453541
  19. Carswell's injured From Kyle Gunn's pre-match assessment:- I spoke to Stuart Carswell earlier today (Thursday) and he said that he won't be available for selection this weekend due to the ankle ligament problem he picked up in the cup tie against Partick Thistle.
  20. AFIK, McGraith got injured last week, but I'm not sure about Morgan
  21. St Mirren Official ‏@saintmirrenfc 59s59 seconds ago Full time: Ross County edge it 1-0 to progress in the Little Big Shot Youth Cup.
  22. St Mirren Official ‏@saintmirrenfc 11s12 seconds ago 82 - goal Ross County.
  23. St Mirren Official ‏@saintmirrenfc 3m3 minutes ago 78 - County clear. Still 0-0.
  24. St Mirren Official ‏@saintmirrenfc 32s32 seconds ago HALF TIME: All still to play for after an even half in the Little Big Shot Cup. 0-0.
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