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  1. If JDH was everage then Ethan was a total liability - nowhere near as good as JDH.
  2. Far too many crosses into the box at head height. Why can they not pass it into the box or hit low crosses as I cannot remember the last time we scored from a headed cross. Disappointing after such a good first half. Don't think I'll be PPVing again this season (except for the Cup).
  3. JDH is an excellent player for us. He would be a huge miss if he leaves.
  4. Total domination. Erwin playing well. Thought Jamie would miss that one - looked too casual and all his recent penalties have been in the same place if a keeper does some homework. And JDH is an excellent player for us. Reads the game brilliantly and good positive passes when he wins the ball. He will be a big loss if he leaves.
  5. As Jim has been saying all season we are good until the final third where we don't take our chances. This is the most attacking team we have had in years creating numerous chances yet rarely even getting a shot on target. Was it the Utd home game where we dominated and had nearly 30 attempts on goal but only a couple on target? If Dennis had been fit all season I could have seen us easily being in the top 6.
  6. Lumping high balls to Brophy won't help him. I really rate Tait but his crossing is atrocious. If we play one or two wee guys up top we should be playing it on the deck to the team's strengths.
  7. My heart sank when I saw the lineup today. When we play 2 up top we just lump high useless crosses in to 2 forwards that cannot head a ball anyway. The best we have played this season was with a 4-2-3-1 formation playing the ball on the deck yet we stopped playing that the last two months. Formation and personnel cost us today.
  8. Jakubiak has been injured most of the season. Started with an ankle injury in a pre-seaon friendly and then when he returned he had tendon problems.
  9. GTF. The SPFL does not exist to improve two teams at the expense of others. They hoover up all the talent then sell it on and the diddy clubs help them. No f**kin way.
  10. Reckon we can get (at least) a draw here. I watched the Livi game the other night and Livi were so close to getting a point. Reckon our defence and midfield is better than Livi's and with Connolly and Durmus we have players that have proven to be able to stretch and keep back the Rangers full/wing backs. And we play better in red and black than white and black this season.
  11. Thank you. It was/is a labour of love. I know I have not posted on it in for years as life has got in the way. But I intend to start adding to it again once Covid is over.
  12. No, I am Sonny and Sonny only. The poster has good taste liking my posts in My Pics of Paisley thread.
  13. Wages help. The average salary of a Fakes' player is £62,691 Ours is £48,621. That is why maximizing income is important.
  14. Good management team obviously and a good income. The Fakes have been excellent at income generation although they have a small fanbase. Kibble could be key for us in this regard.
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