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  1. History made! First St Mirren player to play in a world cup. Well done. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Disappointed not to see Greive start. Ayunga has been gash for weeks. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. JJ was comparing Brophy's contribution on Wednesday night with Ayunga's. And he wasn't wrong imho. Ayunga seems to have a gearbox problem as of late where he cannot get out of first gear. Lethergic and disinterested. He is also incapable of lifting his head to see where his teammates are to pass to them but looks at his feet all the time until he runs into trouble. Maybe it is a confidence thing as he was playing far better at the start of the season. But for me Greive then Brophy should start before him as both offer so much more to the team.
  4. A rating on Ronan's performance last night ... Until he came off, Ronan did himself proud. He got forward, offered a link up and a threat and almost scored.
  5. I hope Greive now gets a start ahead of Ayunga. He contributes far more to the team with his closing down, running and passing. Was really annoyed with Ayunga last night when he came on. He was lazy and just sauntered about as if he couldn't be bothered. We were against 10 men and should have been running them ragged. And that pathetic 'attempt' that went clean over the family stand? And big shout to Kiltie. Thought he had a very good game. And besides a few decent passes Ethan was again poor in marking and closing down. Needs to up his game defensively.
  6. In only one Away game this season have we not conceded at least 3 goals. This time to the team bottom of the League. Shocking statistic yet we continue to play the same players in the same formation. It was time to change it weeks ago yet we persist in long balls to no-one.
  7. After a decent start to his League campaign Ayungu has become totally an empty shirt. Greive and Brophy must be wondering what they have to do to get a start.
  8. Cannot stop any crosses in this game. Dire stuff.
  9. Delighted we are winning but that was shite. Long balls, mostly overhit, to two forwards that cannot control a ball, hold it up or beat a man. Midfield bypassed and them getting in crosses to a dodgy defence anytime they come up the park. What happened to the closing down and midfield passing from a few games ago?
  10. Another Away game an another game where we sit off the opposition allowing them to do what they want. Allowing them to cross into the box whenever they want. Shite defending. Again.
  11. Greive is our top scorer yet has only started 1 league game. Time the guy got a run on the team probably at the expense of Ayunga who has been very poor recently. I doubt very much we will change formation however at Away games we are being destroyed down the wings (our left in particular). And I'd prefer to see Gogic in midfield for Away games. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Besides Carson the rest were really poor today not doing the very basics. Besides the shocking performance I was really disappointed we did nothing in the first half to change it. We were being roasted down that left side yet did nothing about it. OK Tait was taken off at half time but a couple of other changes should have been made Ayangu especially. Away from home we are rank and need a Plan B Sent from my SM-P610 using Tapatalk
  13. Good game for the neutral yesterday. And another example of why you should ignore match statistics. We hit the woodwork twice, had a goal chopped off and scored one off the post but were listed as have no shots on target for the first half. Chopping off Ayunga's goal was shocking - the incident was minor; Utd players were holding Baccus on his mazy run; and the incident was well before the goal was scored; and the ref had watched it all and deemed nothing was wrong. This was not 'clear and obvious'. Fans want to see goals and this was a well executed goal. Disappointed for Joe not getting a game but happy for Greive. He is a natural goal scorer and I would like to see him get more game time. I know the argument is he is weak however he never gives up and chases and harries everything. He is also composed and doesn't panic when an opportunity comes along. A good day at the office. Onwards to Easter Rd.
  14. The formation we play will limit Henderson's appearances. He won't replace Strain as wing back. And in that position he is physically weak ( see the second goal at Perth and his poor attempt to stop their wing back). His best chance is playing off Main or Ayunga but again he needs to muscle up. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  15. When a team starts on the back foot they never get back into it until possibly half-time. And we we never got into it in the first half. Killie dominated the midfield but strangely they never laid a glove on us yet we had three great chances to score (Strain, Ayunga and Main). I would have made changes at half time but we competed a bit better in the second half. Killie certainly scorned a couple of great chances at the start of the second half but there was little after that from either side. Some really poor performances from some players today. Main and especially Ayunga hardly won a ball, took too long to control it and Ayunga seems incapable of passing sometimes and prefers to run into trouble. However in the first half the midfield sat too deep to support the forwards so they were quite isolated. Power ran the middle of the park while Erhahon decided it was better to watch him than do anything to stop him. O'Hara had his quietest game for us in the first half but got more into it in the second half. Dunne made far too many mistakes for my liking and why does Tanser take corners and free kicks when he is hopeless at them? Give someone else a chance. On the plus side Carson was great closely followed by Gallagher. I think we need to keep the tactics and formation but change a couple of bodies to freshen things up. I'd like to see Joe in for Dunne and Gogic for Erhahon. If Main and Ayunga aren't imposing themselves in the first half we should be making a change at half time or with 30 mins to go. We are doing great this season. We lacked passion today and never closed down like we have been doing. For the first time in ages we have a decent bench so should maybe use it more.
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