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  1. We'll be a Premiership team next season as this season has little chance of finishing now. The NHS is on emergency footing until at least June 10th so 'normality' won't return before then. Clubs say they need 6 weeks to get a team back up and prepared for a restart. EUFA want next season to start as normal so they can get Champions League and Europa League underway. So don't worry that the Club is trying to rip you off
  2. Option 2 is not a go-er. Apparently if the season is declared void the TV people do not have to pay out. So declare as is or try and finish which is looking increasingly unlikely.
  3. If St Mirren or Hamilton or Ross County were bottom of the League would there be a proposal to change the setup? I don't think so. This proposal is because it is Hearts. Relegate them, Utd come up and the play-off is between Hamilton and ICT as the League positions show. Leave as is.
  4. You must be to read anything that Rae has to say
  5. Here is a link to an article on all-time League positions in the top flight in Scotland. A Few surprises however good to see St Mirren are 9th and above the likes of the Fakes and Dundee Utd. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic/fascinating-all-time-scottish-top-flight-table-number-surprises-2517997
  6. I believe there is one in Leeds, Australia, iceland, Zurich, USA, Russia, Holland, Thailand and London. Maybe not huge numbers though . There is also an International Supporters group on FB.
  7. Maybe it will push summer fitba' in to contention. Hope not.
  8. We are in a relegation struggle and need players to work hard and put in a shift. Andreu doesn't do that. Cammy and Sam close down players forcing the opposition midfield to play it back the way. They keep the ball as far away from our half as possible. They charge into the opposition to win the ball back. They track back marking a runner. All basic midfield skills which they do well. Andreu on the other hand sits too deep (on Wed night he played in front of the back four instead of the centre circle) and sits 2 yards off players and doesn't close them down. If someone runs by him he just lets them go by. He rarely tackles. Now some of these major faults in his game could be balanced by exceptional passing and shooting however most shots are weak or over the bar and his good passes are about 1 per 10 games. Andreu isn't even a luxury player who can turn a game. Has he been made a difference even once this season when coming on as a sub? Someone needs to tell him to get the finger out and start working instead of observing in a game. But I doubt he can do that as there has been no sign of it so far. And I have never ever seen him control a game for us.
  9. Andreu sits far too deep. Stands 2 yards off his man and never tackles. When he came on we lost the midfield. Special mention for Waters who had an excellent game considering the stick he often gets.
  10. What's with every throw in being backwards and ending up with Vaclav? Been going on for weeks now as well as poor corners and quick free kicks. Do we not want the ball in the opposition box?
  11. Apparently we are interested in Pasulay Njie ex-Stoke .... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18259271.st-mirren-monitoring-former-stoke-city-striker-pasulay-njie/
  12. Apparently we are interested in Pasulay Njie ex-Stoke .... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18259271.st-mirren-monitoring-former-stoke-city-striker-pasulay-njie/
  13. Weren't at the races first half as their 3-5-2 totally dominated the midfield while we played slowly across the park instead of hitting fast into their wide areas. Hodson in particular was guilty of this. But big change decond half and fair play to Hodson who was much better and making the first goal. But why wait until half time to change things when it was obvious after 10 mins we were being over-run? And what a player Ilkay is - man of the match.
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