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  1. I didn't have a problem with the live stream last week except the poor sound in the first half. Yesterday I watched the game (for free) on HesGoal with the huun sound turned down but hopefully listening to St Mirren audio feed which supposed to start at 2:50. Was I the only one who got no audio feed up until about the 24th minute? Then at half time the commentators wandered off but left a mic on picking up random conversations. Did anyone have a live audio fee at 2:50 that continued throughout the game?
  2. The problem for me was psychological. The players looked terrified for whatever reason. No-one wanted the ball except McGrath who had some composure but little support. Bad decisions, shocking passing, being caught in possession and ball watching were the order of the day. I think Jim has to take some responsibility for the first half attitude in particular. The game plan looked like defend in depth in the first half then open up a bit in the second half if there wasn't much in the game. But the backs to the wall and blooter the ball anywhere does little to install confidence. How about next time we try a keep possession tactic?
  3. We should possibly tell the players we are playing St Johnstone and not Sevco then maybe they will not react like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
  4. And its goodnight from me. Reckon McGrath will be a big player for us this season. Only him and Alnwick get pass marks on this game.
  5. Except McGrath the rest look shit scared when they have the ball.
  6. The **** don't need to try too hard as we constantly pass to them or get caught in possession. Basic stuff.
  7. Anyone getting match audio on StMirren tv?
  8. Dundee are being bank rolled by rich Americans. They want to be in the Premiership asap so no surprise they are throwing money about and will offer more than us.
  9. The situation now is pretty different from 2 years ago. Back then we had a numpty signing players and wasting loads of money we could not afford. We were also offering these shite players 2 and 3 year deals with no-one else checking if they were worth it. Exit Stubbs and enter Kearney. Kearny knew little of the Scottish League and players so needed help. Enter Gus. Gus did sign some decent players but mostly on 1 year contracts which made us having to repeat the process all over again every 12 months. Gus also scouted far and wide for players. Enter Jim. Whereas Kearney did not have the knowledge and time to check players as he was back in NI every week Jim did have a good knowledge of Scottish football and had contacts and knowledge of LoI football. Kearney agreed to Gus's recommendations whereas Jim wants to personally check over all potential signings. Jim allegedly wants to concentrate on British players and continuity with 2 year deals so the need to change the whole setup every 12 months has decreased and we don't need someone to fly to Prague on a wet Tue night to watch a reserve game. Gus done a good and honest job with us and I wish him all the best however I can understand in these hard times that we cannot afford to pay for a full time senior scout when the manager is prepared to do the checking and has the final say on appointments. Best of luck Gus in the future.
  10. That may have contributed to the problem? A supplier estimates how many users they will have and if each user decides that they will use multiple devices then the supplier has underestimated the number of simultaneous users causing slowness and breaks.
  11. 2.40 when pre-match coverage starts.
  12. It may be a good idea for those that haven't so far, to create a Twitter ac and follow St Mirren on that. Information is released on Twitter faster (because it is much easier than updating a web site) than other means. They also respond well to Twitter comments. Edit to add: Apparently ppv.stmirren.com provides auditory commentary at £5.99 a month or you can pay to watch an individual game.
  13. Waters still has a year on his Killie contract. After a poor start he came on to a good game around Xmas when he was told to start supporting Ilkay and stop passing inside. Both players' contribution improved considerably after that.
  14. We have coaches for the large youth setup plus Academy plus Community besides the first team squad.
  15. 7 tested positive. Worrying time for them and their families. Football comes second.
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