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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/exclusive-simeon-jackson-training-kilmarnock-20534930
  2. When it was Jack Ross every question started with 'How pleasing is ....'
  3. Don't disagree by using Motherwell as an example of what we should be doing as they were excellent at it yesterday. Defence gets a ball from the keeper and their midfield are all moving about giving the defenders options for forward passing. They get numbers up the park quickly with constant movement. All simple things that we are just not doing. The reason I mentioned Alloa is that if a part-time team in the Championship can do it so successfully they surely we can too.
  4. Jim's tactics are not working and need to change. He wants to defend in depth then counter attack on the break. The defend in depth is working but the tactics stop at that point. The team seem to be adopting a mind set of defending and playing it safe. In comparison I watched Alloa the other night and they attacked on the break to great effect. They did it by fast forward passing to feet; one touch football and getting bodies up the park by breaking in all directions when they win the ball. Whereas we pass sideways and backwards allowing the opposition to get players behind the ball. The midfield sit far too deep leaving the forwards isolated and there is no running off the ball. All this resorts to Vaclev having to boot it up to a forward as he has few options trying to play it from the back. Magennis is the only player willing to have a shot and is wasted out wide. He has to be pulled back into the middle and I would play him off a front man. We only need one defensive midfielder and I think Foley is best suited to that job. Allow Flynn to get forward more. Paul McGinn is one of the few who actually looks for and runs into space. If Waters doesn't up his game significantly by doing the same on the left (and passing forward keeping the ball in the park) then I would move Paul to left back and use Cammy McPherson at right back. I also felt we lacked leadership in recent games. Although Sean and Kirky are both playing well the Bank brings leadership into the team and I would bring him back. Like wise Steven McGinn. My team against the Fakes would be Vaclev McGinn Broadfoot The Bank Waters (last chance saloon) Foley Flynn Magennis McGinn Durmus Mullen
  5. Goody's philosophy is so soak up pressure and counter attack. We certainly know how to soak up pressure but the mindset of the team stops right there. One (of many) example(s) was a throw in half way in the Motherwell half but we throw it back the way and seconds later it is Vaclev instead of the opposition box. We are far, far too slow to get the ball up the park. There is virtually no movement off the ball and everyone wants to beat an opposition player instead of play a simple pass to a team mate. We play with two defensive midfielders who hardly crossed the half way line in the first half thus providing no support to forwards or wide men. The formation and attitude needs to change and quickly. We are deteriorating with each passing game.
  6. Agree with this. Would probably add Durmus to the list but unfortunately for him he doesn't get many decent balls from his full back (unlike McGinn/Magennis on the right). As much as I do not like him Richard Foster would have been an excellent signing from the Fakes. Mullen did more in his first touch than Morais did in the previous 60 mins. And we looked more a threat playing two strikers rather than with one supported by a midfielder. Hope Jim starts with Mullen and Obika next week.
  7. Well that was f**kin awful. What is the point of Andreu? His role is to support the striker and link the midfield with the forward. But he does neither as he spends most of his time in the centre circle leaving any striker we field totally isolated. Either change the formation or have someone else in that position who can do the job. And Morais is as bad a striker as I have seen with us and over the last few years we have had some stinkers. We are toothless up front. Why did Goody not change things at half time when it was obvious we never looked like scoring (in spite of a couple of decent moves) in the first half? And in general over the last few weeks - why do we always have to take 5 passes when one will do? Why do we refuse to get the ball in the box when we have the chance but instead pass it to someone else to get in a cross (who then passes it back)? And why is Magennis the only player on the park who is willing to shoot. The rest abdicate responsibility. After good displays against decent teams we have been rank rotten against diddy teams. Why? And time for Mullen to start a game as he is the best forward we have. Rant over.
  8. On Sportsound tonight the Killie captain Gary Dicker said he was gutted that Kirkie had left and that Kirkie chose to leave the Club for personal reasons.
  9. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/kirk-broadfoot-set-st-mirren-19171497?2
  10. Some poor individual performances especially in the first half and some panic attacking in the second half. Done more than enough for a point but their defence was good and our forwards were making bad decisions. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Hastie is allegedly heading to Rotherham according to the Scotsman (having knocked back a return to Well).
  12. Goody's tactics in the last three games have been identical - sit back, invite the opposition into our half then quickly attack into a relatively empty opponents half when we gain possession. Worked well v Aberdeen but today the last bit did not work so well as the front three were slow to rush forward when we got possession so had little in the way of an out ball. But considering the players have only tried it in 3 games they hopefully should improve. Very good performance and unlucky not to take a point.
  13. Welcome Junior Junior. A hat trick on Sunday please.
  14. I am only going on what the man himself said as I am not privy to his contract details. For what it is worth he looks decent and Goody has faith in him and I hope he stays.
  15. Maybe one of you guys should tell Waters that as he has stated in a recorded interview on Buddievision that his contract with Killie ends in 2021 and he expects to return there when he is finished with Saints.
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