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  1. I think it will be all down to formation. Jim changed it last week to accomodate Brophy and it did not work or even look like working. Repeat it this week and we have no chance. Problem is Jim is now saying Brophy can't play loan striker and when we were playing at our best we played a loan striker in a 451. My expectations depend on formation and personnel. I would bring in Foley for Jake, play a 451 with players knowing their positions and Brophy up top.
  2. Obviously many watch home games via SMTV. However I am intrigued if they ever watch anything else on it? There are at least two weekly interviews by Jim and at least two weekly interviews by players. Also has occasional interviews with others at the Club and some post-match reaction from Ali de Foy and guests. However posters on here frequently pose questions or opinions on here where an answer may be found direct from the Club via SMTV. So if you do not bother to watch St Mirren TV except for live broadcasts (forgetting the fact that every interview question starts with 'How pleasing....' ), why not? Just curious as I find it a good source for information and some explanations.
  3. I thought McGrath looked good in the second half when he was playing in the middle. First half he played more on the left and didn't get into the game.
  4. Jim has to take the responsibility for that. OK try a new formation but after 30 mins it was obvious it wasn't working and they weren't growing into it. No width, 2 strikers isolated and overrun in midfield. I like Cammy but he was a lost boy out there today and the more he got frustrated the more bad decisions and back passing he made. Luckily we survived to HT where we should have went back to a formation that works and take Cammy off. Especially since he had been booked. Bring on Ilkay to give us something on the left and either Etahn or Foley for Cammy. But incredibly after being absolutely dire with no attempts on goal or any possession we field the same formation and players. It was only a matter of time after that. Really poor management decisions.
  5. Jim has got to change the formation as 4-4-2 isn't working. Totally overrun in midfield. McGrath wasted playing wide. Cammy constantly back passing or a hospital pass. Need to shore up the middle and not play so deep.
  6. New formation not working. Players do not seem to know what their role is. Cammy having a stinker. I would revert to 4-5-1 for the second half.
  7. That's from Jim. If we play a 4-3-3 he doesn't want the 3 up top to consist of 1 striker and two out and out wingers.
  8. Quaner has been signed to play wide so I don't see him necessarily replacing any of the strikers.
  9. The manager is the one who rates them. He has been criticising the strikers for a while now for not doing enough, particularly shooting.
  10. Erwin has better stats for closing down and getting shots off.
  11. Hamilton and Well have signed new players as well as us, so yes.
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