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  1. There was a discussion on Sportsound a couple of weeks ago. It was mentioned then that players travelled on their own although no mention was made about rules for Away games. Most players arrived at stadiums in their kit and left immediately after a game. 'Changing room' chats took place in hospitality areas where players could socially distance. For more information on covid procedures contact the club.
  2. Car sharing is not allowed. It is a big stadium - players can change in corridors or hospitality or toilets or wherever they are 2 metres apart from anyone else. However apparently most change at home and turn up in their kit - which they also wash themselves.
  3. Players no longer use changing rooms. They change by themselves either at home or on their own in the stadium, drive to games themselves then immediately go home themselves in their kit (or they can change without a shower of course).
  4. However that would leave an emergency for Clyde for example if we bring back 2 players that they are relying on when they have no chance to replace them. If all parties agree then maybe a player can be recalled but I doubt the loan club would agree outwith a transfer window especially if the player is playing regularly and is a success and if there is more than one player involved.
  5. I believe any recall has to be written into the loan contract with usually an option for a return during the Jan window when the club the player is on loan to can find a replacement.
  6. I am quite sure parent clubs cannot end loan arrangements when they feel like it.
  7. 3 more players tested positive. Match could be in doubt.
  8. For an employee of another Club to infer on national radio, which was then picked up by the tabloids, that we were cheating requires a public rebuttal. The wording was maybe not how I would have written it however I share the sentiment. I am pleased St Mirren didn't just keep their mouth shut as they often do.
  9. Finlayson, Mason and having Dennis now available will help that situation. Injuries are part and parcel of a squad. But stupid sending offs and a high number of positive Covid cases and self isolations are a concern.
  10. Killie are being investigated as we shall. They, and us, may well forfeit the game if we broke covid rules.
  11. I am not disagreeing with the necessity of 3 at the back however I am concerned about McAllister getting frequent starts when he has not impressed for over a season and McPherson and Connolly not getting the game time their cameo appearances deserve. We need our best 11 to start and compete in every game however we fail to do that IMHO.
  12. Academy players are not being tested so cannot fill the bench. Only the first team squad can. The Academy is also light in some positions just now and some are out on loan. No point in signing/promoting more players when there is no league to play in. The Academy players that were promoted to the first team squad have mostly been sent out on loan for now. Once all the injuries clear up the bench should be full.
  13. Chancer????? To me he is showing great initiative and drive. He regularly writes about all aspects of Scottish football far more incisively and intelligently than Tom English who is the Chief Sports writer on BBC Scotland. His video calls with players at home are insightful. But most of all his content is not about the Old Firm - unheard of in Scottish media. But he is only 19 with an HND so he must be shite.
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