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  1. Still hoping for Mihai, Anders, Gary and Mateo for next season .... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/mihai-popescu-returning-st-mirren-16513019
  2. Last summer Stubbs signed 11 players and not one of them was any better than what we had. Shite manager. lol
  3. You are totally deluded living in your Stubbs wonderland and spouting the same bullshit. Stubbs only wanted to keep 3 players that had won the Championship only months before - Magennis, Samson and Smith and that was based on a chat with a gibbering journalist. What manager chooses a squad based on a journalist's opinion? The rest could all go according to Stubbs. He told MacKenzie to find a new club weeks after he had signed a new contract and even before Stubbs had watched him play. The same MacKenzie who was great and undefeated in the last six games of the season to keep us up but Stubbs wanted Kpekawa and Heaton as his centre halfs. £80k on a donkey that did not even attend the playoffs for the team that gave him a chance and pay his wages. Heaton over MacKenzie? What an idiot. He never even gave Heaton 5 mins in League games after watching him being torn apart by amateurs of Spartans and Queens Park. He told Baird to find a new club. Flynn started only one League game under Stubbs with Stubbs preferring Willock. Stubbs demanded the Board get rid of Captain Fantastic but the Board refused. They wisely got rid of Stubbs instead. Paul McGinn, Player of the Year, was dropped as soon as Hodson was signed. Stubbs started Smith in 4 of the 5 League games and only decided to get rid of him when Smith called him out for being a wanker. With the exception of Magennis and Samson the players that were from last season and the mainstay for keeping us up were not wanted by Stubbs. What manager tells players to find new clubs when there is little chance of that happening and he has no replacements? The guy signed the worst squad of new players ever assembled by a St Mirren manager. He wanted rid of the players who Kearney realised were the only decent pros that he had in the squad. Stubbs' signings : Coulson - loaned out to Cambridge in January - never played for them. Kpekawa - no club since we released him from a 2 year deal (2 years?????). Heaton - 5 starts for non League Kidderminster and not played in months. Willock - went on loan again to Crawley Town. Released by Man U. Signed for Gillingham today. Jones - back to Southampton's U23 side. Brock-Marsden - released by Birmingham, returned to Denmark. Jeff King - without a club. Ryan Edwards - returned to Hearts. Played 4 games for them. Hodson - now with Gillingham. Cooke - still with St Mirren. 3 starts all season. Rogers - now back at Aberdeen after failing to get in the first team. Aye, Stubbs sure had an eye for a player
  4. I would be concerned if our front pairing is Cooke and Mullen this season. No offence to Cooke as he may come good and shows signs of improving, however he only started 3 games in the whole of last season (less than most of the rubbish Stubbs' signed) and that was because of injuries. Still unproven for me. I like Danny but feel that he needs to play with another striker as he has no space when on his own and he needs space to work in (but not out wide). We certainly need more options than we currently have.
  5. Pish. If Stubbs had had his way most of the team that Kearney fielded would have been out the door and replaced by Stubbs' no-marks.
  6. Lyons was a hard worker. I'll give him that. Maybe Oran was playing him in the wrong position, although unlikely as he knew him better than anyone, but for someone playing behind a striker he point blank refused to shoot. Lyons frustrated the life out of me as he always wanted to pass the ball when in good positions and when forced to shoot (like at Hamilton), he made such a mess of golden opportunities. There is no point playing someone in the hole behind a striker who has no confidence to have a pop and abdicates all responsibility.
  7. He looked to have some skill but no application or workrate. Considering he could not get into one of the worst teams (for the opening 6 months) to ever be in the Premiership then I would be surprised if he was deemed good enough for a team that finished second.
  8. According to the Scotsman this morning the New Club are interested in signing..... wait for it......... Matty Willock!
  9. Would not have been unhappy if Hodson had stayed as cover however he is second choice for me in either full back position. Was probably on a good wedge with the new club and am sure Gillingham can pay a far higher wage in League 1 than we ever could. Good luck to him.
  10. My point is that clubs pay stupid money for shit players. Rangers signed some guy for £2m and has hardly played a game for them. They now want to unload him. Popescu is not a shit player though and I think easily worth £350,00 although we don't have that sort of cash unless SMiSA chip in
  11. Possibly. As I said I have no idea what match day costs would be. But I would be pissed if we had to pay for all the stupid fireworks and flame throwers that Utd used at Tannadice.
  12. I haven't seen the figures in detail - I was wondering if in general terms the extra income from playoffs would likely be greater than the difference in prize money between 10 and 11 The SPFL take 50% and both clubs split the other 50% after costs. So 19k over both games at say £15 a ticket = £285,000. SPFL take £142,000. Costs deducted - no idea but say £20K which leaves approx £120,000 divided by 2 = 1 higher Premiership League placing.
  13. The Fakes also host weddings, private functions, kids parties, private dining, conferences and corporate events as well as funerals. I may be mistaken but I am sure I read a couple of years back that they had 6 staff (maybe not all full-time) on their marketing/commercial side of things which is why they were so successful at generating income. I believe they also have a range of suites on offer so they can hold multiple events simultaneously.
  14. Be prepared to be surprised as I was. Goody himself told Sportsound only a couple of weeks ago that they have 3 evening training sessions per week - 1 more than most part time teams but one of the reasons they done so well.
  15. Yes, I know. However Alloa have training sessions 3 nights a week plus Saturday games. He may prefer to ditch the very consuming part time job so he can spend more time with his family.
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