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  1. Obkika is far too static. He is marked but he never peels off right or.left or indicates to midfield players to put it right or left. He waits for the ball to come to him and doesn't move towards the forward pass to give himself a yard. He needs to create some space for himself but continually fails to do so.
  2. McCarthy is some find if he can keep that level of performance up. Strolled that game against one of the most physical and dangerous strikers in the League. Surely there must be some decent strikers in the LOI. After the game Jim was complaining about our inability to make the ball stick up front. So why wait until 10 mins to go before changing it Jim? Obika is hopeless - how many 1-1 with a keeper has he had and never scored? Andreu doesn't work hard enough and although Morias has improved recently he was honking out wide. I admit I was wrong when I thought he could play wide but he gave us no width by keep coming inside and coming back for the ball instead of stretching the defence. McGinn should have started with Flynn wide right and wee Danny up front. But a point is a point even if this Dons are very poor. Hope Paul stays but cannot blame him if he can more than double his wages.
  3. Unfortunately Kyle is out for the rest of the season. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51216504
  4. It was difficult to make a move when the crossing and passing in the forward areas was abysmal constantly giving the ball away when we broke forward only for them to counter attack with more precision. Even our free kicks in their half were piss poor. Would have been different if we could string a couple of passes together and at least keep a cross or forward pass in the field of play.
  5. Goody did not go for it as Sevco have regularly been hitting 4 and 5 against teams at Ibrox this season (eg Hearts in Dec) and a heavy defeat would not have helped goal difference nor confidence, especially the young central defenders. That being said I would have started Danny last night as he is like a Duracell bunny in closing the ball down and is prepared to shoot from distance. But a lot of our long balls out of defence were woeful - some straight out the park - for any of our players to do much with them.
  6. Can't complain. Defence worked pretty well considering it was inexperienced and makeshift. Concentration was decent besides Waters lumping the ball straight out for a goal kick three times when trying to pass to Durmus and McPherson giving away a short free kick that almost cost us.
  7. I would have taken Shaw but not paid a substantial fee for him. A token amount with a sell on clause maybe at best.
  8. Ross County have just sold 18yo Gallagher to Aberdeen for an undisclosed fee rumoured to be around 6 figures. Possibly just passed that on to Hibs for Shaw. In the few times I have seen Shaw he looked a handful. Had a great game against us at ER when he made one and scored one in the Hammill 2-2 draw.
  9. Possibly both have been told their contract won't be renewed and no surprise there. I only heard about Danny. With McGrath and a new striker imminent then both are even further down the pecking order.
  10. I reckon Morias gets on a lot better playing wide where he has time and space. He did get a couple of decent shots in late in the game when he moved further out from the middle. And from Saturday's brief appearance McGrath looks like he would be a great no 10 playing just off a striker.
  11. Not for a moment saying Danny is a great striker but he is a hell of a lot better than Cooke. Cooke has had 3 League starts in 20 months under 3 different managers tells its own story. Danny came on as a sub on Saturday, scored one, made one and had a great volley on target. Cooke had come on as a sub in the five previous games and I only remember one shot on target from him. Cooke offers very little. I would punt Cooke and keep Danny for now.
  12. I heard 2 weeks ago that Danny had been told to find a new club. Madness. He has the best scoring ratio of anyone at ghe club. If anyone should be going it shojld be Cooke.
  13. Danny has scored 4 goals in 10 starts this season. Jon has scored 7 in 19. So Jon will have to score against Sevco on Wed to equal Danny's percentage. At the moment Danny has a better scoring record.
  14. Twice the ball hit off Obika in the way into the net. History registers two goals for Obika but fans at the game would credit the guys who shot in the first place. In the first half alone Obika received the ball in the six yard box four times and failed to hit the target once. A decent striker and we would not have had to wait until the 89th minute to settle the game. Besides all that McGrath looks a player. Had more shorts on target in 30 mins than anyone else in the team during 90 mins..
  15. Jim has just confirmed that we were not in for him as we are well covered. We were interested in the summer but not now. https://www.stmirren.com/buddievision-content/3425-buddievision-press-conference-jim-goodwin-pre-broxburn-athletic
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