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  1. Don't let Sid get to you, he us a tortured soul who finds comfort as an internet assasin. More to be pitied than laughed at! Don't let him ruin what is otherwise a good thread SD! Right back on topic..... I like the sports science idea.....something that would benefit the club and the community.
  2. Its very healthy to encourage this type of debate. Hopefully with the numbers involved in the CIC then we will have no shortage of good ideas. A fellow drinker in the Bull Inn last night suggested this for one of the corners. A St Mirren physio centre that can be utilisied by the playing squad, members if the public (fee paying of course or reffered by the NHS) and other community organisations. Could we revisit a gym? This may be more difficult since much of the would be membership quite rightly followed the last venture to Seedhill.
  3. Yes they are. Considering the green dot was given because the original poster was giving ideas and giving people something to think about makes me wonder why you felt the need to type the first line of your post. Personally I would liken the membership fee's to remain, even after the original loans have been paid off. Its all money that is going straight into the club!
  4. Take a green dot. At last we something constructive about the takeover that is GOING to happen.
  5. We are at that stage now. Childish bickering will occur whatever the proposal is but the main issue now is Q) Now that all the information that anyone could want has been offered will you be investing? Its a straight yes or no. Im actually quite excited by the prospect and what it means for our club.
  6. Absolutely, still does not mean every St Mirren fan is behind it though. I will be a founder member though!
  7. Now that the meetings are over and each question and point poured over, both constructively and at time stupidly it is decision time.
  8. Ive just read this again and its still daft. Anyway, did you enjoy the meeting? Will you be supporting the cic? Will you be advising others to invest in it or avoid it? Im sure you will be even wiser now and your opinion much more valuable!
  9. No the problem is you keep yacking on and on. RussellVI answered you extemely well.
  10. Sportsmans dinner time again. See the Bull Inn thread for details!

  11. I have better things to do. Why don't you a) stick your question in the appropriate thread or go to tonights meeting and ask your question B is the best option for whatever your question was again.
  12. Once again you are making things up. The fact that Smisa are backing it should install some confidence in those who are unsure. I have previously stated the reasons why. As to why such a reasonable statement makes you spit the dummy is entirely beyond me. Im sure you will find the meeting both informative and enjoyable. I did.
  13. Have another green dot Gruff. I hope many read that post.
  14. Yes you are. Why didn't you just wait until after you had attended the meeting before arguing with people about the CIC? Everyone needs to make up there own mind on this but at least become informed yourself before berating those who already have.
  15. I get annoyed by David_Morrison as much as the next person but you appear to have the grasp of it here Just to add, with each "social inclusion target" or whatever they are called that the CIC meet the interest/amount outstanding will also reduce.
  16. And neither should you. You SHOULD however wait until you have attended said meeting before imposing your opinion as without being properly informed you are merely making a nuisance of yourself.
  17. You really are a mischevious lot. I didn't infer anything of the like. I just think the fact that Smisa back it should install confidence. Whats the problem with that?
  18. Why wouldnt it? Smisa is made up of perfectly reasonable people who obviously care deeply for St Mirren. For Smisa to make a statement like that means that the perfectly reasonable people at Smisa have researched the cic and decided to support it. Does that answer your question?
  19. Spot on. I didn't think either of them were listening to the answers or (more likely) did not llike the answer about the debt as they were unable to criticise. Yes, I felt an agenda was being served. I also thing the conduct of the two of them was very poor indeed.
  20. Glad to see. Hopefully the fact that smisa support it will quieten some of the dissenters who clearly have not been to any of the meetings!
  21. Would happily take either or both of them!
  22. Why? It sounded like an honest statement to me.
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