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  1. Hi Buddie Buddie,

    Drop me a PM with your name & ill check it out . I`m sure you understand when things are posted under forum pseudonyms i havent a clue who it is .  


    Brian Roy

  2. The list is always open Bud, We currently have over 40 registered players. When you join , you go to the bottom of the list , as people cant play ,They drop out & next on the reserve list steps up. 

    Follow this link & register, they will send me an e-mail to accept.



  3. Welcome aboard, Holland1, Good to have you join us, Spread the word & come on Vitesse Arnhen!

    1. holland1


      Just saw your post - 4 years later! But thank you! Saw my first St. Mirren game last August, alongside Liverpoolbud. Loved every second of it. Still wear my St Mirren shirt with pride over here. Cheers mate!

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