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  1. The way things were going I would have been delighted to keep it to ! - 0 til half time, cause it didn't look likely. We can't play that bad in the second half. Feeling confident , like any sensible Saints supporter, worried.
  2. Cheer up, Bud. He might still be our match winner, the substitutes could make the difference today.
  3. KennyC

    Paisley Pubs

    Best thread ever! Excuse the (paisley) pun but for an exiled Bud of over 25 years this is brilliant stuff. Coming from Johnstone, which has no shortage of pubs, I did a fair amount of drinking in Paisley from the mid 70s onwards. Saturday afternoons in the Dusty Miller were compulsory, with Findo Gask as resident kick ass band!
  4. Joanna Newsom! This chic rocks. And plucks.
  5. Big bamboo by the Mighty Sparrow. Can you guess what its about?
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