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  1. If you had been there you would have known whether that was mentioned or not. The fact that you weren't there but still attempt to assert so large a say, without any real knowledge, discredits anything of substance that you do contribute and devalues your opinion.
  2. There are two main shareholding groups: 10000 Hrs (majority shareholding) and 1877 (minority, made up of anyone with 1877 shares or more). Each will have an elected board, which in turn can put up for election a proportional (per shares or the group) number of people onto the club BoD. 10000 Hrs, having the majority shareholding, will always have the majority of places on the club BoD. The 1877 board has been referred to as the non-executive board, simply because it has the minority of shares and so has no real power to act, except to put up for election a minority of members to the club BoD (which is still a good proposal IMO). The CiC elected board will have the power, along with being able to put up for election members of the club board, to make decisions, as the CiC members see fit, on the running of the football club and the CiC. All of the above process is done democratically with elections, votes and, if group members disagree with the decisions of thier elected board, the process of AGM/EGM, where decisions can be made on board membership, the constitution and other major decisions. There is nothing hidden, nothing sinister and no "junior" or otherwise board.
  3. That was addressed last night and explained fully. What you have just stated us 100% untrue. If you had been there you would have known. However ignorance allows you to further your agenda.
  4. Neither driving nor "beelin". Your attention-seeking nonsense doesn't emotionally affect me in the slightest. Thanks for considering my well-being though. I'll recount Div's tweets at some point today. However it is worth considering that he was typing as it was being spoken, which often leads to missing clarity and the inability to retract something that hasn't been accurately communicated, and, he only has 140 characters to get the message across. You should watch the live Sky news subtitles to see what I mean. Perhaps though, to save yourself from looking like a tit, you should leave the summary of meetings to those who were in attendance... Although this wouldn't help push your agenda, would it?
  5. There are more holes, inaccuracies, false statements and downright lies in this post than I can even attempt to address right now, on my phone. It's hardly surprising but still astounding that you attempt to give an account of a meeting that you didn't even go to.
  6. You're quote was the perfect way to close the meeting Bud! Also nice to put a name to a face.
  7. f**k sake! I was in Chelmsford, Essex. Tonight though. I'll be in St Mirren Park, Greenhill Road, Paisley, Renfrewshire - so ram it!
  8. I'll be there. You'll know me as I'll be the best looking guy in the room
  9. So... How is this 10000 Hrs' or REA's fault? Stu Dick was right, and I agree with you, it appears the average St Mirren fan is too stupid to get it. However, it doesn't need everyone on board to change things, just a quorum - in sure between us all, we can find a good enough number to set the thing straight. Don't stress John, chill. Sign the bloody form - we'll make sure it'll be ok. I promise you, it can't not be.
  10. I have admitted that you have a point. However we differ in that I think it can and will be amended appropriately afterwards. It can't not. The sheer pressure of numbers stacked in our (R&F) favour means it will. Also the social funder(s) won't allow it to be solely corporate. I'd rather sign up now and work my arse off afterwards to ensure it becomes what it is meant to and always should have been. It's easier to steer a moving ship - but impossible if the thing is sinking!
  11. I'll admit nothing. It's a rake of pish!
  12. Oh dear, still at it. Hypocritical so-and-so
  13. A pertinent question!!! I'll see you there - make sure you say hi this time!
  14. Great another alias. Just what this debate needs.
  15. Shameless scaremongering, of the kind for which you were lambasting Supermac's article in the Herald and the PDE article when they mentioned other foreign bidders who have approached the selling consortium. It can't be one way and not the other. If there are other bidders, they can't be guaranteed to safely look after our club and if there aren't, REA et al can't be guaranteed to bring down the club over the next (fantasy) three years.
  16. There have been 6 (if not more) public meetings. Countless email releases. A 10000 Hours forum on their own website. A dedicated thread on this forum. People have been offered that chance to personally talk to REA and the team. SMISA have been advertising meetings for anyone to attend. There is a draft constitution and an FAQ in circulation. If you feel you have too little information, that is because you have purposefully chosen not to engage in the process, not because 10000 Hours haven't made the effort to get the info out there.
  17. No! Which is ironic, as some of thier complaint seems to be that there is too little fan/membership involvement.
  18. From a brilliant post earlier to one of the worst you have ever made on here. Ranting and raving about potential season ticket boycotts on one thread and outraged that some fans would "encourage" others not to renew (when there wasn't one post doing so) to this post above, where you are clearly inciting fans not to sign up to be part of fan ownership and governance and claiming that if they do they are not real fans and don't care about the community or the club. Downright f**king shameful, John. Hypocritical, brazen-faced and shameful. You may feel like you need more info. You may believe that 10,000 Hours are up to something sneaky You might think that the whole thing is an elaborate way for REA to own the club at our expense You might have spat the dummy out cos you weren't invited to a bum-in You may have been left out of a piece of information You may think you have been misled That is no reason for you to encourage honest, smart and SMFC-loving fans not sign-up. You are deliberately trying to hurt the club, the town and the fans. And, unlike those not renewing their season tickets, your crusade to not get people to sign up to the CiC will hurt the long term future of the club - not just for one season but possibly forever. To use your own expression against you, it is bawbaggery of the highest possible order. If people truly care about the club (and/or the town) and can afford, by hook or by crook, £10 per month, then they should be signing up for this. Every bit of uncertainty will be able to ironed out at a later date. It is abhorrent that Sid is trying to encourage people not to sign up, deliberately trying to hurt the future of the club.
  19. Ah! At last, the Sid we know and love. This is a great post and bang on the money. I still believe that the community/one town stuff can be achieved (partly because it probably has to be to appease the social funders, partly because there will hopefully be enough of us like-minded buds on board to put the pressure on to make it happen) but even if it isn't just now, that doesn't stop it being a great opportunity to secure the future of the club an make sure it is in safe hands for our kiddos.
  20. You gave options, suggesting multiple choice - as if you were in the know. As you first offered those options, you tell me - where did you get your info that he had been at a maximum of 3 matches all season? Again though, this is just a smoke screen. The co-op is about the fans. The diddies who are dead set on making it about REA or otherwise are grossly mislead. I have signed up to the co-op and I was at every home match (bar one) last season - that is just as important. If anyone has a semi-reasonable point about the issues fan ownership/governance now faces, it's Sid... The problems that exist are a lack of current common or garden fan involvement and a derth of info that has been put into the public domain. The issue certainly isn't how many matches one of the CiC members attended last season. Of course, even Sid knows he's ripping the piss going on to the extent he is about his perceived issues. It's a brilliant irony that the best possible chance there is of 10000 Hrs failing is fronted by someone who is a signed up member and who is half joking about the complaints he has.
  21. It's nice to have been away for a week and come back to see that Sid is STILL in meltdown mode, Somner still unable to put a good cast against 10000 Hrs and Animal returned with completely inaccurate facts about REA's attendance at matches last season - as well as other poorly communicated drivel! Sid is now the anti-CiCers best hope of winning and even he's really only at the wind-up! Somner and Animal best lay it down to rest, it stands a better chance of failure without your "help".
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