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  1. I didn't say they don't count. I just stated a fact.
  2. Nope. The first game was a 7 45 kick off. Nice try.
  3. I'm working it out exactly how I stated it he's the third top premiership goalscorer behind Griffiths and Rooney. Not bad for a "decent striker" in a bottom 6 team.
  4. When did the Premiership start?
  5. Only Rooney and Griffiths have scored more. My thoughts? He's not signing for St Mirren.
  6. Just so I'm getting this right. Folk are debating whether the third best goalscorer in Premiership history would be a good addition? Just for reference, Doolan is breaking Club Records with every season. He's Club Captain, He's in his testimonial season and has also joined the Youth Academy coaching staff. He took a wage reduction to stay and do his best to get us promoted, to right the wrongs of last season. He's a one club player since turning professional. But you boys crack on, it's good reading, if nothing else!
  7. I think you should get a new source.
  8. If anyone tonight lost their partner's bank card for an A Gordon, Lee Mair found it in the car park.
  9. Looking to get back into it after finding out there's a driving range, 10 minutes from the house, in Johnstone. Not swung the wrenches since my best mate moved to Oz about 10 years ago. If I can find my swing over the winter, hopefully I'll be able to get around all of Renfrewshire's courses next summer. Cochrane Castle's the closest but everyone says it's ridiculously challenging at times. Back when I was playing, I was in Newton Mearns. Royal Deakies and Cathcart Castle were my regular rounds. CC being a gem of a course. I found East Ren and Whitecraigs quite boring. Lacking in character.
  10. Teamer is fckd if you go in via the app on Android. But you can still get in via email notifications.
  11. dave.j

    Save Smisa

    LPM. Did you ask for the Chairs introduction of you, ahead of your question, be minuted? I would assume you would be making a formal complaint to the Secretary?
  12. dave.j

    Save Smisa

    Speaking from experience, LPM is spot on regards legalities and the constitution. If demonstrated that they have acted illegally or inappropriately, the board should be removed. The consequences or lack of new runners should not impact that. Everything else on this thread is petty point scoring and rather childish from the majority concerned. It's also pretty accurate that the majority of trust members don't give a shit how their money is spent regardless of the football team. That though, doesn't give those responsible the ability to act above and outwith the constitution they are bound to serve on.
  13. If you go through old YouTube videos, Corbyn is fantastic at debating and would destroy May and her policies on such a platform. Sent from my SM-G900F using Black and White Army mobile app
  14. Sorry, should have said: The impression I get is...
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