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  1. This would make a very worthy B&WArmy charity. It has touched all of us.
  2. Not at all somner9. There are plenty of supporters off line that have ben thanking me for taking the 10000 hrs supporters and their lies to task. How hard is it for them to just post an acknowledgement that the CIC is dead and demand that Richard and GLS withdraw their bid. It was all over the press yesterday that the bid was still alive. That is a disgrace to the fans that supported the bid. Just get it a message at the top of the boards telling everyone the bid was shite and that'll be an end to it. It the rah-rah brigade were to own up and apologise to the fellow fans that supported them based on lies - everyone would say fair play and recognise otherwise good supporters. By not acknowledging their disgraceful treatment of the fans they do more harm to B&WArmy and their own reputations than anything my posts could do. A few pals rallying rounmd online is fooling nobody.
  3. Very positive statement from the Board. Good to see some element of St Mirren is capable of "lessons learnt".
  4. I am delighted to acknowledge that 10000 hrs is 100% dead (has been for some time) and would once again like to apologise to the fans who were right all along that it was a bag of shite. This thread is the opportunity for all genuine fans of St Mirren Football Club to announce their belief that 10000 hrs is dead and to demand that 10000hrs formally withdraw their bid and gies aw f'k'n peace for the good of the club, the community and most of all the fans. Come on poz, you can do it!!!
  5. Oh good the 10000 hrs Boards are open again. Who will poz try and blame for 10000 hrs ineptitude now?
  6. Disnae take a genius to work it out civilsaint. The OTT reaction to my comments is a bit of a give away. It would serve no purpose to name them. No benefit to them and zero benfit to the support or the club - pretty sure most will have worked it out anyway. 10000 hrs and its supporters should now admit that the bid is completely dead and buried and withdraw it completely. What are they hoping to achieve by saying they are leaving a bid on the table? We've seen pozbaird attempt to stir up yet more anger towards the selling consortium. To what end? Why not save face properly and just settle for the positives? The shirt effort was a success - fan involvement that generated income for the club. That's all good. Take the plaudits and try and find a way to keep it going. Nope, instead what we got was an attempt to spin a conspiracy theory that the failure of 10000 hrs is the fault of the selling consortium. No one is going to fall for that. It is shite and we know it is shite. I told you the finances were f"k'd months ago. SMiSA were telling us publically as much long before that. Some fans knew that the finances weren't ther but kept on with the campaign anyway. Why spread bollox about the bid being sustainable when they knew themselves it was a bag of shite? Why try and blame the selling consortium for recognising that the bid is a bag of shite and protecting the club from it. The selling consortium are far from blameless in this shambles. The majority of the blame for the utter f"k up and abuse of the trust and support of the fans most certainly lies with 10000 hrs and the fans that knew it was was shite and chose to carry on regardless. I just can't fathom the level of disrespect they have for fellow supporters that would allow them to do that......worse that they persist with the nonsense even now when it is brutally clear to everyone. Time to tell the truth - admit that the bid was not good for the club and that the entire unsavoury matter is over for good.
  7. There were a lot more than that slapsalmon. I'm not convinced that Tony would have known about it to be fair to him. (edited to add - that Tony also expressed his concern about the questions raised by SMiSA at the public meeting). GLS was heavily involved in the construction of the bid as well as trying to sell the 87 & 1877 club memberships. Hardly a revelation. There is a big question to be asked if we are going to do the inquests demanded by pozbaird - why when they knew as far back the beginning of the summer if not earlier that the finances were f"k'd did they continue with the bid. Was the response from the fans a surprise to them - was it a case of their bluff being called. They weren't in any hurry to shout about the 1877 club not signing anyone up - did they even try? Or did the corporate chaps, just like some fans already know the finances were f"k'd. I doubt we'll find out as the guilty fans don't seem keen to out themselves.
  8. There was something on the beeb earlier today about a new element of the tax case being decided in October. However, I think the newco are scot-free on that now?
  9. Midly amusing tht I am being accused of trolling and yet all the abuse and deflection is coming from people who appear to be uncomfortable with the very basic point I have made. Some fans knew that the bid was in serious financial trouble and yet still carried on with the public meeting and subsequent campiagn to get fans to sign up...even encouraging them to text everyone they knew and get their grannies to sign up. I knew the finances were frankly dangerous at that point and declined to support the setting of false expectations of my fellow fans. Other fans knew it too but carried on....why they would that beggars belief. 10000 hrs were on the radio tonight slabbering a lot of shite about the bid being left on the table. Is anyone actually taking that pish seriously. However, the absolute corker was the revelation from REA that the BoD / selling consortium would never sell to anyone that didn't have the club best interests at heart - that's you ya fik cnut. If the selling consortium were never going to sell to Massone or a Craign Whyte type then what wall all the pish slabbered at the last public meeting about? The threads might be closed; however 10000 hrs should rip up the bid altogether and stop making a bawz of themselves and our club. Kill it stone dead and let the fans move on. If the bawbags that proactively misled fans don't want to own up to it and apologise so be it. However, they are fooling no one with all the nonsense about trolling. Your fellow fans aren't as stoopit as you would like to think.
  10. I enjoy walking behind the ones with WATP on their shirts....almost s much fun as the tommcb game.
  11. Get it out of your system good Buddie....you'll be all the better for it.....release the grief!!!
  12. Nope, integrity has been a very popular word this summer. I am quite comfortable with the meaning of the word and context in which it is being used. Life is good SPS.....like many fans St Mirren plays a significant part in it. I respect that greatly. My integrity is intact and I've nothing to be ashamed of. Isn't it time we all agreed that 10000 hrs wasn;t fit for purpose, would have put the club at risk and that it is time to move on. That should be the end of it. Some fans appear to be struggling with that and are intent in unsettling the support even more than it already has. It is time to knock it on the head Bud...I suspect you will agree with that.
  13. It'll take a while reborn - they'll never thank me for it, but when it finally sinks in they will be all the better for it. Tough love!!!
  14. I'm a honest guttless tadger.....integrity intact and nothing to be ashamed of.
  15. I'm an honest fanny div...integrity intact and nothing to be ashamed of. We all mistakes....how we redress our mistakes is what matters. It is time for the support to move on from the 10000 hrs debacle. Best to delete the 10k site and I think everyone will be glad to see the back of this section of the forum. It has been a taint on an otherwise great time to be a Buddie.
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