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  1. Looks like lovestreet is just ignoring some of our requests for a PM. shame...
  2. still awaiting my PM's Lovestreet!!!!!
  3. I can exclusively reveal that Alex will not be signing Darren Purse.
  4. Pm me a faster to see how close you ate gonna be... I won't tell a soul.
  5. If I sit any tighter I'll be shitting diamionds!!!!!!
  6. Who's winding you up.. let me know and I'll have them sorted.
  7. Always liked the look of McCracken whenever I've seen him play.
  8. I love humble pie... First time I've ever tasted it..... At least your not one for gloating lovestreet.
  9. Ohhh such hard words lovestreet.
  10. Ive never had a pm from you with any information.
  11. Answer the question lovestreet..... If you're wrong then have the decency to say so.
  12. So what's happened with nacho novo and Jamie langfield. You told us all that they would be signing.......
  13. Cornell signed on one year loan from Swansea and Dilo signed on one year deal with saints.
  14. He's got you on speed dial under D........ For dobber.
  15. Oh I know it's recorded and delayed transmission just so you can text Jim your exclusives.
  16. Breaking news...... Jim White just asked to go for a break live on sky sports news so he could text his st.Mirren mole so he could get a sky exclusive....... #feedmemoreshite.
  17. You've revealed feck all..... Anytime.
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