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  1. Get on to big Jim Shaw he will get a team up against Saints in no time.
  2. The white shorts with the red stripe look a bit out of place for me would be better with black stripe or black shorts with white stripe.
  3. Did we not try and sign him when he was leaving Motherwell , seem to remember we had interest in him at that time?
  4. St Mirren been linked to Declan Gallagher , worth taking he done good for Well.
  5. Will miss the Saints TV coverage on the games I couldn’t manage to last season , been a great freebie from the clubs to season ticket holders.
  6. Yip , still a decent player and would do a job for us.
  7. Scott Allen leaving Hibs , think he could do a job for us if we could keep him fit.
  8. I think that was only while restrictions were around and they ran it until the end of this season , could be wrong but I’m sure I heard/ read that that was the case.
  9. Agree with this , we recently tried Whispers Chinese takeaway in Houston , portions weren’t the biggest but the food was excellent.
  10. IMO he hasn't done anything anytime he was selected and I'm quite surprised with this transfer speculation , if the offer comes in punt him .
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