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  1. Amazon £20 , bargain.
  2. Thought we would have pulled this off today after going in front , then the usual give a soft goal , this and the draws in February show us that it’s not us that are much better the teams around us are feckin worse.
  3. My bad not even checking , thought they had been doing not bad with what was going on down there , no food , manager, players and feck knows what else , but Gus is now at the wheel.
  4. That’s them fecked then , they were actually on no a bad run 😆
  5. Never been to a La Liga game but had planned to go and watch Espanyol because when we went Barca where playing away , found out the game was starting at 9 pm on a Sunday night and as we were staying in Calella it was too difficult to get back there that night so just done the Camp Nou experience , what a place nice memory.
  6. Didn’t really expect much from today so not too upset , glad Joe played so well and kept the score down .Hamilton game is the one we know we need points from or if Fakes , Utd drop points even better.
  7. Some team has to beat them , might as well be us .........again😁
  8. I’m lucky my wife can cut hair , she has been cutting mine since the first lockdown and I think she’s close to getting it right.
  9. Think this is what many folk are forgetting, more so Dennis as he had started scoring.
  10. Top six starting to look like pie in the sky , another pish display by us.
  11. Jack Ross is sitting in his car in the Porkheid car park.......😬
  12. We should do one of the crowd funding thingys to help pay his wages.
  13. Should have had this won by halftime , were well on top at that stage.Their goal game from a deflection so not as though they were much of a threat , think changes should have been made a bit quicker to stop Hamilton getting control of the midfield and as for Erwin , needs a goal or two to get the confidence up.
  14. Used to love the snooker from the 80’s /90’s , so much more characters and better players.
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