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  1. linwood buddie

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16th Feb

    Flynn was good today, usually gets sagged off and a times rightly so but not today Flynny
  2. linwood buddie

    Music Gigs

    Complete Madness were great tonight in the Old Swan, place was packed and they also played a few tunes by The Specials, The Beat and Bad Manners. Done a fantastic cover of Geno, if they come back I would recommend them, a great night listening to some classics.
  3. linwood buddie

    O.F. Disappearing act?

    Dickos all over Facebook on the supporters pages, doing what he does.
  4. linwood buddie

    Music Gigs

    Complete Madness on the 15th and These Smiths on 16th, busy weekend.
  5. linwood buddie

    Time for Change

    Don't need to bother to check when I have good fellows like yourself who will do it for me
  6. linwood buddie

    Time for Change

    What about the rumour of Div closing this forum at the end of the season , if its true then there is really no point in bringing in new sheriffs to clean the place up
  7. linwood buddie

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    This is all very unfortunate , the guys in W7 have been working hard on adding a bit of atmosphere in the stadium and have had a good rapport with the players. I don't know anything about bad conduct either at our ground or any ground so can't make comment on that ,just hope this doesn't spell the end of that section especially at a time when the team can really do with all our backing.
  8. linwood buddie

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    I think Oran should get to the end of the season at least.
  9. linwood buddie

    New Morton manager

    I always enjoy the Morton games and especially enjoy going through to their midden for a wee away day.
  10. linwood buddie

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Their first goal was an absolute belter, their second was a shambles, runner not picked up and allowed a free header while surrounded by our defence who at the time look to be playing Statues. Pish poor yet again, our midfield was pretty anonymous the second half.
  11. linwood buddie

    Speculation Thread

    This is a belter, made me chuckle
  12. linwood buddie

    January Signings

    A lot of business done both ways, hopefully it's enough to turn our season around and give it a go. COYS.
  13. linwood buddie

    Alex Salmond Arrested and Charged

    Appearing in court this afternoon going by MSN.
  14. They were a pair of "Heed the baws,".
  15. I watched it until McGregor's miss and had enough,we were poor all over the park and the first goal shows how bad our defending is at times , a free header from six yards ,the penalty was schoolboy stuff McGinn giving Sinclair a freebie. Now sitting rock bottom a least now we need to get the sleeves rolled up.