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  1. linwood buddie

    Dundee Sack McCann

    Jim McIntyre must be due a new job.
  2. linwood buddie

    Scotland Football Club

    McLeish is pondering a Scotland recall for forgotten forward Steven Fletcher. (The Herald) How bad does this get?
  3. linwood buddie

    Music Gigs

    The Smyths at the Garage on 21st December , great cover band and very authentic , seen them in the Bungalow last year and they had the place jumping.
  4. linwood buddie

    I'm Listening To....

    Couldn't find any threads about good music downloading sites so just use this for now , can anyone recommend a good download site and not the ones you need to pay a monthly sub to keep the downloads?Cheers .
  5. linwood buddie

    Scotland Football Club

    Mcleish is clueless and this goes to show how out of his depth he is now.
  6. linwood buddie

    Scotland Football Club

    Mcleish playing a system that doesn't work , total embarrassing score against a poor team who are out playi g us
  7. linwood buddie

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    Sounded like Miller , maybe too many knocks to the noggin have slowed him down to Millers talking speed ? I stand corrected
  8. linwood buddie

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    Probably had money on correct score.
  9. linwood buddie

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    That plum Willie Miller said it would be 4-0 or 4-1 and here was me saying "Aye right ya wee tadger".
  10. linwood buddie

    Soundbars For Tv

    I've been using a sound bar for a couple of years now , definitely would say its worth getting one the sound it loads better . We were away last week and the place we went to had a good tv but a flat screen and it was just not the same. On the speech timing issue , I would say that mine is in time with the picture.
  11. linwood buddie

    Latest Scores

    Napoli deserved the win , Liverpool looked a bit out of sorts tonight with quite a few mistakes , stray passes etc.
  12. linwood buddie

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    That means only 11 to Xmas
  13. linwood buddie

    Match Programmes

    Its some new fangled thingy you would use in a car
  14. linwood buddie


    What team were the dirtiest?
  15. linwood buddie

    Betting Thread 2018 / 2019.

    The rest were all correct. Man City 1/6. Spurs 8/11. Hibs 8/11. Ath Madrid 8/11. Bayen Mun 1/3 Inter 10/11. Porto 1/4. Charlerio 10/11. ( BASSAS) VPS 10/11. Djurgardens 4/9 . Norrkoping 4/6. Shamrock R 8/13.