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  1. The Juventus will rise from the flames , heard it happened to a Scottish team in 2012.
  2. Tanser is a clown , what was he expecting from that?
  3. That penalty is missed and the one KDB got against Fulham show you how shit VAR can be , the refs have mostly always been shit so not much change there.
  4. Wife just bought me this , although probably heard them all on his videos still looking forward to a good laugh.
  5. Bought the album Love on vinyl , was well worth the purchase.
  6. Three players round about him what do they want him to do?
  7. And he was a Buddie , same as meatball we watched them as kids.
  8. That’s was a hard watch Carson saved us there a couple of times.
  9. The amount in the trolley would have been bad for my health ,would have cost a small fortune.
  10. There was definitely some milk and bread in it and if I’m not mistaken some diet refreshments.
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