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  1. Better going now , a pre contract only gets us a kick in the baws.
  2. I would have thought he would be decent for us even 6 months ago but not too sure now , he’s let himself go too much and if he can’t get a game for Dundee then he’s maybe needing to drop down to the Championship.
  3. So far we are none out , none in , better or otherwise😁
  4. The usual all we see is teams around about us signing players , only good thing is none of them so far would give you the fear😁
  5. We need someone to give us a big pot of cash so we can pay more than the ones around us for decent players wages.
  6. If I’m honest the point from these two games was unexpected , the fact we never got a couple of hidings is also a bonus , some good defending and bad finishing to thank tho the toothless attacking side of things is a big problem and it’s not only against these two teams.
  7. Power gave that ball away twice in about 5 seconds.
  8. Not sherry , the Christmas Buckie it’s a tonic wine and good for what ailes you😵‍💫
  9. Just stop it there , if this was boxing we would be out cold.
  10. Hope big Curtis can play a blinder today , must be due one🤞🏻
  11. I think they are thinking about us , a couple of hammerings would have ruined our Xmas🎅🏻
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