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  1. The away/home strip is not as bad as I first thought , might have been better with black shorts right enough.
  2. Do we have a sell on fee for Mallan ,saying he's going to Turkey for low six figures?
  3. We got through on the phone to register but then tried two or three times to get our tickets bought so we missed out on the ballot , hopefully the next ballot goes only to fans who missed out here , only fair way IMO.
  4. I was a mod in the day myself with a few punk and skin buddies , and also had a scooter Vespa GS 90 but it had 125 engine. None of that automatic shit.
  5. One of my mates was a Celtic fan when they were being sponsored by CR Smith , he told me that when he had went in to buy the new shirt that season they handed him the CR Smith thing to iron on himself…….true story.
  6. I liked the look of Pinnock when he played against us , wonder if he’s still there?
  7. Got to agree on Meatball turned out to be class , as many expected.
  8. No going to enter the ballot , just don’t fancy the atmosphere of 500 fans sitting there moaning about how many beans they got on their pie , we will hear every moan you know.
  9. I enjoyed watching games from the comfort of my recliner so I have no problem not getting lucky in a raffle and watching from home especially in the sh*tty weather.
  10. Jim will be looking at the Irish market again , we. had a bit of luck last wee while.
  11. Long shot , but hopefully Durmus decides he misses Paisley too much and heads back🤞🏻
  12. Kiltie is a decent signing , been a good player for Killie.
  13. Watched the Madness one tonight from the Palladium, very good it was with all the hits and Paul Weller and Roland Gift as guests. Hope they play the Paul Weller one tomorrow, going to ask the site host.
  14. He’s done well for us so good to have a bit longer.
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