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  1. A couple of English games called off yesterday,maybe the league will see this pandemic is hitting other teams might sway things in our favour.
  2. Andres Dreyer playing against Liverpool tonight.
  3. If Hertz are top of the championship then they will want back up , they couldn’t get fecked again , could they?🤔
  4. I agree with you ,bye ,bye Hamilton it's been a long time coming 😁
  5. What games does Dykes miss for his suspension?
  6. All the restrictions we need to live with but this part of London is exempt from them🤨
  7. No don’t know anything about the Euro Nations League play offs ,nothing no siree ,maybe you could fill me in .Give me a minute to grab some popcorn , your expertness.
  8. Sorry Sir International Football Expert please let us share your obvious experience of following international football🙏🏻
  9. Was just saying that to my wife , we are doing something right.
  10. Penalties to beat Israel and we are at home , not great but on to Serbia now and anything can happen🤞🏻
  11. McGinn been our best player by a bit tonight ,done some amount of running.
  12. Wonder if we will get to see Fleck , decent player for Sheffield.
  13. That was some miss my McTominay , a decent contact and that in , just hope we don’t regret that.
  14. Sold the club captain and brought in 2 loanees ,one who it would appear in injured with an injury that could take about 8 weeks to recovery from ......What the f*ck St Mirren , What the f*ck are you doing?
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