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  1. I was thinking that myself Smokie.
  2. It was on Twitter, it regards two Republican marches this Saturday.
  3. Going to be an eventful weekend with this and a bigot face off on Sunday.
  4. Might be more chance he could end up back on loan at Motherwell rather than here.IMO.
  5. I know it probably a non starter but hope the CH is Mihai .
  6. They forgot to sign off with “No Surrender “.
  7. UEFA should tune into Sunday’s game to see the amount of bigotry the SFA and SPFL allow.
  8. That would never ever be allowed to happen ,would it? Maybe if they had been a club from Glasgow they might have had a chance.
  9. Well Neymar is chasing a move ,he’s fallen out with PSG so could come here on loan until things blow over🤭
  10. Is Morgan a striker or a midfielder?,could be him he wasn’t involved today at all.
  11. I enjoyed our fans rendition of “Your Not Rangers Anymore “.
  12. Good comeback win from the Soap Dodgers ,Thistle having a similar start to last season.
  13. I have never looked in that section bud , don’t really visit the forum much these days I just never sign out on my iPad.
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