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  1. Liverpool have been poor 2nd half , hard to believe that they have won the league if you were watching them for the first time.
  2. It was some goal against a good keeper.
  3. That’s a great proposal IMO, All we have been reading is about clubs cutting back on their youth and academy set ups.
  4. They were totally in control ,was more like a training game than a league one.
  5. They said on the commentary that if City drop points at Chelsea it’s over.
  6. Salah’s attempted lob was mince. Thats more like it ,that shot was like steak mince.
  7. Liam Treadwell dies aged 34.RIP young man,
  8. So very sad , rest in peace little angels.
  9. Your right bud ,it was The Wee Handy,getting confused it's the old age.
  10. That was some place ,never far away from going up in the air with all the guys who were after each other .
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