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  1. Gambling addiction is a right problem for many people and families and online betting is hooking more and more folk.
  2. Did anyone watch Only an Excuse last night ? ,I made a point of missing it due to how utter pants it’s been the last couple of years.
  3. What an effort by Div and all who donated it has spread to many other clubs supporters .A lot of less fortunate people will benefit from this gesture of kindness and to raise so much at this time of year was fantastic , makes you a bit prouder to be a supporter of our club.
  4. RockinRollas in Paisley West End has some good groups booked over the next couple months , Bad Manners and The Smyths , Absolute Jam ,Kinks Experience and James tribute only a few of them.
  5. My mate seen them when they were at their peak and said they all looked out of it but said they were still decent, I seen Black Grape supporting Oasis and didn't think too much.
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