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  1. Wonder if they have access to performance enhancing stimulants 🤔
  2. One of the Chippies in Linwood are only allowing telephone orders , doesn’t matter if it’s for delivery or takeaway.
  3. You know ,so do I even have a couple of old tennis balls in the dogs toy box😁
  4. Is he injured , he wasn’t in the squad on Saturday?
  5. If Griffiths was to go anywhere it would more likely be the Hibees.
  6. Played quite well , lost a deflected goal and one from a mistake , also had a couple of chances ourselves. On to Killie and hopefully as much effort if not more and 3 points.
  7. Agree with the Mason one , he was lucky to get away with giving away a penalty and what then would had been his second yellow , don’t think he was getting enough help on his side of the park .
  8. Two teams were well matched and we had them under pressure the last 5 mins , good finish by Nisbet and two sending offs deserved. That was about it.
  9. Good win , under a wee bit pressure second half but good enough to take it. Some finish by Jamie.
  10. Have another look at the Irish market we have had a bit of luck.
  11. At least we are doing something, might not lead to anything ,might give us back those games and a chance to lose the points fairly 😂
  12. He will be Sevco bound sooner or later.
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