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  1. We could go to games and have a bit of Barry White blasting out the tannoy.
  2. Read some of the posts about Goody getting the managers job and IMO he would do a decent job , he has done a good job at Alloa getting them in to the Championship and I think an even better job keeping them there . I would be more than happy with Goody at the helm , Oran done what we wanted him to do last season and kept us in this league but if we are being honest the football at times was chronic.
  3. Oran took a years leave from his teaching job , that was reported when he joined the club , wonder if his contract has a break clause inserted.
  4. What goods Flareybob ?, we never did get Billy Clabby.
  5. Get the feeling that this is all over by the shouting , If so thanks for your efforts Oran, you done the job you were asked to do so good luck for the future ,family comes first always.
  6. This could be a rumour put out to stop us all saying “Gies a feckin Signing”👀
  7. We all knew this at the time of Stubbs appointment ,Oran was highly praised at the time and it was mentioned about the lack of knowledge of the Scottish game ,it was even mentioned that he could ask his Father in law IIRC.
  8. I will raise that and say he made Kpekawa look like Puyol.
  9. If Tony had said we will be happy just to avoid relegation (although most probably true) he would have been slated for being negative. Tony's a fan like us and like us likes too dream.
  10. Moan about what ? ,You would think you would be more interested in finding big Chewy.
  11. I like the home kit ,the away one is a bit meh , but I don’t buy new kits I have retro ones so I don’t really care.
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