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  1. "My fear is we are in some sort of coercive relationship with the "great bunch of lads" Kibble." My understanding is that you may well be correct and Smisa's hands are tied right now as lawyers letters threatening legal action if the chairman is not removed have been sent. Dictionary. What is the meaning of being coercive? : using threats to make someone do something
  2. You are a St.Mirren fan, you say? Are you also an employee of Kibble, perhaps? You refer to expectations of certain standards so I wonder: What are your thoughts on Kibble taking legal action demanding the removal of John Needham prior to his disciplinary hearing and their lawyers letters to our democratically elected Smisa board members demanding that they do not discuss the matter? Kibble are attempting to shut down our elected Smisa board from communicating with Smisa members. This is a huge, not to mention, scandalous state of affairs yet you persist in a witch hunt against John Needham because of an ill advised but jokey tweet? I suspect that you may be a Kibble "plant" but, if not, I suggest that your outrage is misguided. The big picture isn't the tweet - it's the fact that Kibble are taking legal action against Smisa and our elected representatives. THAT'S THE STORY, THE BIG PICTURE! WAKE UP! THE TWEET IS A SIDESHOW! p.s. I wonder who leaked the tweet story (as well as last year's "financial improprieties" story) to the press? Answers on the back of a postcard but I'd bet that it wasn't a disgruntled Rangers fan!
  3. I'm impressed - you are absolutely 100% correct. My sources have confirmed it. I have a lengthy post ready to go but I've just sent it to a few well informed pals to give it a quick once over before I post but, essentially, it says exactly what you are saying. As you say, the truth of this story is out there - I have lots of friends who are sharing the scandal of Kibble taking legal action. KIBBLE TAKING LEGAL ACTION AGAINST OUR CLUB??? Well said, animal, but be prepared for an avalanche of criticism from the plants among this forum - the dirty tricks campaign is well under way. Look out for my similar post.
  4. If I had a pound for every time.......🤣🤣
  5. The guy is so very obviously either a Kibble plant. Maybe an employee or perhaps a member of their PR team but his constant presence on this site is a clear sign that he's on a mission to overcome any dissenters from the Kibble party line. For example, he refers to " a few minor issues" - a training ground that is still unfit for purpose 4 or 5 months after the season ended? A minor issue? No, that's very much a major issue - one of many major issues. I decided a wee while ago not to engage in any further dialogue with him as it's a complete waste of time. He's simply a Kibble apologist whose "opinions" are worthless.
  6. Wow! Aren't Renderworks the company responsible for Ralston, the catering and also the stadium maintenance?
  7. p.s. Gary Reid isn't a bad chanter at all!! Well done, pal.
  8. Hi guys. It was our band, Ten Bob Sliders, who were playing yesterday and I know a few of you were taking pictures. I tend to post such photo's - of both the band and also the audience - on our facebook page so can I ask, if you did, please send me them by e-mail to [email protected] Much appreciated. What a great afternoon it was. I'm a former member of the fans council so I know how much work the guys do so hats off to Alan Wardrop, Eric Crossan and the rest of the council for putting on a terrific event.
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