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  1. No, It's busy travelling to Dingwall, you know how I know. He's told everyone on so many different social media platforms. [emoji1787]
  2. Jim Goodwin names the same Starting XI that defeated Livingston before the break. St Mirren: Alnwick, Fraser, Shaughnessy ©, McCarthy, Millar, Power, Erhahon, Tanser, McGrath, Ronan, Brophy. Subs: Lyness, Tait, Dunne, Flynn, McAllister, Dennis, Main.
  3. He's not cracked up enough to be signed by the wee junkie.
  4. Don't be so stupid, he'd hit him in the Groiningen and again and again. [emoji54]
  5. Easier to control the ball as it got stuck in the mud and didn't bounce away. [emoji1787]
  6. Wonder when the first shout to get the subs on was. [emoji848]
  7. I was referring to Taxi Saints mate. [emoji14]
  8. Yeah, sometimes it's better to say nothing rather than write drivel like this. [emoji14]
  9. I don't remember anyone's shares being up for sale around the buyout. Think at the time of the last share issue (building of on of the love street stands?) I wasn't in the position to purchase any. Anyone recall what smisa paid per share?
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