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  1. That's the one I meant to quote, before I edited out the 4 for a 5 [emoji1787]
  2. FFS how many times do I need to tell folk, a soft boiled egg is still a boiled egg.[emoji16]
  3. Only passed my Physics O Grade cause I got him in 4th year, had a Mr McLurg (sp) in 3rd year. Hopeless he was. Osprey was Mr Patterson (Art) and Mr Patterson (Tech)
  4. Osprey [emoji170] with the forth being Heron. That was our good neighbours, think it was on a approved list. [emoji6]
  5. Oi how come I never got an applause as the 1st one to guess correct. [emoji2959]
  6. Just looked at Google maps, can remember there being workshops/factories there and across the road but don't recall the likes with the large showroom windows. Walked past it loads of times either going to lovestreet, racecourse or high school.
  7. Is it Cochrane Street, think I can see Priorscroft Bowling Club in the background.
  8. Nope. I'm guessing somewhere near there that NSS has mentioned loads of times. [emoji2958]
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