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  1. Depends on your outlook on life. [emoji848] Hell yeah. [emoji23]
  2. You lost your virginity to Faraway. [emoji44] Scorned lovers, explains a lot. [emoji14]
  3. Anyone know where you can get this. [emoji23]
  4. I thought it was his own resignation speech. [emoji106]
  5. The clue was in the last word I posted. [emoji6] If I had a life I wouldn't have known the question. [emoji848]
  6. What's that meant to mean. [emoji848]
  7. A pipe fitter is just a plumber who thinks they are better than others. That fully sums up one particular person 100%
  8. https://www.stmirren.com/club-news/3889-statement-to-shareholders-regarding-inaccurate-press-headlines-in-december-2020
  9. I was sent to that building by the school careers office in 1985 for a job interview. Stupid bassa's sent me to Blacklaw Lane instead of Blackhall Lane. If I hadn't used my brain I could have ended up a spark at Morts Electical Services instead of a draughtsman all those years ago. [emoji848]
  10. Is there a mates rate mate. [emoji6]
  11. As far as I can remember, you need to declare a goalkeeper on the team sheet. Not sure if they could have declared an overage player as the sub goalkeeper and played the U21 if the need arose. [emoji848]
  12. I don't know all the info, but doesn't the fines goto the SPFL trust that does charity work like the Xmas dinners that SMFC helped with? Edit, I know some has like this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54235095
  13. I've managed to watch a couple of our games when I thought I wouldn't, so contributed to it as a fine. [emoji6]
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