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  1. Good time for folk who are usually at other games on a Saturday. [emoji6]
  2. Think every bud is bounty remember them three. Big SM 🪜or🪑[emoji848] The [emoji542] & [emoji3048]
  3. It might to the officials that will claim they have other things on at that time. [emoji6]
  4. Was going to say what's wrong with kicking off at 1pm forgetting about the possibility of extra time and penalties. [emoji106] Might prefer to move it to Friday 6pm so not clashing with a game getting played in Glasgow.
  5. It writes that much sh1te, the troll doesn't remember writing we'd have better games to watch in the bottom 6. [emoji1787]
  6. I know it was open 30 years ago, I bought 2 bottles of wine for my sons mother and her friends on their Xmas night out as a surprise. Not that she'd remember the nice things I did, but can remember everything f'in else. [emoji1787]
  7. Was open last Sunday. [emoji16] And according to Just-Eat its still delivering. [emoji106]
  8. No stock, they can't get deliveries. [emoji14]
  9. Think I'll need to look out an old uniform and try and blag a shift. [emoji1787]
  10. As I work with numerous folk from Argyll and Bute I know for a fact that figure is wrong. I don't know where you got your figures from as in the last 7 days, there has been 7 reported cases according to Public Health Scotland.
  11. Had cut my own hair all over with a No4 the other week, so was glad I got an appointment at the barbers on Monday. Only needed the back and sides done with a No2 and shaved properly around the neck at the back. Think it got lost in translation as it looks and feels like a No1. Thank goodness I know it'll all grow back in. [emoji16]
  12. Never new you were a manager as well as being an international scout. [emoji1787]
  13. Is that a fact. [emoji848]
  14. And we wonder why the lockdown is lasting so long. [emoji849]
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