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  1. FFS, boasting about being to a takeaway shop in East Dulwich. [emoji1787]
  2. That's about half of a good week you've described there. [emoji1787]
  3. You just can't help yourself making sh!t up. [emoji1787]
  4. I take it you want the sponsor going vertically along a stripe.
  5. If we don't allow red then we can't have stripes going the full length on the back. [emoji6]
  6. Talking about Penguins, you ever seen a coconut one. [emoji1787]
  7. If you'd read the Chairman's statement instead of what Basil wrote you'd have seen the surveys would be out by the end of May. [emoji6] "We will be sending the survey to current Season Ticket holders, SMiSA members and fans who have previously registered for tickets by the end of May and look forward to collaborating with you on the best outcome for the club and the fans. Once we receive your feedback, we will consider it carefully and announce our final decision before the start of the season."
  8. So now you're mocking someone that you think might have a disability. Shameful behaviour. But then again, i wouldn't expect anything less from you. [emoji848]
  9. So you only want to use one section for each group and leave 3 empty. [emoji1787]
  10. Can't wait for the reaction regarding the away top. [emoji1787]
  11. Thank fcuk someone has posted the result, I've been keeping that a secret for 6 months. [emoji43]‍[emoji94]
  12. Remember comparing him with a young Chris Iwelumo. [emoji106]
  13. I'd be interested in how many of the family stand ticket holders would make it compulsory to include the 3/4 games we could play at home against the two glasgow based clubs.
  14. After the initial designs went out to the vote, the SPFL confirmed to the clubs red numbers would be allowed next season. This let Joma change the initial samples and – in line with member feedback – they have now incorporated stripes on the sleeves and on the back of the winning design. Supporters express their preferences, SMISA listen and act in accordance. [emoji122] https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/318-smisa-november-members-update
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