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  1. No argument there, see you later at the match. [emoji16]
  2. It might be a benefit 4 everyone if you did resign any directors position you held after the discrimatory language you used to describe faraway. Wouldn’t want you to be accused of hypocrisy. [emoji1787]
  3. As for the hired guns. Yes we do. [emoji6]
  4. What I read/seen, was So, why did they say they had no knowledge of said strip, when they had it in their possession?
  5. West Bank hasn't accused stmirrenshirts of stealing or having prior knowledge of the theft when they purchased. [emoji6]
  6. I would take photographic proof of identity as well.
  7. Bone Jimmy/stmirrenstrips had posted that he had acquired them.
  8. Tickets now available, two sections available for buds. https://tickets.ayrunitedfc.co.uk/package_link/LZEmOKzmpW/StMirrenAway
  9. Pure class, NOT. I expect you to refer yourself to any charity regulatory body, you claim any monetary or assistance from. So Ricky K, will you or does someone need to report it on your behalf?
  10. He said, the latest restrictions were quite minor and it has resulted in less positve cases, less hospitalisations and subsequently less deaths. Now we've got a neighbouring country doing the opposite to take the attention off the incompetent government risking folks lives like they done partying when the majority were acting responsibly.
  11. You'll notice that the full sentence or quote isn't published.
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