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  1. All clubs that I know of are having a gradule increase in attendances so that the correct procedures are in place. Think it was 50% of the crowd that could be 1mt socially distanced for the 1st game then increasing. With clubs that could have a crowd of larger than 2000 at the socially distanced they had to apply to the local authorities for permission.
  2. A 1st time poster wanting a seat with the directors. I smell a troll. [emoji1787]
  3. @Ayrshire Saints Quickly, bring me a net. [emoji23]
  4. I'd forgotten about the handicap system they implemented.
  5. I was wrong, I calculated the minimum size of the virus particle. Not the minimum size of the particle that can carry the virus particle. The minimum size is......... So 500,000 times 4.7microns is 500mm/50cm/20" Surely that can't be correct? [emoji1787]
  6. They don't count towards UEFA Golden Shoe. [emoji6]
  7. Oaky has left the thread. [emoji1787]
  8. Could you tell us the size in millimetres that you claim are 500,000 bigger? If my calculations and the information I've read is correct, the smallest particle is 50nm, so by multiplying it by 500,000 the hole size in the masks are 25,000,000nm that is 25mm. I may though be wrong in my calculation.
  9. It's a barsteward having to wait your turn. Pity you don't know someone that could aid you skip the queue this time. [emoji6]
  10. [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
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