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  1. You just love the Cookie Monster. [emoji8]
  2. Still skimming [emoji16]
  3. What's the standard like to watch in those leagues? [emoji23]
  4. NAW, Just finished working my 19th consecutive shift. Off till Monday when I start my night shifts. Thanks buds, my plan was and I'll try sticking to it is, Sleep Mon to Thurs 9/10am - 4pm Work 6pm - 6am Sleep Fri - Sun 6am - 1pm Think I'm about to start watching some box sets so many folk have been going on about. [emoji848]
  5. We should be making those furloughed do work in us workers gardens. That trench ain't going to dig itself. [emoji16]
  6. Only restless nights I ever had was after playing/training at ice hockey on a sunday. Usual only got 90 minutes of sleep but was in bed early on a Monday catching up.
  7. ££££££££££££££££££
  8. *Warning* This person gave false information regarding pies in the past. Albion Rovers, were far from award winning. [emoji852]
  9. Hopefully just for 3 months. Has been suggested that they'd be OT day shift at the weekend available. Mmmmm safe working environment or having to put up with moaning face players and supporters because they don't like a decision I've made. [emoji6] As for the deleted part of your post, hell would freeze over before I listened to anything that plick said.
  10. The team plays in the Scottish Championship [emoji54]
  11. So to summarise #TAF social distancing helped a bit before the lockdown reduced folk contracting CV19. Therefore saving 000s of lives.
  12. I believe it was FFS that was copyrighted not ffs!!. Nevertheless your sentiments were correct. FFS indeed [emoji16]
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