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  1. Anyone have any idea where Travner might be heading too? I have a feeling Aberdeen could be interested in him.
  2. Is Ryan Flynn from Falkirk not available? He's a decent wee player, I get the impression he is better than Imrie?
  3. Apparently, he always wanted to play for Killie.
  4. Would be brilliant but I'd assume we have next to no chance of landing him.
  5. Aye Teale was a winger. He's past it now, well past it!
  6. Got proof of this? Doubt it, your just seeking attention, you'll need to try harder ya twat.
  7. Just doesn't get a game. Would be as good move IMO.
  8. After I got an answer of "maybe" of him I thought I'd try harder
  9. So how many goals is that in 177 games? Also Thompson has played constantly at a better level Prem and Championship
  10. I asked him on facebook if I should commit to getting his name on a saints top he said "yeah sounds good". Not sure what to think though but I think he will sign.
  11. When he's no on the injury table he can't be worse than barrowman
  12. Duffy played 8 games in 2010 due to injury i assume. And only 7 games since january with Hibs because of injury. And 18 games between 06/07. His goalscoring record is crap anyway.
  13. Nigel Hasslebaink today perhaps? I have a suspicion he will sign, don't know hen though.

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      I don't know Hen either but I met Maw & Paw once. ;)

    2. blackandwhite saints
    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Oh, you are a card.

  14. Duffy is far too injury prone, has been since he left Falkirk. Wouldn't risk him for the life of me.
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