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  1. Was outstanding throughout the cup winning season. Will never forget his interview after the Celtic game. All the best Gary.
  2. I'm sure there was a stat posted on here that he had gotten more assists last season than McGowan had in his first three seasons combined. Not bad for someone that 'flatters to deceive'.
  3. The only guy today that actually got his head up and looked for a pass. Wouldn't mind giving him a run in the team if I'm honest
  4. Didn't have a great game, but who did? Goodwin played very well in the three games before yesterday.
  5. You think it's acceptable to shout 'you're shite, f*ck off back to Blackpool' at a young boy that's played less than 30mins of football for us? Get a grip of yourself.
  6. Nope. He was by far our best player today.
  7. That's a cracking piece of skill from him around 1:05.
  8. Really pleased with this signing Lets just hope he is as good as we think he will be.
  9. Could be longer than a few weeks by the sound of it
  10. Well there goes one of our best players Hope it's not too serious
  11. Think Mason,Haining and Dorman are more likely to be the first names on the sheet
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