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  1. Renfrewbud, I belive we have had "Southern Saints" and "London Saints" for a while. But the current London Saints have been around since an Internet plea for the first TV game v Aberdeen. It ended 1 each with Kirk Broadfoot Scoring after gifting Stevie Crawford a goal. Since that first day when we had 5 supporters, we have had over 40 different faces through the door. Record night being a Cup Replay in 2012 (i think) v Hearts where the usual corner in the pub we go to was "overrun" with about 29 Saints fans. We have a flag, you may have seen this London Underground style Love Street "Station". We have presented a POTY award for the last 4 seasons (although we never presented it this year due to it getting lost in the post!!). We get some tourists too, some that have come to london for the weekend and come to watch the game, or business commuters who happen to be here during the week. We also had the sole member of the Peru Supporters club in for one game when he was in London. Hope this helps although the numbers involved are small, we are here and we are going strong......
  2. I know I know. You fancy a hospitality trip for the last home game?
  3. Most of us were in Hamden for the final!!!! Atmosphere there was ok.......!!!!!
  4. Ladies and Gents, Few of us heading to the famous threes kings on Sunday to keep the party going!!!! I won't make it but enjoy!!! Del
  5. Just an update, but there will be a few of us heading to the Famous three Kings tonight for the replay.....
  6. Yay, here is my first post. I will be there tomorrow. Looking at a good few. Sunny day, lunch time drinking and a Saints game with Like minded folk. Try and stop me, (even if one of those like minded folks is Bluto!!!) Del
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