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  1. renfrew bud

    Flag unfurling

    Anyone know any details about Saturday - is flag unfurling just before the kick off ?
  2. renfrew bud

    St. Mirren v Dumbarton Betfred Cup 28/7/18

    Well said. We should never forget that goal - that’s why he got applause today from loads of saints fans in main stand. Bit sad actually as he looked a shadow of the player he was. As for Carswell and Hutton - especially Carswell who’s tackles today we’re shocking - they shouldn’t even rate a mention
  3. renfrew bud

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Should we not have 4 points - 1 for the draw then bonus point for penalty shoot out.
  4. Coulson MOM at the moment
  5. renfrew bud

    St Mirren P Bolton Wanderers P

    Wonder if they’re thinking England will get through as 1/4 final at 3pm
  6. renfrew bud

    Anthony Stokes

    Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else - thought he was training with us and heading to La Manga - can’t see him in any pictures or heard any comments. Anyone have an update ?
  7. renfrew bud

    Allan Russell

    Yea think you’re right.
  8. renfrew bud

    Allan Russell

    Sorry SOME life
  9. renfrew bud

    Allan Russell

    WOW -St Mirren Madonna now England. This guy has had done life !!!
  10. renfrew bud

    Allan Russell

    Allan Russell on the England bench WTF !!!!!!
  11. renfrew bud

    18/19 fixtures list.

    Friday 15th June
  12. renfrew bud

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Clyde 1 news at 1 said it may be announced tomorrow
  13. renfrew bud

    Bye Harry , thanks for the memories

    Disappointed he's gone but his young family come 1st and wish him well. He was a big part in our success but didn't feel he reached the heights he did before his injury. However big boots to fill n not sure Thomas O'W is the one.
  14. renfrew bud

    Jack Ross

    Ha ha ha. That’s best news I’ve heard in a while
  15. renfrew bud


    Saw somewhere that there’s 3 POTY bashes tonight. Anybody know where and what time and how players are going to get round them all.