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  1. I’m still here. a bit like Dr Who…
  2. Another quite long post…. AnyBuddie that signs up for this club buy-out is simply stupid and naive. It’s like asking people to mend a tiny leak in the bottom of a dinghy just as a Tsunami is about to hit. Worse – water is already swilling round the necks of every club in Scottish football. The waters of corruption, that is. And the corruption is always ignored by the complicit media, always has been. The Bigot brothers conspired a few years ago to ensure they didn’t share their home gates and, since then, Scottish Football has been played upon a steadily more uneven, distorted and biased playing field. The wee diddy clubs just don’t stand a chance. I can see no future possibility in clubs other than the Bigots, succeeding with their tainted funding… and the connivance of the media. As the gap between the Bigots and the diddy clubs grew, everyBuddie bitched about it but our various club owners have always been complicit, knowing what was happening, always ready to snatch crumbs from the Bigot table… all the while scrambling to keep up by throwing unsustainable dosh at fancy players, money that the diddy fan population just could not sustain. No wonder there have been so many financial calamities and bail-outs. shull has always had a valid point. Sigh. The corruption continues with regard to the disgusting ongoing Sevco farce. The SFA and its officers are appointed by ALL the clubs, yet the infamous five-way agreement to fabricate an entirely new club in the bottom league was allowed to be pushed through – despite the angry misgivings of a very few honest men such as Turnbull Hutton. (As an aside, it has been hugely impressive how Agents Regan and Doncaster have so comprehensively emasculated and shafted Scottish Football governance and, as by-product, have overseen years of the Scottish national team bouncing along the bottom… In due course, doubtless they’ll be rewarded by the Palace. I’m amazed the Nationalists haven’t seen through THAT one…) How can it be that two Directors (one a convicted criminal)... from the days in which Rangers went into liquidation, owing millions to creditors and society... could now be heavily involved in shiny, new look-alike companies - Rangers International FC and The Rangers - aka Sevco… and be allowed to continue to exploit the unbelievably trusting fans. And the Scottish Mainstream Sporting Media never ask questions, never challenge the corruption, won’t even discuss the FACT that it is an entirely new club with dubious origins - but claiming to be the same extinct club! Just not keen on claiming its debts... (As another aside, when div posted on here that he thought the whole sevco name thing was tedious – that was when I no longer wanted to participate in THIS Media outlet. It’s his baw, his game and I respect what he has provided.) Now, I don’t care about those Sevco fans. I do care about Buddies. Why throw money at the leaking dinghy in the Tsunami? Aye, I understand why it would be better to have some form of fan ownership. I appreciate GLS putting his head above the parapet and am minded to believe he is genuinely one of us. Listening to Alex Rae (despite his fitba affiliations), he has convinced me that he shares a genuine, honest passion for fitba that just might be able to thrive – even in the corrupt cesspool of Scottish fitba. Maybe, just maybe, honesty and transparency will someday (soon) afflict the Scottish game. And, out of love for many Buddies, I want our Town and its team to be at the forefront. So that’s why I HAVE bought in to SMISA’s initiative. Call me stupid, call me naïve… Join me. Go on. It's a heart thing. You know it makes no sense.
  3. He's too big to fit on the mantelpiece.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhGuXCuDb1U
  5. Looks like a real hooligan on the left. Either that or he's a cabbie...
  6. That's as precision-tooled a sentence as most of Callum's have been this season. : (Ta from me, too, Callum.)
  7. FIFY http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-36094827
  8. bluto says "f**k, naw!". But he'd accept payment for it.
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