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  1. Really? I was pretty sure that this was mentioned first on twitter, with a link to a different site. This having happened well before you said anything about it.
  2. Where was this 'meeting' then as there was no DL or Novo at the stadium, like you said there would be. Just proved that your a complete bullshitter to anyone that didn't already know
  3. Chris Erskine, quality? Please, he's hit or miss, normally miss. Only player I would take from thistle, in our situation would be Conrad Balatoni
  4. we need a keeper, doesn't matter how old or how good, we need one and one that will take reasonably low wages
  5. The likes of Reilly, Scullion, Lamont and McKernon will most likely be the U-21s in the squad and on the bench
  6. The Fakes chairman obviously thinks that if he puts money in then they can get into the group stages in the Europa League
  7. If we were in need of another midfielder, what about Kari Arnason, he will be leaving Aberdeen and he is a strong midfielder who I think would do well for us
  8. If I remember rightly it was Buchanan that scored the screamer against us at home when we beat them 3-1, only thing I can remember him for
  9. According to a Thistle friend of mine, Sinclair was impressive in the first half of the season, but was disappointing after New Year. Also Reading and Southampton are after him
  10. Any ideas who our new keeper will be? Seen as we only have Samson left now
  11. forgot about him, that will mean that Reilly will be a benchwarmer at best then
  12. whether Nigel re-signs or not, we already need at least one new striker, given that Thompson and Reilly are our only options
  13. From the players i know that will be free in the summer, we should make a move for Jonny Hayes and Ian Black. Hayes is a great player and the Dons, Hibs and the fakes are also interested, think he could be tempted here though. As for Black, fair enough he is a prick and all that, but he is a good player who could do a shift for us in midfield
  14. Lewis Guy may well turn out to be a good signing but it's a gamble and they rarely pay off for a team like us. Hegarty and Wardlaw just a couple to name. Can't see many good attributes about him, not that young, not a great goalscoring record, and has played for a lot of teams. If indeed he has signed the PCA then we'll just have to wait and see, also will it mean the exit of a current player?
  15. what about signing Tomas Cerny, a free-agent and was one of the highest rated keepers in the SPL, albeit playing with the lowest-rated defence. Think he could do a good solid job for us
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