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  1. Hi Neil, Ian Colville here wondering if you have a extra bus going to the final. looking for 4 seats. will not let you down.



  2. Have left my number on another PM just seen you posted Wednesday this is now Friday. I mostly use my mobile on the forum so did not see your pm until today.

    Found out on Wednesday night that Bleathers  Bistro was going to Auction so me and Bobbie went up to Glasgow on Thursday morning to bid for it. We won the bid so completely over the moon. Once all the legal stuff is sorted next week will find out when i can get the keys. Will close it down for a wee while and put my mark on it. At weekends will open it at night and do meals. put candles on tables and mood lighting. Also going to put in a turntable system for soft music and let the public chose what they want to play.

    This came right out the blue feel really excited and happy to know what my future is now.

    Im actually going through planning for a coffee kiosk at the wee ferry , however lots of objections so im going to drop this now . Feel so happy Neil .

    Hope I have not missed you.


  3. Your in box is full. Coming up to Aberdeen for the game but I'm not leaving my mobile number here

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