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  1. ...a decent program to make a new avi? Cheers
  2. My banana is a nice one You a peeping toon?
  3. Cheers, hated the thought of paying $9.99 a month for one song Ever want a cheap banner give me a shout
  4. Div I'm looking for somewhere to host mp3s online, ala your jukebox style. Is there any cheap alternatives kicking around its for one song for a website I'm helping someone with?
  5. No probs sid now you can pogo to your avatar
  6. Here is the man himself... or this site good for pics n sounds... Ottos Website
  7. I got jasc paintshop pro off of suprnova.org but you can get it on kazza lite to.
  8. Then you could do this...
  9. I use jasc animation shop which works fine the only thing is your avi seems to be going a bit fast. You can set the time for each frame to be displayed usually 5 secs is best
  10. LSD

    Top 5 Lines

    1. You can take that mail and that frankin machine and you can shove em right up your arse... 2. doh! 3. Every time I learn something new its pushes the old stuff outta my head... 4. Sulphate (mmmm ) 5. Say 'ello to my little friend...
  11. Who is Jobriath, either my extreme musical tastes are lost or... Or is it a young Edwyn Collins lol Kinda looks a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bit like him...
  12. I searched just for you and found this i think its what you mean
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