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  1. Danny Lennon and Gus before him makes us an Unique club. When death stares us in the face these guys have produced magic....If you think about it Gus kept us up? .....Remember Falkirk?...And then Danny comes under pressure and wins us the league cup?,, Looking dead then he gets 10 from 15 points? Could have been 13 from 18 but for God? We are St Mirren and top six awaits.
  2. One to take on the chin...A doing ....Nothing good.....We move on bloodied and bruised......COYS....come on Danny Lennon.
  3. I've never wanted to cuddle a manager before........What's wrong with me?,,,,,,,,,,Only Doctors should reply
  4. If I saw Danny tonight I'd give him a cuddle...He deserves a few cuddles (manly of course)
  5. It's official.......The St Mirren board.......Danny Lennon and the players all know more than me....Guess I'll just have to accept that.
  6. Listening to Danny now.....Give him the job for life......If we go down I'm still a Saint and been there before....Get a feeling now we are about to go on a big run now
  7. Board...Danny Lennon and the 400 should all take a bow today.....Class one and all. Almost forgot to mention the players.....Proud to be a Buddie tonight,
  8. 400 saints fans mentioned at the game....Well done the lot of you.
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