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  1. thanks chaps I'm well confused I'm an auld geezer and its not the smartest phone - the advice was brilliant but confused me tae hell !!will send a pm to paisleypanda !! Thanks
  2. Hi Folks can anyone tell me how to go aboot gettin a good version as a ring tone - am am an auld clueless git !! Many thanks
  3. I dont post often - but I would also like to add condolences to a great Saints fan. Also in the day of massivley overpaid bigheaded football "stars" a brilliant gesture by Billy and SMFC. Mon the Saints
  4. Hi don't know is this the right place for this - but it's my brothers 40's very soon how can i find out what was number 1 in the charts on that day. Any help would be great Thanks
  5. Faraway, Not ordered it yet buddie next payday is a faraway (10 days to be precise !!) and last payday a distant memory. Will also be hinting to Mrs SaltcoatsSaint that it would make a lovely valentines present for me. Will defo be getting one anyway. I take it that when a game/ club meeting is being arranged a few refreshments/ libations will be the order of the day before and after the game. Is there any particular venue and date decided for the said meeting ? Will this thread continue to run as a special ? If you have any name other than Faraway that would be appreciated. I'll start things by introducing myself. I am Stan, formerly from Paisley but left due to the lack of paper runs/ milk runs in the McKerral St area when I was 4. Cheers, Stan
  6. Hi Dumbarton, Ok I'll give you the fact that technically some people may say that you are slightly further flung than me. I will recheck google earth to establish that this truly is the case. Until this has been done though the jury is still out. Will advise, Cheers
  7. Too slow to edit - thought I had got away with it.
  8. Happy days Faraway I just checked your profile and you are aulder than me. I thought I would have been the grampa of the club.
  9. Looked up the T-Shirt site looks pretty good although takes ages to get to the correct page. Will order one tonight from the comfort of my own home because I think a certain level of concentration will be required with the order process/ back design - so as not to make a James Hunt of things. Cheers
  10. Just doon a wee check. From ma hoose to Love Street is 25.07 miles. Dumbarton to Love Street a pathetic 11.65 miles (Which is a lot shorter than my paper run in Victorian times barefoot in the snaw). I think I thererfore qualify.
  11. Is Saltcoats too close to qualify for membership ? I will do a google earth comparison between Saltcoats - Paisley and Dumbarton - Paisley to see If I should be allowed in.
  12. Well if Shull does paypal it must be worth it !! Thanks for all your replies Stan
  13. ok mate - thanks for all the replies. going to sell next to nothing items ie probs less than a quid or so and thought paypal a rip off b'stard Stan
  14. Is there a difference between call centre minutes and earth minutes ? Stan
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