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  1. On 6/30/2020 at 6:15 PM, ALBIONSAINT said:

    Passed away today aged  98. Directed one of my favourite comedy films ‘The Jerk’ I still think the optigrab was a good idea. 

    I loved the jerk, but think that dead men don't wear plaid and the man with 2 brains trumped it. Dr Michael HurrfurrHurr indeed!

  2. On 6/15/2020 at 7:00 PM, GMan said:

    It always makes me laugh when I hear of cunts fae places like Stirling go on Black Lives Matter marches and preach about diversity. 

    What I always want to know, is if multiculturalism and racial diversity is so 'enriching', 'vibrant' and wonderful, then why are you still living in Stirling, and not Govanhill? 😆

    Ricky is a walking example of successful multiculturalism 

  3. with a declining R number, a steady overall decrease on the fatality rate and number of new cases and further opening of the economy then the time is right.

    as a safety professional, i know that the amount of time that people tend to adhere to a precaution is limited unless there is a structure there to enforce it and that timing is everything..  the added carrot of greater free movement in towns and cities is also an incentive tagged on to a requirement so it's good psychology

    Bottom line is that the mask culture is here to stay and to put it in place when things are really bad is tempting people to disregard it when the situation improves (see english beaches) so stepping this up at a good point with good news stories makes very good sense


  4. 9 minutes ago, shull said:

    The Marxists, Commies, Leftists, Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, David Lammy and many more will defend the rioting scumbags in Brixton last night. 

    I don't understand, is this a proclamation or just something you feel in your waters?


  5. There will be a long term and fundamental change to working

    my designated workplace is in the city centre and was opened 3 years ago for 1200 occupants

    works to take the capacity up to 1600 and then on to 1800 started last year and are now abandoned as the projected long term capacity is now 400

    the spend so far is close to £100,000,000

    I will be a home worker now for the 5 years until I retire and out of my team of 7 we can have 4 half days a week between us in the one desk we can use at base

    this will have implications for the big new builds north and south of the river that won’t open for 2 years as aircon, furniture and finishes are already ordered at this point but probably can’t be used in the intended format

    opportunity now arises for existing under utilised space and for fully occupied space to be remodelled and repurposed 

    this will not be the last pandemic and the above is an example “learning to live with the virus” for the future

    put you pension money in MDF, Perspex fabrications and signage folks


  6. 14 hours ago, GMan said:

    It is alleged that Einstein received a letter from Marilyn Monroe, in which she suggested the two should procreate. 'Imagine if the child had my looks and your brains!', she is supposed to have written. 

    Einstein wrote back and declined the offer, as he claimed to have fear the child would have Marilyn's brains and his looks. 

    The point of the story, other than Einstein was obviously a bufty...is that looks and brains are very often inversely correlated. 

    So, in accordance with that logic, I'm speculating you are l a male model.

    Noel Coward and an unnamed actress


  7. On 6/11/2020 at 4:54 PM, faraway saint said:

    I, and a few others, have said in the other thread, it's context.

    The B&W Minstrels were of their time, in my innocence it was just as you suggest with Kiss, make up.

    THAT was a different era, did it help where we are today, probably not as it would cement the stereotypical view of coloured people.

    It's all about evolving, change can be both good and bad.

    The whole current furore, while encouraging debate, is also looking like getting out of hand with the removal of TV programmes and movies. 

    The original context of the minstrels in the USA was to parody a saccharine version of happy slaves living a village life and singing spiritual songs because they were happy and not because they were miserable 

    the version we saw here was even more sanitised except for the big “oh lawdy” finale

    the fact that we didn’t know better doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have (of?)

    ignorance is far from innocence 

  8. 42 minutes ago, Sonny said:

    Because , like supermarket trolleys, the turnstile would need to be wiped after every person goes through. That would take a considerable time. The doors are routinely used to allow access to disabled fans and those that have forgotten their season tickets. No-one needs to touch anything. Using the doors (for a smaller support) would eliminate disinfecting turnstiles and speed up the whole process.

    You could take the bars off the turnstiles and provide wipes like every supermarket 

  9. I haven't and won't watch this AJ video, however i will admit to prejudice in my belief that the diatribe is delivered with the assured confidence of a man who knows he is highly unlikely to meet AJ face to face

  10. 1 hour ago, Sonny said:

    With the Government now under pressure to reduce social distancing to 1 metre I could see a return to fans attending games pretty soon. Relatively straightforward at Paisley. No Away fans. Use all 4 stands for Home support with seating appropriately marked. Face masks compulsory. No catering. Toilets marked out at 1 metre intervals with stewards controlling queues of one out and one in (just don't go to the pub before the game). Don't use the turnstiles but the wide exit doors - your season ticket is checked on entry. Turn up early to wait in a queue to get in and don't wait on the last train before 3 to St James.

    No public sale of tickets - ST holder only until restrictions lift. I know no public sale is harsh on those that do not have a ST but a ST is the only way to control the numbers and allocate seating. Not ideal and maybe not suitable for some stadiums but with 1 metre distancing we should be able to get around 3k home fans for a game.

    the turnstile gates are unmanned already so why do away with them when they will be useful in controlling the flow of people?  Even as a stadium fills, the emergency exits will still be needed as a means of escape and can't be repurposed very easily without re-doing the entire fire risk assessment and revisiting the terms of license.

  11. On 6/5/2020 at 5:05 PM, stlucifer said:

    It is perhaps not practical for you but the rules are simple. You DON'T share the car. It means your options are to either travel separately, be that by private or public transport. I can see, in the near future, the distance being substituted by the mask for purely corporate reasons.

    re the bit in bold

    I suspect that this will only happen in casual and informal settings such as shops and open-air venues initially.  when you look at a Football Stadium it s also a place of work, so masks will be seen as a last line of defence or as supplementary protection, with the numbers involved I don't think we will go down to 1m there. , the best current way to decide if  a stadium is an open-air venue is to apply the guidelines that came with the Smoking regulations a few years ago which stated that smoking could only take place in places that were less than 50% enclosed and a football stand largely falls outwith that criteria as it is enclosed on 5 out of 6 sides (roof, floor, side walls, rear wall and facing the pitch). 


    When it comes to most workplaces Corporations and smaller employers will still have the duty of care to provide safe places of work in the context of known risk and protective measures that are devised by risk assessments.  the HSE is forming some kind of task-force to monitor workplaces COVID response, starting with construction.  Football stadia come under the remit of local authority EHOs who will be as concerned with arrangements for employees as it will for customers and they interpret things in their own way.

  12. On 6/3/2020 at 2:36 PM, Cookie Monster said:

    You think that folk that are showing their support for innocent folk that have been murdered is a laughing matter?

    In fact no need to reply, your true beliefs are showing for everyone to see.

    He is a trouble making piece of crap

    he is also toaty

  13. 17 hours ago, faraway saint said:

    Aye, there's been plenty who spout something about a taxi and people think it's his aliases, it;s become a well known tactic recently. .

    If you have proof he's "liked" himself to any significant amount of 30,000 likes then good for you, although I doubt you have.

    Over many years he's been appreciated, aye, not so much now, but that shouldn't detract from the majority of his time on here.


    Not for the first time, FS rides to Shull's defence

  14. On 6/2/2020 at 6:47 PM, Eric Arthur Blair said:

    Moderators would need to be anonymous.

    I know from personal experience that some people just can't handle having their posts edited or deleted or receiving warnings without resorting to online or face-to-face threats of violence.



    I’d agree

    ti protect them from the consequences of mistakes as well as from the consequences of their appropriate use of sanctions

    who can forget, if you were a member at the time, the car-crash banning of one of the best known and Most loyal of saints fans

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