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  1. Wee  boys playing at being terrorists Nice to see the GB boys giving Lennon some advice by posing in their paramilitary style to give Lennon some "advice" Possibly forgetting that Lennon was the subject of death threats for signing as a Celtic player whilst still available for selection for Northern Ireland.
  2. I'll be inconsistent and say that is possibly justified. a socially aware person of the same vintage as the song might think that the lyric is intended to refer to all humans on a base level and thats where I sit, except EC has the racist tag for using that word in a drunken rant during an argument.
  3. TV chef Nigella tells us that we've been making toast in the wrong way, "twice buttered" is the new way I switched on Nigel Slater today, making apple crumble. " like to keep it rough and basic" wittered Nige, Maybe he was about to discuss his lovemaking preferrences, i thought, before he proffered that adding Madeira, or Marsala to the apples would enhance the flavour. "Apples and cheese are a match made in heaven" he droned, He nearly had me back in the room with that, "a nice chunk of cheddar on the side would be lovely" i thought. i was ready to see where this was going before the camera cut to Nige heading down the garden to his cheese store -Nigel has a cheese store) for a big chunk of Parmiggiano Reggiano. "I'm expecting pudding (maybe another sexual euphemism, you never know) but it reminds me of an old-fashioned ploughmans lunch", he dribbled whilst neatly sidestepping the fact that there is nothing that is really old-fashioned about a ploughmans. a former colleague once claimed that a menu in a Gastropub he visited offered "vinegar 3 ways", which turned out to be fish, chips and mushies in separate (tiny) vessels. "Pseuds" was the word that Private Eye used to use, maybe it's time to bring that back.
  4. Fairytale of New York No longer allowed to use the word Faggott in the context of a scrap of waste material in case it causes offence, but still allowed to use the term Fairytale. Perhaps it should just become the "Irish Song" So children are no longer allowed to titter and discover the boundaries of good taste by trial and error when they giggle at the Americanised uses of Fanny, Spunk and many other words with valid meanings that are used out of context to actually cause offence. I fear that the very valid crusade to make language more respectful has lost it's way. Don't sweat the small stuff, as they say. Tourettes sufferers are really up effluent creek.
  5. Anyhoo! Spooky that this was bumped as today i did a wee "5 things you didn't know about Paisley" for the company mag and Wilson was No1 I first heard of him when an episode of Disney's wonderful world of colour was dedicated to him. it was shown on a projector in my primary and eventually made it to onto the beeb showing of these old programmes in the 70s
  6. And for the second day in a row soon to be T4 S Ayrshire has half the cases in T3 N Ayrshire 18 to 35. NAC now above SAC on every measure even before the new tiers start. Utter madness. being serious, how do the ayrshire figures work out per capita?
  7. Vaccine, Vaccs-een Vaccs-een, Vacc-seee eee-een I'm begging of you please, don't kill my gran
  8. Only passing on what I have heard from a previously very reliable source in the hope it might help some buds with contingency planning-hopefully it will not come to pass but still entirely foreseeable that it will as you said, the government is ploughing money in to make schools safe, they have also not ruled out any measure that may be required to effect greater control over the spread of infection.
  9. A colleagues wife owns 2 nurseries on the south side and in Lanarkshire she is locked in to an agreement to provide childcare for key workers at hairmyres and has been told to prepare at her latest briefing her establishments remained open during lockdown V 1.0
  10. Gonna stay that way with schools closed from dec 4-ish
  11. is that all you've got? changing names into meaningless schoolboy insults to attack people who did more by the age of 20 than you will ever achieve in your whole life?
  12. What would be wrong with that If you own a plane then you decide who gets to fly in it you are also responsible for the health of your workers and the travellers same with a car, bus or taxi that is total freedom for transportation service providers so I’m guessing you posted this to show your approval if Candace’s prophesy comes to pass
  13. Boris now conveniently self-isolating to allow the questions about Cummings departure wither away and more importantly it keeps him out of the firing line as the Brexit shitstorm lands on the rest of us. It might even give him the excuse to retire on "health" grounds in January as he plans his book and speaking engagements tour.
  14. prepare for a hard(er) lockdown over Christmas. Schools/nurseries to close on or around 04/12 and level 4 for the rest of us from 07/12 schools re-open on 07/01/2021 Intention is for the NHS to get some breathing space to deal with the winter surge, expected COVID 19 surge and to prepare for mass-vaccination early in the new year.
  15. I spoke to him just a few days after he joined us and he came to Saints with the intention of becoming a midfielder and the agreement of the club that he would get that chance, that is why he joined us rather than one of the other clubs after his signature.
  16. my take on the subs after the equaliser, if we didn't win on penalties we didn't win at all get McLean, Griffiths, et al, on the pitch, get some running into their legs and make sure they are loose & limbre for the penalties -mentality does the rest. Inarguably inspired management decisions
  17. there is no permutation of our current forwards that can form a striking force this needs to be fixed, somehow, at the next window
  18. Despite growing up in the same area (some years apart) and the shared love of saints, i only really knew Steve since the time we both worked for different companies on the BBC's Pacific Quay project and became friends there. a thoroughly nice man without pretensions and a very pleasant way with him. I rarely go to games these days and it's maybe three years since I spoke with him, which is sad. very sad loss and like Allan says, hopefully Steve is in a happier place now
  19. A simplistic and idealogical reply, I am, at heart, a pacifist and abhor all wars, I also accept that conflict exists outwith war and our servicemen provide security in that context. the result is often harm to them that the poppy fund seeks to mitigate. I do not agree with wars and warfare and accept that I vote for governments that make those decisions and that the servicemen do not necessarily enlist to fight, but to serve or sometimes take one of the few opportunities available to them to build a life for themselves. It's acknowledging a collective debt and a collective responsibility and trying to be a bit kind.
  20. You'd have to define "undeducated". People learn all through their lives, it's the source & nature of the information they absorb and how they choose to use it that is the issue for us all and the prism though which we all gauge each other's abilities.
  21. quantities are important there, but what is dodgier is the fact that a high number of postal votes (up to 35%) are being moved late by a postal service controlled by a Trump appointee, a service that says it can't hire enough manpower in a time of mass unemployment. Trump must be asking, what is the point of delaying vote delivery if votes are to be counted anyway? I think the issue really is that the delays have not had the effect of rendering enough democrat votes invalid, therefore DT is shitting himself.
  22. you dont buy a poppy for wars, you do it for servicemen who are injured
  23. a bit early for an appeal-the case hasn't been heard yet
  24. Pulling in people who are better grounded in both investigation and analysis of information than the SPFL picks are is a smart move. They will be there to forensically challenge the official investigation findings as much as they are there to find and correct the deficiencies in our own system. For once, the club gets my approval on this one.
  25. Brian was one of the many very good midfielders we had who had the challenge of competing with the likes of Fitzy, Richardson, Stark and Aber for places. His goals to games ratio was excellent for a midfielder but I guess rehab was nowhere near as good back then as it is now and he must have struggled with some bad ones. I think he went part-time at Arbroath while doing his police training.
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