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  1. absolutely no way, i know several people who have reversed the decision to retire this year and i feel healthy enouh to keep on going (some of the time) Retirement is fine if you have the money, but what will that money be worth in 5 years?
  2. most working weeks are 36-38 hours so this realy orks out around 24000, so maybe a take home of 1600 quid per month Not exactly liveable if you have a commute
  3. I was around Enniskillen for work 3 years ago and it had the feeling of quite a prosperous town, quite surprisingly so. I didn't go to the shops or pubs as i was staying out of town at the big golf and country club resort a few miles out of town. That place was surprisingly cheap as it was within the cap on hotel prices applied by my employer
  4. If anyone opened a shoe shop would the council put on shoelace- tieing classes at the library and community centre?
  5. Cos it is a load of speculative pish, thats why no one reported on it the report relies heavily on the testimony of one Paul Davies who wanted to carry out lie-detector tests on anyone who was against him https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/i-hardly-like-krays-labour-12738919
  6. Pish, a third of all they have is no big deal?
  7. You can bet your boots that any new installations will have a "Kibble first" policy on use. I would be very wary of pouring more cash into the club at this point. In fact, the only investment worth making would be for SMISA to buy Kibble out
  8. that would be harder to swallow than yesterday's cold bargain bucket
  9. That would only be an investment for Kibble, not an investment in the club. Buying shares doesn't provide capital, in fact it could be adding to the club debt. I wonder what the opportunities for Kibble are if they gain many more shares prior to a financial crash of the club. As a major shareholder, the only one with capital or access to borrowing markets, would they have first dibs on taking over the whole shooting-match? It is something that I feared would happen, allowing Kibble to cash in following a buy-the-buds 2 campaign to get them out. Remember, they didn't just crash a go-kart, they crashed the entire venture built around the go kart track in Hillington
  10. True, unfortunately it was always going to end like this with the committee that SMISA has and the crazy decision to let KIbble in the door. There is no rolling this back in the short to medium term, maybe some day the investors will get control of the club aagain but I fear that will only happen after a crash and the supporters have to stump up yet again.
  11. Not really a good comparison, I'd be upset if the sports development bodies put money into professional clubs and neglected the grass-roots game
  12. way too tall, unless Peter Davidson is thetherapist and he is looking down at an out-of-shot FS
  13. Chelsea boy and chelsea girl eventually became topman, topgirl and topshop
  14. Cowans was on the High St, towards the Museum I don't recall a tailor in the Piazza, but that doesn't mean there wasn't one before 74-5
  15. I agree, I also noticed that the customary 15-20 minutes for old firm coverage was reduced to less then 9 minutes on Sportscene on Sunday night. More coverage was given to Motherwell v Hearts which must be a first. The result will be roundly dismissed as a blip on Celtic's record rather than a creditable win. I loved Postecoglou's comments at the end of the game on the radio suggesting that the use of a game plan was somehow a bad thing
  16. I think you will find he was never a policeman
  17. Or was it a move to limit numbers as they prepared for her children's vigil this evening?
  18. The Labyrinth 2022 Scottish-made indy movie released soon
  19. Sorry i mentioned any of this, the thread is about the dome
  20. i lived there from late 82 to May 86. The police operation took place in 83 and we moved out within days of the incident on the stairs as i worked shifts and couln't be there to protect my family. as for context "when i had to chase a bunch of 20-something twats who were pissing in the close at night, next thing there were 6 of them on the landing and i had to physically throw two of them down the first flight before the rest fled" if you dont get that i was in a very threatening situation from that then I could fear for your safety on the streets, if I could be arsed. Just to add, these were men in their 20s, not a crowd of 20 and there had been between 6 and 12 of them outside the building from early evening.
  21. Did you get yourself arrested for throwing two people down the stairs? No? Well then ... I think it is about context, they had drunkenly come up the stairs looking for trouble, one of them attacked me and the other tried to get at me while i was dealing with his mate. On relfection, maybe i should have put the kettle on and offered the use my toilet instead of the close. And i did call the police who were happy to attend and see the area was clear.
  22. 3 Glenapp road, well known nut job brothers lived up the stairs on the other side of the landing, a less well known but still significant female nutter across from us. Directly above was a raging alcoholic who used to chase his wife around the flat while they both screamed and their poor wee boy hid and a shitbag taxi driver who lived below. It was a hellish place to house a young couple. From the outside the building looked lovely and was only around 10-ish years old. No 1 and the Lochfield flats had model tenants by comparison and we thought we had won a watch, Found out from relatives who lived nearby and some of my colleagues in Geigy who were near neighbours that there was a group of people looking out for us as the street was notorious at the time, A guy who lived in No 5 or 7, a family man who was in the TA got constantly harassed because he tried to hunt the neds who hung about the close. I heard he got a severe beating from them a few months after we left. One afternoon i walked up fro the town with my 10 month-old son in his buggy aand couldn't help notice that there were several police cars around Lochfield road and parked tight in to the garages next to the busstop. Got inside and saw several more cars up the hill behind. Next thing there was a commotion on the stairs and armed police were leading one of the loonies from upstairs away. He had stabbed someone in the street for no reason, BillyG;s father in law was a witness i found out later and he randomly attacked a guy in the street. Plenty of people who know me post here from time to time and can confirm how bad a time we had there, which was still better than some had and at least we were able to move on
  23. You couldnt sit there, streets full of neds and every other family in the close had a dug they just let out to shite wherever. It was our first place and we were delighted to go into a very new builing in such a good location (Dykebar). One day I was leaving the house and opened the door to find the Sheltie from downstairs pissing against it. I chased it and the owner asked me where her dug was when i passed, i told her that for once she would have to put some shoes on and deal with her pet. The next day the dug got a kick up the arse that it wouldnt forget when it tried peeing there again. We moved out 6 months later when i had to chase a bunch of 20-something twats who were pissing in the close at night, next thing there were 6 of them on the landing and i had to physically throw two of them down the first flight before the rest fled. In our next flat i had to have the woman downstairs arrested for hitting my wife and in our last place we got broken into and the place ransacked. No wonder we left Paisley with no regrets, I have no fond memories of the town and only go back for the football now.
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