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  1. this statement rambles a bit too much and still doesnt cover off the issues. Make a decision and tell us about it instead of rambling on with all of this passive-aggressive shifting of responsibility. And the prices are way too high
  2. 4 months of full time pro football so far and he is strong enough with his feet planted, as we saw yesterday. Greater upper body strength and developing the technique to use it will see him develop further, he does look a wee bit short-legged for his height and that makes the upper body the key to his improvement As previously said, a decent if unspectacular goal return so far after a massive step-up and the coming pre-season will offer him a big chance to improvement
  3. More good passes than bad I thought I was sat next to a group who constantly praised EE in the first half and another group in W2 who just wanted to get on his back in the second but his performance was fairly consistent throughout the game
  4. if Dundee go down we could do worse than take their centre-back, Sweeney
  5. He wasn't wrong in that assertion though, was he? and it wasn;t the fans, it was SMISA-a somewhat connected and different group of people. The very fact that the membership swallowed the line that going with Kibble would get them over the ownership line sooner shows how poor the decision making is. What exactly are the benefits of getting majority shareholding (not fan ownershio in any way) sooner if the so-called fans can't call the shots? Fans could operate the microwave in the kitchen never mind a premiership football team. Pity they went for Kibble though, a CEO (not a chair, a CEO) should have been found from the business world and if we needed new structures in the club then someone with a good track recor in that area could have taken it on.
  6. Hard to forget when you were there with them, isn't it?
  7. i would love it if Airdrie could defy the odds and come up. Ian murray is obviously a better manager now and has not been held back by the poorr spell in Paisley He took on a larger club too early so it would be nice to see him succed
  8. Probably not but he seems to accept that it is an alias
  9. Can you PM anyone without visiting their profile? I dont know but apart from replying to PMs i seem to recall having to look up a profile as the starting point
  10. At least he should be able to organise a piss up
  11. Just pished ones then enjoy anyway, I.'m off for the Tramodol variety, you never know what you are gonna get
  12. as an aside,, who the f**k is Ben Smith?
  13. He's quite right, the problem is not the players and it is definitely not EE! I love the fact (myth?) that feeders on second-hand information think they have the inside line on what is happening at the club Time we got behind the players (if not the manager) and gave them a reason to fight for the buddies instead of singling people out (except the manager, who lacks a clue)
  14. and Mrs Robinson (here's to you) Don't you just love Kibble and all their funky decisions?
  15. I would rather follow Dundee's lead and issue 2 and 3 game ticket packages to avoid that. in any case, Saints are issuing a large number of free family stand tickets for the home games via local youth football teams. 12 kids per adult registered.
  16. Ialso see that Ukraine has cancelled a proposed visit by the German President-a known pro-Russia figure who wants closer economic ties with Moscow. they would rather see the new Chancellor as he has power to start providing weapons and military support to Ukraine It seems that a younger generation of leader is turning the accepted norms of diplomacy on their heads and taking a more pragmatic stance with bullies like Putin and back-markers like Germany. Too many old men in power across the globe now and one look at the current state of many countries tell how bad their failures have been.
  17. I note the disdain with which Finland has dismissed the Russian reaction. If only other leaders had the guts to tell Putin to do one then we might not have been in this position
  18. Hopefully he will have been using the last few years to get some education, maybe an MBA or other business degree If he hasn't got that then i question the wisdom of paying compensation for his services. I can think of several other people who would have fitted the bill and wouldn't need buying out of their current contracts did we get compensation from Hearts when Junior joined them
  19. It was McGarvey who had the paper shop on Seedhill road prior to that his only involvement with paper had been on betting slips
  20. Strong odds that either Aberdeen or ourselves will be flirting with 11th on the last day
  21. With 3 home games we should be getting the option of a discounted three-ticket package to boost the crowd Last game away at Aberdeen is a bummer as I'm now too old for a stopover
  22. We were there for my son's first wedding. The best city tour i ever had was the amphibious troop carrier that took you along the Dart (oohh missus!) and then came back on shore to show you round the area. A very civilised yet spirited city, kinda what Glasgow could be like without the bigotry. Full of music and laughter. We stayed near the student/boho district and stopped to enjoy a jam session at 8 am between 3 guys sitting about 50 metres apart on their respective front steps as the walking bus led the kids to school. I also got interviewed by local TV for the news hour which was a lot of fun, the reporters who buttonholed me on the street praised me for my knowledge of the tri-partheid fiscal convention between Mexico, Canada and the US and got really excited about Scotland's connection to Canada-until i admitted i got all my knowledge from their early news bulletin. If i'm spared long enough I will definitely go back there as part of a road and rail trip across Canada and South through the Rockies
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