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  1. I'm neither saddened nor joyful at this news.
  2. Walter's clog-popping antics will hopefully see this off the back pages tomorrow. Every cloud, as they say.
  3. More pertinent to Albion's post than mine. Gordon must have been doing very important job at RR to justify him choosing not to join up when he reached his. majority. When i was an apprentice I was harangued by one of the older tradesman who told me that what I needed was a good spell i n the army, I asked him what he did in the war and his answer was "I was a plumber, it was a reserved occupation." The ex-servicemen in the team took him to pieces then shunned him after that.
  4. A good many so-called entertainers whiled away the war in Scottish shipyards, engineering works and maritime offices. Scotland had never been so attractive to middle class English & Scottish youths before the phrase "reserved occupation" became prevalent.
  5. i think they will be very upset, you only need to look at the list of trustees to understand that they are pretty conservative' (small c) I for one was doing exactly the same as JN on that lovely day in 1989, as were many of us. I've left behind the urge to crow about that and so should Needham. Amazing that a person with his lack of judgement got to the position he held in the bank and then with us. I question whether he has really done anything meaningful since his appointment and for that would not mind seeing him go. As for the Rangers comments. who cares?
  6. Newspapers often reported on what pop singer or actress Charles had brought to his appartnents for an evening
  7. Maybe he could get a start at the beginning of the game
  8. 🤨you can't separate the two. Winning games takes you up the table and away from the bottom, they are not conflicting priorities.
  9. https://inews.co.uk/news/covid-vaccine-consent-form-every-claim-in-the-hoax-nhs-checklist-emailed-to-schools-fact-checked-1222066 Kids have been showing up to get vaccinated carrying a copy of this fake consent form which tries to undermine faith in the vaccines. i really hope they get the creep behind this one.
  10. The downside is you’re in St. Louis
  11. If you believe that then you will believe anything. Several dedicated buddies found they were sidelined by cliques who banded together to control the committee
  12. Well, as Donna Summer sang, she works hard for the money
  13. Nah! Too sweaty, according to his medical history.
  14. A Maroon nightmare, and that plastic owl has fooled me more than once.
  15. In the root-cause analysis terminology, these are systemic failures where both the causes and the remedies lie with club management. All I'm seeing is blame-shifting and outright denial of the issues failures. The cumulative effect of all of these failures points to a broken management structure and system. Objective analysis of just one or two of the problems would probably expose common threads that run thorough just about everything that is wrong, so where are the leaders at the club when it comes to explaining and acting?
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