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  1. well I have discovered in Lockdown that there things that i will miss in life much more than a fitba forum. this has been a source of amusement and occasional enlightenment for me over the years, but it's no longer worth the pay-off that the points scoring, attempts to conjure up bad feeling and the playground insults demand. I've never used this forum less than I have since February. So long BAWA- I'll remember you as you once were and not for what you ultimately became
  2. beyond our ken

    Town Crazies

    Which one is Ian? Tulips 75p and chrysanths for 1.25-those were the days
  3. anyone downloaded the virus or spyware from this thread yet?
  4. and yet if we all had that attitude your kids would be at far greater risk for much longer? It only works if we all do it
  5. Vietnamese cookery programmes, sure;y
  6. Hearing through the grapevine that construction will get a green light to return to work from 18/05 along with landscaping and other outdoor trades Target for limited return to general workplaces is from mid July to mid august with schools more or less off until the next academic year All based on risk assessment and SD measures to limit numbers and contact
  7. The welcoming arms of Louisa Jordan should be extended towards every positive care home test to allow some distancing in the homes
  8. Very bad news He was a great player and had a unique sound end of an era
  9. well the NHS regularly gets overrun during a bad flu season and there is never any contingency from the government. Interesting to note that the estimated effect of seasonal flu virus is to prevent the equivalent of 44% of cases that actually occur, for the price of an edinburgh pint you can take care of yourself pretty effectively.
  10. I'm really not interested in political comparisons. the point is, BJ is currently trying to tug the nations heartstrings and has nothing to say about finding the PPE that poorly paid care workers and nurses who haven't had a salary increase for years need as they are used as 21st century cannon fodder.
  11. https://www.thecanary.co/trending/2020/05/01/a-group-of-nurses-just-blocked-westminster-bridge-over-the-tory-ppe-scandal/ ignored by mainstream media, whilst we are swimming in fairy-tales about Boris' near death experience. NHS managers and the government are breaking the Health and Safety at Work act by failing to provide front-line staff with safe places of work, using guidelines as the basis for issue of PPE rather than risk-assessments.. They are also inviting individuals to break the act by knowingly working in a way that endangers themselves and others by telling them they can refuse to work unsafely if they like but not providing a scheme for reporting or for protecting the rights of those with concerns
  12. Loathsome people, it's their professional and moral duty to say "I'm having no more to do with all this pish" and walking away very publicly But they won't, they value their short-lived position too much and are clearly shit-scared of him
  13. Why not just directly accuse them of lying, fraud and murder? Vaccines are an awesome weapon against disease that has prevented billions of serious and fatal disease cases, It's only good logic to suggest that an effective vaccine would be the best way out of this disease that killed no-one in the UK last year but has taken 41000 British lives in just a few weeks.
  14. FT today has the mortality total as 41000+ a disease that killed zero persons last year has killed 41000 in this country in a few weeks-but don't over react!
  15. I used to work for east of Scotland Water and we had regular call-outs from a middle-aged coupe who overlooked a reservoir near Bonnybridge, they repeatedly claimed that the aliens were stealing our water!
  16. My job in the private sector has direct comparisons with similar positions in the councils sector. I'd expect a pay drop of around £15000 per year if I had to jump over to a council job. Remember the struggle that female council workers had for pay parity. Police officers, with a much lower bar to clear for entry, have a higher starting wage than council-employed teachers. In general, council workers don't get paid very well compared to their counterparts in the public sector, they do have better pensions and used to have better job security.
  17. So what kind of flu year are we having just now? the same stats have us flying above the 5year average
  18. The plan for next season that I would really like to see is Kibble’s thunking they had bought a share of a football club they could well have just bought a liability has the sale of the shares gone through yet? If not, how likely is it that it will be completed? or if they are committed and saints are one of a slew of clubs to go under, how will they act?
  19. The lockdown will kill more than the virus, but only in the context of virus deaths as seen in lockdown conditions
  20. Budge and Grey have been handed a double-edged sword if they are in charge of the study they can hardly complain about the outcome. The other clubs will be aware of this.
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