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  1. GMBB

    Craig Beattie

    For DL it will be a case of can he do the job that we tried to get him to do two seasons ago before he went to Hearts my answer to that is yeah he probably can.
  2. GMBB

    Craig Beattie

    Was training with Hartley at Alloa in preseason to try get in shape to get a move down south and with that not coming to fruition he will prob jump at the first decent offer he gets from the SPL. Agree best years are behind him but hes always a danger in and around the box.
  3. Think DL will be right in about this just got a knockback from Scunthorpe. I personally think would be a good signing. Wages might be a stumbling block but at least we woul pay them frequently and on time
  4. GMBB

    Tony Watt

    Would be a good move for him and us. Doesn't need to move home, still close to Glasgow nightclubs etc. "Watts" your thoughts?
  5. Straight from the horses mouth -> Hi Gary, This is not me. I have no interest in St Mirren – sorry. I live in Stratford-on-Avon and sponsor our local club God knows how this information has spread because it is just not true. Kind rgs Denys Topic closed!
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