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  1. Peter Houston waiting in the wings for this job if it is to become available.. FACT Whether Gilmour thinks he is the man for the job is another question though.
  2. I know John well. I will ask him if he would be applying if it became available i know he is currently in discussions with a EPL club about a senior role in there academy setup. I know for that Peter Houston, Kenny Shiels and David Unsworth will all apply IF the job becomes vacant. I also hear although a rumour that Jimmy Calderwood will also fling his name in the ring
  3. With a record like this surely has to be a top contender 'IF' Danny departs.  Scottish Cup Winners 09/10 Best League finishes - 3rd, 4th, 4th European Management Experience Manager of the month on 3 occasions Able to manage top flight international players European Qualification 3 times (First time since the 80’s) Qualified for the knock out stages of the Europa League 2nd most successful manager in Dundee United history Rebuilt the team every season following the selling of key players Maintained a top 4 finish despite a 10-15% reduction in playing budget year on year What's your thoughts folks?
  4. Bit off topic but Di Canio flinging an absolute wobbly on the sidelines they just went 2-0 down to MK Dons worth a watch on MOTD.
  5. Not atall mate. I wouldnt be surpised if he went on to score 15+ this season at that level. Good signing for them tbh. .
  6. I fear if we go one down the boo boys wont be far behind unfortunately. I remember the crys of "bone must go" from the North Bank. Must be so disheartening for the players!
  7. Big game coming up this week against Partick. Will no doubt be a great travelling support. With all the negativity about DL's tactics and team choice lately how would you (sensibly) go about it giving we go into the fixture with the same squad of players? I would like to see a 4 2 3 1 GK - Cornell RB - Van Zanten LB - Grainger CB - McAusland CB - McGregor CDM - Goodwin CDM - Newton AML - Harkins AMR - Teale AMC - McGowan ST - Thompson I beleive this new "deeper role" that McGowan has been deployed in is a large contribution to our ineffective attacking play. The lad started his career as a striker we are struggling for one, he knows where the net is, decent experience too i would defo play him behind thommo rather than Harkins.
  8. If things were to go tits up and DL gets the bullet i woild like to see Peter Houson get the job. I agree with Div CL would be a good solid appointment buy i fear his salary could be a problem. People that are suggesting thommo ... the guy had just finished his uefa b licence still needs his to do his a and with the next course due in the next close season it wont be him getting appointed in the near future.
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    That is correct i forgot about craig. Thanks mate
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    I have compiled a list of strikers that are out of contract at the moment that may be of interest to us. What's your thoughts on any of these? Not much out there. Mamady Sidibe (stoke) David Healy (bury) Stephen Elliott (coventry) Ricardo Fuller (charlton) Colin Nish (hartlepol) Gary Taylor Fletcher (blackpool) Scot Dobie (york) Omer Riza (ex arsenal) Darius Vassell (ex villa) Andy Barrowman (ex ross county) Kevin Kyle (ex rangers)
  11. Imagine we got a doing on sat can you imagine this forum. The servers would crash lol
  12. Similar player to Thompson but alot worse! It was quoted by DL and ST there looking for someone nimble with quick feet that can beat a man aswell as being able to find the net. Kyle does not come into any of those categories.
  13. Both are effective out wide and going through the middle, granted Campbell is the more attacking option but IMO mcgeough wouldn't be a bad shout if they failed with campbell as he could still do a job.
  14. Dylan McGeough will be put out to loan by Celtic once they conduct there transfer in and outs. Quite a similar player to Campbell. Could be decent for us if the move doesn't go through.
  15. http://www.footballcourier.com/news/story/2407962/conor-newton-urges-adam-campbell-to-join-him-on-loan-at-st-mirre.html On yerself son!!
  16. We didnt want either of them though we had newton and dummet. We have cleary stated we want Adam.
  17. If they send campbell to another SPL team they may aswell cancel the agreement as it would make a mockery of it knowing fine well we want him. What would be the point of it.
  18. Personally think tonight is a fantastic opportunity for us Saints fans to absolutely rock St Mirren park tonight and show this young lad that his next seasons football development should be here in the pride of Renfrewshire. Looks light he is set to start up front with Cisse. If we can create a great atmosphere and leave a lasting impression whilst attaining a respectfull result I think we may be in with a chance. LETS DO THIS.
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