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  1. A reliable source has informed me that St Mirren will have 3 more players signed by no later than Friday 24th July. The players are: Jack Larkin (striker, aged 20) Craig Fasanmade (midfielder, aged 20) Lewis Kinsella (defender, aged 25) In the past some of my sources have let me down, but I am ensured by this person that these signings are guaranteed to be happening.
  2. According to my sources the following players will be signing for St Mirren in the next month or so. Reece Gairy (forward) Mark Marshall (midfielder) Tyreke Wilson (defender) Molvin James (goalkeeper) Cammy Ballantyne (defender)
  3. If Donald Trump and Bea Smith from Prisoner Cell Block H had a child together then it would look like Ann Budge
  4. I am informed by a very reliable source that the following players are on the list of Jim Goodwin's January targets and I believe that at least 2 of the players will 100% be signing for St Mirren in January. Yaw Osei (Forward) Evan Markogiannakis (Goalkeeper) Michael Nottingham (Defender) Léger Djimrangar (Midfielder)
  5. Nottingham Forest striker Virgil Gomis will be joining St Mirren on loan until Janauary and German defender Maximilian Neuberger will be on loan to St Mirren until the end of the season. These signings should be confirmed no later than Monday. This information was received from a very reliable source.
  6. According to an extremely reliable source is that the first player that Jim Goodwin will sign as St Mirren manager is the Brazilian defender Uirá De Oliveira Marques. He will also consider signing Samuel Minihan a midfielder who will feature as a trialist in the friendly next Tuesday away to Stenhousemuir.
  7. If Oran does leave then the next manager of St Mirren unfortunately won't be Jim Goodwin but will be Viorel Moldovan according to my sources
  8. If Oran does go then the blame lies with GUS not GLS My sources tell me that Gus stopped Oran signing a new player last week and this has angered Oran not to mention an out of contract player who was released by another SPFL club who was given permission to train with St Mirren next week by Oran but then the player's agent received a call from Gus telling the player that he was no longer invited tp train with St Mirren
  9. A very reliable source tells me that Oran Kearney is targeting the following 4 players and hopes to sign at least 3 of them by 20th June. Attacking Midfielder - Carlton Ubaezuonu from Longford Town Defender - Abdelghani Bouzidi (Algerian U23 internationalist) Forward - Adonijah Reid (Canadian currently playing for Le Havre in France) Forward - Danny Philliskirk from A.F.C. Flyde
  10. Brad Lyons reminds me of Baltimora
  11. The experienced midfielder Cleveland Taylor is currently training with St Mirren and is looking to sign a contract with the club until the end of the season. I have this on very good authority.
  12. Just received via the short message service on my mobile phone from a very reliable source in Dublin that Oran Kearney will be signing midfielder Oscar Brennan and striker Kieran "Marty" Waters who both play in the League of Ireland. These will be the first of Oran's January signings, I am waiting to hear back from a contact in the big smoke about a few more intended signings, so watch this space.
  13. We were unbeaten under Oran Kearney until Gus MacPherson came on board, says it all really
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