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  1. We would do well to hold on to this lead as all other games going in our favour too
  2. Time to get miller off that head knock has put him to sleep
  3. Erwin on the bench instead of Dennis.....injured?
  4. Main came on and should of had a hat trick
  5. Livvy next week and we could do ourselves a huge favour if we win that one
  6. 2-0 will do me thank you very much
  7. Positive vibes for today Played 5 undefeated in 60% of them 1-2 for the Saints 🙃
  8. EXACTLY why i said games can go either way although that still doesnt explain why Dennis hooked the hearts player right after we scored and were on the ascendency 🤣
  9. The beginning of the season is always a bit of a nightmare with games that could go either way and its just your luck on the day There is no continuity, new players blending in and we have only played 5 leagues due to the disruption of the league cup and international breaks and we have another one in a few weeks time once we start playing week in week out im pretty sure things will change KTF
  10. That muppet commentator said time running out with 20 minutes to go then he said it again with 15 minutes to go or should I say he said time running out for those in black and white st.mirren tv and employed by st.mirren and can’t even say our name idiot
  11. And those in the black and white fuxsake does he not know our f**kin name get te f**k
  12. Commentator…….”those in black and white” please STFU
  13. It’s got to the stage where the performance doesn’t matter and getting the 3 points in any way will do
  14. I'm at match was our disallowed goal offside or another match officials cock up? It wasn’t offside but a foul in the box …… usual ref pish favouring the defender
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