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  1. Defence is solid Foley bossing the midfield Andreu is invisible get McGinn on to right back and get Flynn into the midfield
  2. I reckon Holt will get the Killie gig
  3. Looking forward to seeing the Dunfermline forward nesbitt tonight i think we should take a punt on the boy
  4. results going our way no complaints about the result great game experience for our 2 centre backs hope Kyle is ok really need our other Kyle to get into the side on the whole hearts and the accies are still shyte chasing killie
  5. get durmus off and get erhahon on play him at full back and move flynn into midfield
  6. I think this is our first must win game of the season
  7. While waiting on the kick off i was looking at league table and december fixtures Killie in 5th place with 23 pts,could easily lose their next 3 games ( 😉 ) a win today for us would be fantastic followed by a home victory on the 29th Fakes 1 Saints 4
  8. oh you were so missed Shrek which is a severe indictment on all the other posters AIM
  9. I love when Hearts players get injured on tv as then you get to see the sexiest Physio in Scottish football now im aware some may say that what i said is an "ism" or an "ist" or even an "ology" but i dont care...i was born in the 60's ...grew up in the 70's and 80's where going to rock concerts and seeing chicks with biker jackets.tight jeans and a white tee-shirt was visual wanking material OH...and they seemed to have the best long hair ever but that Hearts Physio has the sexiest arse ...EVER !!! just saying....up yeez
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