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  1. i can now see why you were binned.. Tony was very much more than just a decent football player in his day
  2. 2 stripes . . . Maybe next season we will get 3
  3. I would rather saints confirm OK is staying yeah goodwin as an assistant is cool DO IT EARLY BOD...sick of directors f**king about P.S. f**kIN STRIPES this year....how many times they got to be told.....f**k me...useless
  4. Ref was a c**t (not fit for purpose) we were better bawled like a wean naw seriously....i did first time its an age thing up yeez
  5. 4 positive changes from our squad which utd dont have the depth ,3 day turnover not a week
  6. its only a 3 day turnover till next game our back 3 will get exposed ...keep a tight back 4 Hodson just back from injury so 2 games in 3 days is insane or to be more exact...63 hours loyalty never wins games...Kyle has been poor the last 2 games...a brilliant impact sub for this game if required Eaharon is a more than capable replacement and will run for 90 mins
  7. For the return leg i would drop Cooke,Hodson,Baird and Magennis ( Kyle has been really poor the last 2 games) play a 4-4-2 and go for it Bring in Muzek,Eaharon,Mullen and Jackson
  8. would i be right in saying that as a premiership team we get a cut of UEFA money gained by both Celtic and Rangers?
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