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  1. also Accies v ross county on the same day
  2. amazing 3pts for us 8 games to go..yip back to reality
  3. would it be a good idea to bring on Chabbi for Obika?
  4. it really is torture being a saints fan......we all know it...its what we do nut its amazing too
  5. fuxsake cammy off injured now battle saints just battle
  6. until we get 2 then time is going to be a kunt
  7. PLEASING thing is we didnt let our heads go down with McCarthy going off when i say wee i mean the supporters both at the ground and in here good on yeez
  8. well ....................now is the time to be the biggest saints fan you will ever be the tarts are going to come out all guns blazing fuxsake...a scrappy 1-0 will do me now
  9. you sure your not all shook up with your blue suede shoes?
  10. Fighting in the face of diversity ...COYS
  11. foley centre half ....McGrath on for MacCarthy
  12. After tonight we have a possible 4 home games behind closed doors well if that should happen i have a "reasonable" idea to aide the club When the games are played the fans could at anytime ...before or after buy a ticket for the game and KEEP the ticket Then they could be allowed by the club as a thank you to use those tickets to get into 4 games next season for half price Even season ticket holders could buy tickets and then next season sell them to a friend for half price and dont forget those games next season will have away fans paying full whack so it will ease the burden to the lack of finance in the next 4 home games this season just an idea (looks for tin hat emoji )
  13. With Hibs being useless last night with us playing septic at dark head on saturday with the accies at ibrokes tonight tonights 3 points are VITAL
  14. We played We passed We failed but such is life Wednesday night is more important I LOVE ST.MIRREN nough said
  15. I quite fancy Hibs in the semi . . . Their defence is shit
  16. Is Stevie mallan injured?
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