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  1. We all should be f**kin knighted for supporting this club
  2. Possible injuries aside . .no need for change in my opinion
  3. You have got to question why he took off McAllister and McErahon
  4. Godwin’s subs have been brutal
  5. Still waiting to see why we signed Dennis
  6. TANNOY ...would the driver of the blue Vauxhall please move is car as you are blocking mrs McFadden at number 42 😂
  7. Agent Mellon will do us a favour ....good paisley man
  8. If only we could make you invisible Sir Shrek
  9. I reserve the right to get it right up yeez
  10. I just looked at the net for that free kick waiting for it to bulge ..but nah
  11. So far I think tait has been our best player
  12. I get the feeling Dennis would fare better playing next to Obika
  13. We have the majority of possession but no cutting edge im really pleased with our effort tonight but we got to remember that Utd will come into the game at some point and we have to beware still impressed thou COYS
  14. very excited about tonight,feeling really up for it i hope the players are too 2-1 saints
  15. No way will points deduction be issued as they won’t want to set a rule where it an effect the old scum too
  16. Goodwin should get pumped for only using one tactic
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