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Now how can i


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I don't like it! I want rid of this background as I just don't like it and does my nut in!!!!! Can someone please advise how to rid this from my screen (short of leaving this place altogether!! ah haha!) asap. :rolleyes:

aha! not the band just the realisation that if really actually bother with this site then you can find it without needing help.

I now have the plain black background which is suitably happily gloomy :)

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I did already before you posted that....................................... could you not tell that i found it and looked for the happiest gloomy dark background! Muahahahhahahhhaaaaaa! :lol: Seen you posted again..... Coool you like that one too!!!!!! :)

:P You will notice i happened to mention the mobile one which you get if you look there anaw!

Sarcasm? Moi? Non.... :ph34r::)

Ps how much in a taxi fae the 'Bank of the Clyde (Clydebank to foreign people) tae Paisley whilst I mind? :unsure: Pps Shull fk off cos I meant the drivers that actually care and respect their customers HA HA! :lol:

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