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    Here NOW is that ok??!!!
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    Many many many many things including bungee jumping, slug racing and squirrel assault course assembly.

    Where in the hang do I get Tomato crisps (its been a v long quest!! Tangy Toms just don't hit the spot!)

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  1. elvira

    Now how can i

    I did already before you posted that....................................... could you not tell that i found it and looked for the happiest gloomy dark background! Muahahahhahahhhaaaaaa! Seen you posted again..... Coool you like that one too!!!!!! You will notice i happened to mention the mobile one which you get if you look there anaw! Sarcasm? Moi? Non.... Ps how much in a taxi fae the 'Bank of the Clyde (Clydebank to foreign people) tae Paisley whilst I mind? Pps Shull fk off cos I meant the drivers that actually care and respect their customers HA HA!
  2. elvira

    Now how can i

    However the mobile option is nae twa bad either
  3. elvira

    Now how can i

    aha! not the band just the realisation that if really actually bother with this site then you can find it without needing help. I now have the plain black background which is suitably happily gloomy
  4. elvira

    Now how can i

    I don't like it! I want rid of this background as I just don't like it and does my nut in!!!!! Can someone please advise how to rid this from my screen (short of leaving this place altogether!! ah haha!) asap.
  5. tomato crisps are guid!

  6. tomato crisps are guid!

  7. Shove yer diddy cup! Sheer pure quality! Saints for top 9!!! tblt

  8. elvira

    Ebay Rants

    Still waiting on a payment refund from this sod of a seller. How long 'technically' should it take? We're getting very annoyed at the shoddy treatment, wait for refund first then neg, is that the best option?
  9. elvira

    Ebay Rants

    Ok The power of modern technology gifts me a forwarded email sent on from the 'Seller'! And the following comes direct from them: "there is no need to return the item. the only other option i can offer is i will send you a replacement item on the understanding that you pay the cost of the postage.otherwise all i can do is give you the refund on the item plus half of the postage cost of the original item. hope this is of assistance" What ?!!!! does that mean they are talking complete cheese?
  10. elvira

    Ebay Rants

    Where does it say they have to? I have been hunting for this and cannot find much. The forums are very long winded and can take hours to wade through. Help?
  11. elvira

    Ebay Rants

    Erse! I seen the packaging, looked quite sturdy but nevermind, how long does the paypal process take?
  12. elvira

    Ebay Rants

    Right here we go. This happened to my cousin today and she's passed this onto me as I'm ranting Ebay lady (so it seems!!!) Right she buys item, gets delivered (late, thanks Royal Mail, package states fragile) and the item is broken and therefore useless. She contacts seller who says fine, give you the money back and half of the postage. Wait a freakin minute here, half the postage? Can this seller do this? Do they have to refund anything? Is it full costings or what? Also if and I've told her to send the item back to the seller anyway, I believe she should be paid for that postage too. Who is in the right or what here? No crappy replies from so and so's who have nothing better to do than post build!! **PS I'm never again buying firk all from blooming ebay as all its seems to do is give me grief and I lose my sanity in the process.**
  13. vista or xp? what version of ff?
  14. elvira

    Ebay Query

    Hiya Ped thanks It states nothing about shipping costs just returns have to be within 14 days. I am writing to her to express my disgust and will (I'm trying this to see lol!) be prepared to accept more than what she offered but less than what i paid. And then i will be reporting her to ebay, what would section would i be reporting her for. Now next question do i send recorded or just get proof of postage? i can feel a battle is on the cards
  15. elvira

    Ebay Query

    Come on wise men, I said to the seller I would be in touch today. Checked and she sent another email saying she would only refund what I bid (not the P&P) but surely that includes the darn postage. This is crap
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