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  1. Yip, albeit a fortunate deflection. Leeds 0-1 Wolves
  2. Oh, VAR, rightly, saves Leeds. Well struck "goal" but, in this case, fairly clearly offside. Well done VAR, right again. PS Wolves have upped their game since half time.
  3. Leeds 0-0 Wolves, half time. Leeds are a breath of fresh air, attack at every opportunity, very inventive and play at pace. Wolves have lost two big players from last season, not sure they can replace them and be the force they were last season.
  4. ^^^^^^^^ Loving any way he can spin stats into bad news, utterly despicable.
  5. Are things slowing down? Last 3 days cases have dropped, the last week deaths have flattened? Fingers crossed. PS The last 2 months have also seen a slow decline in deaths worldwide. That'll not be on the news, or from the forum ghoul.
  6. A great time to play them? Has there been a definite decision on this game? All I've read is speculation, apologies if I've missed it.
  7. Aye, we know. You continually assume people get upset with you, it's more exasperation that you can't grasp the simplest of points and harp on and on and fecking on about the same thing time after time. PS I was wondering why you hadn't posted the death numbers today then I realised they are down which doesn't give you as much glee as when they go up, you sad ghoul.
  8. Aye, he does that regularly, so desperate for the attention he can't wait to intervene when there is absolutely no need.
  9. Leicester 0-0 Villa. Hardly any real chances, Leicester have been brutal, crashing into anything in a Villa shirt. @billyg, fecking jinxed it right enough.
  10. Aye, I get that sometimes, decide not to watch some games and save myself for a dull 0-0. Now we've posted this maybe it'll another 3-3. PS Vardy is out, maybe not 3-3.
  11. Well, well, well.....................................Spurs 3-3 West Ham 3-0 at half time, West Ham certainly came back into it but WHAT a goal in the 94th minute to get the draw. A great weekend of football and St Mirren didn't lose.
  12. Spurs 3-0 West Ham, just after 15 mins Harry Kane is an excellent football player. Can pass a ball and knows where the net is, already scored 2 and had an assist.
  13. You'll be gone for quite some time then. 😉
  14. I would suggest the previous manager played a major part in their survival and success. Until yesterday they had only won 2 games, one against us. They might well survive, my point is a good manager can be the difference between the top league and back into the crap.
  15. So, you don't think the current pandemic has, or will, lead to a rise in mental health issues and an increase in suicides? Do you need an "expert" or "scientist" to help you come to a decision as I could trawl the internet but I'm busy.
  16. You asked In which country/countries did this happen? I also added the Samaritans provided these numbers. Why are you so upset, don't you like what it's saying? Here...................https://www.samaritans.org/scotland/about-samaritans/research-policy/suicide-facts-and-figures/ Would you like me to try to find out names?
  17. Back in 2018 these were the numbers, wouldn't be hard to take that up to the numbers in the post above? Supplied by the Samaritans. Suicide is a significant national social issue in the United Kingdom. In 2018 there were 6,507 registered deaths by suicide in the United Kingdom, equating to an average of 18 suicides per day in the country. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the country.
  18. Well, at least we didn't lose today so we face relegation rivals Hamilton next week on a good run of form, undefeated in the league for weeks. They got skelped by St Johnstone today, although, worryingly, they did score 3 goals. A six pointer?
  19. Naw, Hamilton, Us, Hamilton, Us, Hamilton obviously.
  20. Yipeee again, Hamilton 3-5 St Johnstone. Zoomed back up to safety.
  21. FFS, Hamilton 3-4 St Johnstone, we're up and down like a whores drawers. Currently BOTTOM.
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