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  1. A cert 0-0, what lunatic would bet on a hunner goals?
  2. I have, mortgage on it, easy money.
  3. A 2nd half goal rush is on the cards.............................just heard it from a mate who's at the game, hang in there.
  4. IF that comes in you deserve the money.
  5. Hey @FTOF, check the whining form this Panda guy. Only works one day a week and crying about an early start.
  6. Just checked with Bet 365, only evens that you will still get in on time. Enough whining, let it go ya trumpet. 🎺
  7. An early start, fecking 10:30...............................
  8. I agree it's better, any form of communication is an improvement but it's a reflection of the club bring out of touch if they need this issue to be raised when it's more than obvious that supporters were left outside for a considerable time.
  9. Isn't it a better idea that someone, SLO or otherwise, made this clear to the support rather than an individual having to ask?
  10. That's the bookies lack of knowledge of the Scottish game. In saying that, I think those odds are about right. We are historically a great side to play when an opponent is on a bad run. Aberdeen however are rotten with a rotten rookie manager. We can't win, but have been looking better. Draw it is then. While we have had a good "three quarters of a game" against Hibs we have hardly been much better than rotten previously. Taking all things into account a draw does look the most likely, 1-1 for me.
  11. Exiting the league cup has already lost us money that we secured last season, and there's a long hard season in front of us.
  12. Despite Aberdeen being on a stinking run of form they are still favourites, slightly surprised TBH.
  13. Well done Murray, a quarter final and two good victories to get there. Former world number one Andy Murray said he is seeing signs of improvement in his game after reaching his first ATP quarter-final in two years on Wednesday with a comfortable victory over Canada's Vasek Pospisil at the Moselle Open. The 34-year-old Briton, who had hip surgeries in 2018 and 2019, has not been able to get back to the kind of form that helped him win three major titles and two consecutive Olympic singles gold medals in London and Rio de Janeiro. Murray, who has slipped to 113th in the rankings, showed glimpses of his old self on Tuesday when he rallied to beat world number 26 Ugo Humbert of France -- the highest-ranked opponent he has defeated this year. He then beat world number 66 Pospisil 6-3 6-3 to reach the last eight stage at an ATP tournament for the first time since winning in Antwerp in October 2019.
  14. I might give up on trebles, only had one but been close about 4 or 5 times this season. Might go up to a fourfold.
  15. If you are a member of SMISA you could suggest it to the committee. He's no.
  16. On the same day you found the internet, what a glorious day.
  17. Stirling is under an hour from Paisley, silly billy.
  18. We really need a win, lose or draw this and we go into October winless. Fortunately there's another few teams in a similar position but the longer the winless streak continues the harder it'll be to climb out of the current position.
  19. Not necessarily, other factors come into it and the days of plenty of juniors making it to the top league are rare. What has he done previously, a one season wonder, football is littered with players like that. Anyhow, it was a throwaway comment, l don't really give a hoot.
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