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  1. 3 points to England, that's what matters on the first game. Hope we get the same tomorrow.
  2. Might be looking ahead, and he was booked, unfairly.
  3. Game,as I thought, opening up
  4. England 1-0 Croatia, superb passing move and good finish by Sterling. 57 mins.
  5. England 0-0 Croatia First 20 mins England hammered them, since then the Croats have had more of the ball without really threatening. Expect things to open up in the 2nd half, especially playing in this heat, must be 30 Deg
  6. Today's matches, North Macedonia worth a wee punt?
  7. @Cookie Monster sitting on 9 points, faraway 7 points thanks to a late Lukaku goal.
  8. It was the Danish players who made the decision, after they had spoken to him. It could have been used as a massive motivational factor but it didn't turn out that way.
  9. Overall that's where I am on him, way too early to be talking him up after limited time on the park, 16 appearances this season.
  10. Belgium 2-0 Russia, 34mins.
  11. The Monster takes the lead, shockeroonie.
  12. Christian Eriksen had a Facetime call with his teammates from the hospital and asked them to play the game tonight, as “he feels better now”, @sportstudio just reported.
  13. Belgium 1-0 Russia, Lukaku, 11 mins.
  14. Denmark 0-1 Finland, after Erikson was seen to be ok I assume they decided to continue, I was watching Raya and the Last Dragon. Denmark just missed a penalty. 78 mins.
  15. 1-1 final score, good game, the Swiss will be livid, let it go for a wee spell and that cost them. I'm out for the next game, granddaughter duties.
  16. Aye, the Welsh praying for the whistle, they are out of steam.
  17. Swiss 2-1 Wales, super sub, only on a minute or so. Oh, offside?
  18. The Swiss seem to have lost the will to win, they were sitting back, inviting Wales onto them. Hard to shake that off sometimes. Anybody's game now.
  19. 1-1, been coming TBH. Nice set piece and great header. Interesting now.
  20. Welsh coming back in a wee bit but leaving themselves a bit light at the back. Still 1-0, 67 mins.
  21. Normal service resumed TBH, the Swiss have been all over them after the first few minutes. The big lad that scored is battering them this half.
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