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  1. Ach, not quite but, as I said, let's see. A decent chance to shine today, confidence is important so a good day today and he might blossom.
  2. Where are you getting that info. I know he was against lockdown but I haven't seen anything about vaccines or covid. IF................ Also............... Meat Loaf dies aged 74 after falling ‘seriously ill’ with Covid Anyhow, YouTube provided some cracking videos last night, rattled out 4 or 5 of his hits, Cher looking stunning also helped pass the night away.
  3. Kelty Hearts at home to St Johnstone could be a decent single bet today, 15/4.
  4. Wee Dan out in 3 sets, the last British interest. (In the singles I should add ) Not a bad player who pumped him right enough.
  5. Norwich City, could they escape, two wins on the bounce certainly look like giving them a chance.
  6. The sincere sadness I had has dwindled, reported the cause of death was covid, from a person who's stated "he would “rather die” than face lockdown." IF he's decided, as is everyone's choice, to decline the vaccine/booster then you increase the risk, especially if you have a history of asthma, of serious illness or death. FFS, what a waste.
  7. Who's writing him off? There is a view that coming from his background is he's unlikely to be Lionel Messi or go onto play for Bayern Munich. Bargain basement shopping from us again. Time will tell. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  8. It's what the FACTS say, why don't you believe them and what O level did you get to be in a position to challenge anything? Feck off, we've done this to death, you're a simpleton and I'm done with playing your game.
  9. I don't buy into that cliche "it'll be a close game" as they are poor and we should be taking care of them with little problem. A 2 goal win, at least.
  10. Graham Norton, class act, makes the show work no matter who the guests are every week.
  11. Big drop, unsurprisingly, in our odds for tomorrow, luckily I took us at the earlier price.
  12. Can the recent full moon actually push people over the edge?
  13. Never read so much drivel, and that says something. You actually BELIEVE this, which confirms you're level of understanding of almost anything. By the way, which way should I sail to stop me falling off the flat earth, thinking of going on a cruise?
  14. Just "caught" the last 10 minutes of Death in paradise. Tragic acting, lazy writing, same story, different washed up actors week after week and probably costing the BBC a fortune. Surely TV for the brain dead?
  15. Rangers 2-0 Stirling, Thicky doing the conga.
  16. Rangers 1-0 Stirling, 32 mins, I'm sure Thicky is in the crowd.
  17. Was he on longer than 5 minutes, sorry.
  18. Sorry, @shull, @Sidmirren, pardon me for not playing your game. Now, back to your padded cell.
  19. And, as I just posted, you're putting a lot of faith on a cameo performance? Calm down.
  20. It seems a 5 minute cameo performance is enough for some to spot a star.
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