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DIsabled Left out in all weather again

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Today Iain Laurie of(Secretary of SMDSA) received this message. It makes sad reading and once again Disabled supporters of St.Mirren are  back to the start. Through we will band together and fight this deplorable decision. To me its more red tape. The raised platform issue would be nice to have, but impractable as it only took 10 wheelchairs. and their is some 32 members of SMDSA, albeit not all are in a wheelchair, therefore on some weeks you would be back to your usual seats and back to the weather elements. Once again it looks like people in wheelchairs will be getting soaked again.. I also find it strange that the vast majority of other clubs have cover of various types.

As promised in my previous email I contacted Ian Brown of Paisley Engineering (designer of and contractor for the platform) on his return from holiday on Monday 11th July to enquire about the progress of the platform.
Ian stated that the original plan for a steel platform had been rejected by Renfrewshire council who demanded a brick and concrete base be included and in addition that the base would have to be designed and certified by a  structural engineer. Ian employed a structural engineer to produce  an amended design and he held a meeting with the building control officer on 24th June to sort out the details. Shortly after this meeting the new design was submitted to Renfrewshire Council where it is at present waiting for approval.
In the meantime Ian is pursuing a quotation for the brick and concrete work and is in the process of finalising the amended costs for the platform. Obviously the work can not proceed until the Renfrew Council approval is received and the revised cost has been submitted to the club board for approval.
The platform is therefore in abeyance meantime and if the takeover proceeds as intended then the construction of the platform will be the responsibility of the new board.Ian Brown has agreed to keep me updated on progress and I will pass on to yourselves anything that I am told.
As I stated in my previous email at the SMISA Question and Answer session on 13th June Gordon Scott and George Adam confirmed that the new board intended to proceed with any plans which the existing board had and that included the wheelchair viewing platform.
I am sorry not to have better news but it would appear that once again we are the victims of circumstances beyond anyone's control.
Iain Laurie
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